How to save money when moving out of Fort Worth

Before the Move - October 1, 2022

So the day, when you’re leaving Fort Worth, has come but you’re also moving on a budget; or you would just like to save some extra cash. Everyone can see that prices are rising and that post-pandemic inflation is knocking on our doors. Someone would say that it’s a perfect storm but we as professional movers in DFW area would like to help you.  So let’s see what can you do to save money when moving out of Fort Worth. Let’s dive in!

Start making a plan ASAP to save money when moving out of Fort Worth

So the first thing is to take a paper and pen or a phone and start making plans. Trust us, local movers Fort Worth have a saying that the sooner you start the move the better. After that, you should make a schedule and decide what will you do and when. Some people will prefer to take a vacation, some will take every day after work or you can pick weekends for the packing. After that, you should divide the inventory list that you’re making into six categories. These categories should be:

  • Throw away items
  • Keep and move out items
  • Fix or repair items
  • Sell items
  • Donate items
  • Store items
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Making plans will save money when moving out of Fort Worth.

What we’ve just shown you is the best way that professional local movers DFW use to declutter. This way you’ll have a chance not to save but to also earn money. You won’t believe how much are people willing to pay online for things that you may disregard as trash. Especially if you have some old comics, unpacked toys, or toys in general. Also this way you’ll reduce the number of things that you’ll move thus making the move less expensive. You’ll also need fewer packing materials, tapes, boxes, people to assist you, etc.

Developing a strategy will help you save money when moving out of Fort Worth

First, while moving out, you’ll want to save money by saving every penny. Some people advise you to create a penny jar and stop selling your credit cards, instead use debit cards or cash, and write all of your spendings. There are many apps nowadays for saving money and also cash back credit cards. So this way you’ll have better tracking of what you reduce when moving out. Now set a budget for moving and inform your real estate agent or landlord that you’re about to leave. Turn off your utilities a day before you go or on a moving day and double-check that so that you don’t receive two bills next month. Think about meal costs during the move and fuel prices, since fossil fuels are rising since the beginning of the year.

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If you develop a strategy and stick to it you’ll save money; plus you’ll have a fun and more interesting move.

This might not be like, but try making some money by investing in stocks that are falling right now. As the old Chinese saying goes “every problem is an opportunity at the same time”. So if you’re done with investing and savings accounts, think about moving and packing materials. You should go to the store and try to google or find some of the cheapest options there are.  But if you’re planning relocation while working full-time, this can be tricky. Now if you also have a family you should think about hiring pros since they can help you with a lot of packing and moving while you’re doing your job. If you don’t like any of these options and you’re looking to save pennies then look for boxes around garbage cans and around the liquor stores.

Sale, donating, and DIY moving

If you didn’t sell enough things online, think about good old garage sails.  This can also be done during the weekend so some of your big things can go away faster, like a table, chairs or sofa. You also won’t have to think about packing all of that and moving it all together. On the other hand pool table movers Fort Worth can offer you high-quality moving services for all kinds of complex and heavy objects that you would like to move. So the moving and packing process will be much easier after you sell a lot of unnecessary things. Plus you won’t have to rent any extra storage space where you’ll keep these things which you would probably throw away anyway. But if you want to store something why not, especially if you have something that you like but you don’t have enough room in your new house.

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If you can’t sell don’t throw away, donate or recycle leftover items.

Donating and charity as we’ve previously mentioned aren’t so bad in the end. You can also donate these things or give them away to your friends (they might pay something in return after all). So think about these options, you’ll save money here by not paying more to movers or because your moving truck will spend less fuel. Finally, if you don’t hire a moving company you’ll save some money and if you hire friends and family instead. But be warned that if something is broken, damaged, etc. you won’t have any coverage, especially if you’re doing with your cousins, nephews, relatives, and friends. Movers on the other hand will offer you insurance plus their workers are dedicated professionals that can help you. Well-trained professionals know what they’re doing and they’ll save you a lot of time.

We hope that you liked our opinion on how to save money when moving out of Fort Worth. Try to DIY the whole move if you want to save some extra bucks, but you can save more by hiring pros. Professional movers are a bit more expensive at first, but they will save you money in the long run.

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