How to tell your friends that you are moving?

Moving Preparation - February 16, 2020

It’s a well-known fact moving away from friends is never easy. It is maybe one of the hardest things you’ll have to do. As if moving by itself isn’t as hard enough. On the other hand, technology can help you get through this experience without too many problems. Also, hiring reliable local movers Fort Worth will help you to get it right. We’ve come up with several useful tips on how to tell your friends that you are moving. Stay tuned and find out how to bring the news to your friends and stay in touch.

Decide when is the best time to tell your friends that you are moving

Before you decide to tell your friends about your upcoming relocation, be certain about it. Sometimes, a job offer appears but then changes the last minute. Meaning you don’t have to move after all. Therefore, it could be confusing to tell your friends or family you’re moving, only to not have it happen. That’s why it is important to be sure about this decision before you tell your friends. On the other hand, don’t keep this decision a secret. Because it isn’t fair to your friends and they will feel awful if you just suddenly disappear. After all, keeping it a secret will make it even harder, because you won’t have the support from your friends. Also, maybe your friends would know which moving company to recommend as the best moving services in Fort Worth.

Don’t tell your friends the news that you’re moving in a public setting

Make sure to break the news to close friends and family in a private setting. Because surprising them in a public place isn’t the best idea. Especially if some of them are highly emotional and tend to cry easily. Instead, organize the gathering preferably at home. That will ensure your friends to receive the undivided attention they deserve. Also, they will feel more comfortable to show their feelings openly.

Be considerate to you friends when you tell them that you're moving
Be compassionate towards your friends after you tell them that you’re moving away. Some of them might need some time to contemplate.

What are the best ways to tell your friends that you are moving away?

Logically, your best friends and all the other close friends need to know you’re moving. But if you’ve connected well with more distant friends over time, you should consider letting them know, as well. After this step, it is time to think about the way you want to tell the news to your friends. Will it be individually or will you tell everyone at the same time?

Choose a good place to meet and tell your friends that you’re moving

If you assume your friend is likely to cry, it’s a good idea to find some private place to talk. Good places to do that are away from other people. For example, you can sit outside in a yard or in a park, where there are no familiar people. Also, it would be nice to go to a cafe or restaurant to have a drink or something to eat. That way, you can spend a lot of time together, feeling relaxed and talking about the future.

It is important to pick a good place to tell your friends you are moving
One of the best ways to tell your friends that you are moving is while you are having a cup of coffee.

Chose the right way and time to break the news to your friends

Be honest and tell your friends that you are moving. Once you know you’re moving, tell them when and where you are moving. Be considerate, as they will probably have a strong first reaction. Furthermore, they will probably want to know why you’re moving, so give them some reasons. If you don’t know what to tell them, ask your family about what you can say to them.

After you tell your friends you’re moving, be compassionate and considerate

Expect a range of reactions when you tell your friends that you are moving. Probably most of them will be upset. Some of them will even try to cover up sadness or shock. However, If some of your friends react negatively, it’s probably because they are shocked. Try to be understanding and give them space and time to think about everything. You can talk again with your friends after some time. Ask your friends what they think about leaving. Listen to what they have to say about that.

Hire a professional moving company to make it easier

Packing your belongings and loading a truck rental is quite exhausting. Not only that, but it will surely take away time you could be spending with your friends. Hence, after you tell your friends that you’re moving, start asking around about the reliable moving company. Check for some online reviews. Yet, even if you decide to hire a professional moving company, you can still include your friends. They can help you with packing while you spend some quality time together. Anyway, getting a professional to organize it for you will make your moving experience a lot easier. The bottom line is you get to spend more time to mingle with your close friends before you move away.

Don’t forget to keep in touch after you move away from your friends

After your relocation is finalized, find a way to stay in touch with your friends. First, it is important to gather their contact details on time. That means before you move. Here are some of the ways to stay in touch. Nowadays, that shouldn’t be difficult, considering the availability of social networks and mobile apps.

  • Connect with your friends on social media. That will allow you to stay in touch with your friends’ daily activities.
  • Share your cell phone numbers so you can chat via text messages easily.
  • Furthermore, you can open an account on some of the applications which enable you to see each other’s face.
  • Finally, don’t forget to share mail addresses and correspond in that manner.
Stay in touch with your friends after you move away
Social networks are ideal to keep in touch with your friends after you move away.

To sum up

If you apply all of these tips to tell your friends that you are moving, you can be relaxed. It will help you go through this kind of emotional rollercoaster easily. We wish you good luck and good and long-lasting friendship.

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