How to safely move shoes

Packing Tips - March 27, 2020

Moving can be quite stressful considering that there are a million things you need to do. And if you thought that hiring reliable movers like residential movers Fort Worth TX is going to fix all, then you’re right! But only on one condition – that you hire them to do all including packing and other extra services. If not, then I’m afraid that you’re on your own for a tedious thing called packing. Now, if you go searching for packing tips you’ll come across tips for packing furniture, glassware, silverware, clothes and so on. However, rarely will you come across tips for packing shoes. And if you keep in mind that they are not an easy thing to pack you’ll see how strange it is. And that’s why we’ve decided to give you a little guide on how to safely move shoes. So, keep reading!

One suggestion before you start packing

As mentioned before, you don’t have to do this yourself. And it’s perfectly understandable if you don’t want to. Because moving shoes is one thing. But moving shoes safely is completely another thing. Ask any experienced movers and they’ll tell you the same.

"problem" crossed out and "solution"
But don’t worry for there’s a simple solution for that!

So, if you don’t want to embark on this adventure on your own you can always look for packing services Fort Worth TX. By doing this you will give yourself a peaceof mind. And not to mention plenty of time to spend completing other tasks. Plus, not to mention that movers have done this before and know exactly how to safely move shoes. They will pack them up in no time and in the best way possible. And I just have to say that they won’t stop at your shoes, they will pack everything else you tell them to.

Deciding what to move

I take it you’ve decided to pack your shoes yourself since you’re still reading this. Well, in that case, let’s get right on with how to safely move shoes. First of all, you’ll need to make a list. This list should contain all the shoes that you’re moving. Write down numbers and a little description beside them.

This part is important because of the two things. The first being the insurance. If you don’t know what you’re moving how can you know if something went missing during the transportation? Once you start unpacking it’s easy to forget about some pair of shoes you don’t wear that often. But that’s what that list is here for – to remind you about them! The second thing is that it will be easier to calculate how much packing material you need.

A woman writing a list - How to safely move shoes
Because that list is important it’s be wise to make a copy of it

While you’re making that list it would be great if you could try thinking about whether you wear those shoes or not. And to try to do it as objectively as you can. You should think about donating to The Salvation Army all the shoes that you don’t really need. It will help them a lot and you will make someone happy. And not to mention that you’ll save a few bucks because your household will be a little smaller for movers to move.

The last bit of preparations for moving shoes safely

There is just one more thing you need to do before you start packing your shoes. And I promise that this is the last one so bear with me. Namely, you need to prepare packing materials. So, here’s what you’ll need:

  • packing paper or socks
  • moving boxes or plastic moving bins
  • packing tape
  • tea bags
  • permanent marker

You can contact movers and ask them if you can buy packing materials from them or if they know where you can get it. Use that list you’ve made to figure out how much packing materials you’ll need.

How to safely move shoes

Here comes the actual part about how to safely pack shoes! Start by cleaning your shoes. Remove all the dirt and dust from your shoes and treat leather. But more importantly, remove all the pebbles that are stuck in the soles of your shoes. You shouldn’t skip this part because pebbles can damage your delicate shoes. Don’t wait to start with this part. In fact, you should start as early as you can. Because if your shoes are not completely dry when you pack them that moisture can cause mold.

How to protect your shoes

After cleaning comes protection. If you want your shoes to stay in the same shape and condition than before moving then there are a few steps you need to follow. Let’s start with the shape. To keep the shape of your shoes you need to put something inside of them. That something can be packing paper or any other clean paper or cloth. Clean is the key here because if you put newspapers, for example, the ink can damage your shoes. Or you can be practical and fill your shoes with socks and save some space at the same time!

Since we took care of the shape and the insides it’s time to deal with a more exposed part of your shoes. To prevent any scratches or any other damage to your shoes you should wrap them in the packing paper. Always wrap each shoe separately and completely and put some tape to secure it! After that, it’s time to put them in the box. Now, the best option would be to put each pair of shoes in its original shoebox. But if you don’t have them, you can pack them in moving boxes or, even better, in plastic moving bins! Place them alternate directions to save room and place a tea bag to keep them fresh. After you close the box, secure it with tape and use a permanent marker to label it.

Two pairs of shoes
Remember to set aside a comfortable pair of shoes for the moving day for every family member

If you feel overwhelmed by everything you need to do to safely move shoes then you should think again about hiring a professional moving company like Evolution Moving DFW. If you still want to do it yourself then I guess all I have left to say is good luck!

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