How to prepare for moving a retail store in Irving

Moving Preparation - May 16, 2022

So you are planning to move your Irving retail store. That is not going to be an easy task, however, if you plan your move right and find good movers in DFW, you could be opening in a new space faster than expected and with minimum interruptions. Therefore, in the following article, we will take a look at how to prepare for moving a retail store in Irving.

Start by making a detailed plan for moving your retail store in Irving

Planning is the most important part when relocating a retail store in Irving. The whole process will have many parts and if you do not plan your move right, you will lose time and money, which is something that you would surely want to avoid. This plan needs to contain all the steps that you need to take during the move. This means, handling your goods, finding some good movers Irving TX can offer, dealing with your employees, as well as handling your paperwork. Naturally, there will be other things that you will need to handle depending on your situation. Be sure to add those as well to your moving plan.

trying to prepare for moving a retail store in Irving by making a plan
A detailed plan will make the transition easier

Find a new space for your store

The first thing that you need to think about when you start to prepare for moving a retail store in Irving is finding a new space. Luckily, the city of Irving has many places that can be suitable for a retail store. Still, currently, the most popular part of town for business is Las Colinas. It is a planned community with a mix of high-rise commercial buildings and family homes. This part of Irving, set in beautiful surroundings, is currently enjoying a vast expansion in retail and restaurant businesses, making it one of the best destinations for eating, entertainment, and shopping in North Texas.

Las Colinas is currently offering office, industrial, and retail space. And since you are preparing for moving a retail store in Irving, you will surely find a good space for your business. Considering that Las Colinas offers 15.2 million square feet of retail space with 30.5 thousand square feet still under construction.

Determine a moving date

Once you find a new space for your retail store, depending on the situation, you should determine your moving date. If you are running a smaller store with not so many articles, you won’t need that much time to organize everything like you would if you were running a large store with many articles. So consider that when setting your moving date.

Dallas County has many good commercial movers – book them as soon as you can

If you determined a date for moving your Irving retail store, you should immediately start searching for a moving company. All the best commercial movers Dallas has are mostly booked for weeks in advance. So if you want to have the most reliable professionals by your side, you shouldn’t wait too long to book them. Before you hire a moving company, however, you should think well about the upcoming move so you can precisely determine what kind of help you actually need.

commercial movers
Make sure that you hire reliable commercial movers that have experience with moving retail stores in Irving

If you have a lot of employees that can participate in the moving process, then a moving company will be necessary only for the transport part. If you want to hire commercial movers that will handle the whole process, including packing and unpacking, you will have to find movers that offer those kinds of services.

Lighten your inventory by organizing sales or ordering less merchandise in the weeks before the move

Moving a retail store means that you will need to deal with a lot of items. However, you can make things a little bit easier by reducing your stock. You can organize a sale, for example. Offer some discounts and special offers that will boost your sale in the days before the move. Also, order fewer goods in the weeks before the move. You do not want to pile up your stock, as it will make the upcoming move more difficult and more costly. Especially if you are planning to hire packing services Dallas to help you.

Inform your customers and partners about the change of location

One of the most important things that you will need to do when moving your retail store to another address is to inform your customers and business partners.  And do not wait for the last day to do it. You should put visible notifications around the store, send emails, put an announcement on your webpage, and everywhere else where you can as soon as you make a final decision to move. This will give your customers and partners enough time to adapt to this change. Moreover, this will minimize the losses that you might suffer in the first days after the move.

Offer your employees relocation packages if you want them to follow you

Another important thing that you need to think about when preparing to move your Irving retail store is your employees. If you are moving within the city, the chances are that most of your employees will follow. However, if you are moving across a long distance, you will need to do something that will encourage your workers to move with you. Of course, the best thing is to offer them relocation packages that will make that move more appealing and easier.

boss and employees talking
Offer relocation packages to help your employees move

Notify the authorities about the new location of your store

Finally, when moving your business, you will have to handle certain paperwork, and maybe pay some fees and taxes. Of course, the most important part is to change your address and inform the adequate authorities about the change of location. If you are not sure what you should be doing, hire a business consultant from Irving to guide you through the process.

Prepare for moving a retail store in Irving by planning and hiring good movers

Handle those things and you will prepare for moving a retail store in Irving in no time. Remember to plan the whole process before you begin. A good plan and a capable moving company will make the transition much easier.

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