How to protect walls while moving

Home Improvement Guide - June 12, 2021

Moving requires a lot of planning, organizing, logistics, worry, and stress. You are focused on the stuff you are moving to your new house – personal items and furniture. You need to make an inventory, buy packing material, pack your items and organize transportation. Once all that is taken care of, you are left with the floors and walls of your soon-to-be-former house. During the tumult of moving furniture around the house and taking it out, make sure no walls are damaged. You want to leave the house in good condition before selling it or passing it on to another family member. There are a few tricks you can apply to protect walls while moving. Experts for professional moving, Evolution moving DFW, can pitch in and help with valuable advice.

Prepare the material

Before undertaking any action, you must supply yourself with adequate materials. For the best protection of your walls, it is recommendable to have the following:

  • drop cloth
  • blanket
  • bubble wrap
  • cardboard
  • plastic package wrap

If you wish to find out more about packing supplies check with Texas top-rated movers. Qualified experts will save you time, nerves, and buy you extra time for dealing with daily chores that do not include packing for the move.

duct tape, scissors and bubble wrap on the floor
Choose the best material to protect walls while moving

Secure protection for walls when moving

The first course of action is to properly pack the items from your house. Wrap them in a blanket or cover the boxes in plastic, to avoid scratching the walls while taking the boxes out. When you are taking the furniture out, make sure it does not rub up against the wall. Be extremely careful not to make a dent in the wall.

Professional movers make no mistakes when it comes to wall protection. If you opt for residential movers Dallas, your relocation will be seamless and your walls intact.

Cover the walls for extra protection

If you prefer to play it safe, the experts suggest covering walls with a drop cloth to avoid any dents or scratches when moving out. For this purpose, you may also use bubble wrap or cardboard.

couple doing high five
Wall-protection task completed

Be extra careful when taking the boxes or furniture down the stairwell or through narrow doorways. Competent and experienced workers will perform this action in a blink of an eye. In case you are moving to or from Carrollton, get the best assistance from movers Carrollton TX. This information is useful not only for protecting the walls of your old home from bumping. While moving in, there is the likelihood of damaging the walls of your new home, so any anti-damage advice is helpful.

Mission accomplished

Having your house successfully preserved, you may peacefully move into your new home. You have mastered the skill of protecting the walls while moving, with help from knowledgeable movers. After the moving venture has come to an end, take time to unwind in your new home. Find the best ways to explore new areas of Texas you have relocated to and get to know your neighborhood.

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