How to take care of artwork when relocating

Moving Preparation - September 1, 2022

Moving expensive items was always challenging. An everyday household relocation can be expensive, tiresome, and complicated. Let alone when you must relocate a bunch of antiques and artwork with you. One must prepare items, cover the packing process, find reliable Texas movers, and appoint the right budget. But do not worry because there is a way to take care of artwork when relocating, and today, we will show you how to do it right. Let’s take a look.

Hire professional movers to take care of artwork when relocating

You simply can’t relocate your artwork without professional help. Even if you have all the knowledge, packing materials, personal vehicle, and budget, there are techniques and experience only professional movers have. Therefore, you must enlist residential movers Fort Worth TX, before moving any of your precious artwork pieces. So, browse the moving-related content on the internet and compare prices, services, and reviews. You should focus on artwork moving teams and read a bit about them on social media. You will easily find previous customer experiences on Facebook and similar platforms. Do it as soon as you realize you are moving. Find a moving team that will take care of artwork when relocating professionally.

hire professional movers to take care of artwork when relocating
Hire a professional moving team to take care of artwork when relocating

Are your movers up to the task?

Once you find a moving company to take care of artwork when relocating, you must be sure they are up to the task. This means they must fulfill all the mandatory requirements. Those are the following:

  • Highest quality packing supplies
  • Equipment and tools
  • Appropriately sized vehicles
  • Expertise, knowledge, experience, and a good reputation
  • Permits to operate locally and cross-state

These are the basic requirements you should look for. And not only from the artwork moving team but from all moving teams on the moving market. Especially for specialized ones like piano movers Texas or antique movers. Remember, no matter how expensive your belongings are, they are important to you, and your movers should treat them with the utmost respect.

Take care of artwork when relocating by using higher-quality packing materials

Preparing the artwork for moving can be extremely stressful. The first thing to do is to obtain all the packing supplies required. You can purchase at the local store, order online, or obtain everything from local movers Fort Worth. Whatever you choose, make sure you have enough cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, labels, adhesive tape, and corner pads. Once you have it all, use cardboard to hold smaller pieces, while bigger boxes should be used for larger artwork. Your bubble wrap will coat anything you want and protect it on this journey. Use adhesive tape to keep everything in one place and use corner pads for paintings and similar pieces. Finally, label each piece so you can find them easily once you move in.

buddha statue inside a box
Use the best packing materials you can find if you want your artwork to reach the destination in one piece.

Prepare and load the moving truck

Lastly, after you have prepared your artwork for transport, you must figure out how to pack and load the moving truck. This is something your movers know exactly how to do. So, you should consult with them prior to placing any of your artwork into the moving vehicle. Create a plan and have a list of all fragile and valuable pieces you intend on relocating. Provide the list to your movers and they will load the moving truck and place all your items inside safely. Just do not attempt this one by yourself when you already have professional movers by your side. They will do it instead.

Now you know how to take care of artwork when relocating. As long as you find a reliable moving crew along with the right set of packing materials, there is nothing to be worried about. Good luck.

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