How to Prepare Your Pets for relocation

Moving Preparation - May 15, 2019

Changing your place of residence is stressful enough without adding your pet into the mix. There are many things you need to take care of. For example, you need to change your address, to pack everything, to find a moving company, etc. However, if you have a pet, this can make your move an even challenging endeavor. You need to make sure they are well taken care of during the moving process and you should avoid transferring your stress onto it. In order to prepare your pets for relocation, we have made a list of tips for you.

Gather all the necessary documents on time

When you need to prepare your pets for relocation, this step is one of the most important ones. In case you are moving just a few blocks away, this is something you can ignore. But, if you are moving to a different city or a different state, this is a must. For example, one of the documents you are going to need for this is a health certificate or a CVI. This is something that most states require for the transportation of your pet. Also, bear in mind that there are some states that require some additional documentation. It is advisable to do research and see what is a process for your destination so that you know what the rules are. By doing this, you will know what to expect and what documents you need to have with you.

A file with documents
Make sure you get all the necessary documents before you move

When you need to prepare your pets for relocation, take them to the vet

In case you are moving far away, it is advisable to make an appointment with your veterinarian. This will be a good idea since there are several tasks for you to take care of. For example, besides obtaining the CVI, you will need to get your pet’s medical records. Also, if your pet does not respond very well to a trip, ask about motion sickness prevention or sedatives. In case your pet uses some medicines, make sure you refill all of the prescriptions. In addition to this, ask about your pet’s vaccinations and update them if needed. After you have finished with all of this, feel free to contact Dallas-Fort Worth movers. Set a date and continue with completing the other tasks.

Show your pets your new home

Before moving in into your new home, it is advisable to go there with your pets. In this way, you will make it more familiar and you will prepare your pets for relocation. Also, you can bring with you some familiar objects of theirs, such as scratching posts and bowls. Put them in those areas they are used to. For example, if their litter box is in the bathroom in your old home, make sure you also put it in the bathroom in your new home. By doing this, your pets will adjust to the new home more easily. In addition to this, the whole moving process will probably not be that stressful. This will be a known territory and they will feel like home from the start. If you have done this and you are sure your pets like your new home, get moving boxes and start packing.

Prepare your pets for relocation by bringing their items in your new home
By bringing some of your pets’ familiar items to your new home, you will be able to prepare your pets for relocation

Prepare their items

When packing an essentials box for you, pack one for your pets too. By doing this, you will have with you everything they may need on a moving day. You should bring this box with you instead of putting it in a moving truck. In this way, you will have access to it at any point and you will meet all of your pets’ needs. Some of the items you should bring with you are poop bags, some toys, and a leash. You should also think about the food for them and a litter box. Of course, if you are bringing these and some other items of your pets, not all of them can be put in your car. Those that you plan on loading in a truck make sure you mention when hiring a mover. You will get a free moving estimate and you will know the exact cost.

Keep your pets contained during the day of the move

If you would like to finish with the moving process as soon as possible, it is advisable to keep your pets out of the way. There are several ways in which you can make this happen. For example, you can put them in their boxes or keep them in a closed area. This will be easy if you are moving with birds. But, if you are moving with a dog or a cat, this will probably not be possible. In a situation like this, you can send them to a pet daycare or ask someone to watch them. The main reason why you should do this is to prevent them from making a mess or some damage. If this happens, the stress level will probably rise and nothing good will come out of it.

A dog in a room
Do not let your pet wander around the house during the moving day

It does not matter whether you are moving short or long distance- this is something that can be not only stressful for you but also for your pets. In order to avoid this, it is advisable to prepare your pets for relocation. There are several ways in which you can do this- we have already mentioned them and we hope that you will find them helpful. These steps are quite simple and by completing them, you will not only make moving easier to them but also to yourself. By knowing your pets are safe and sound it will be a great relief to you.

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