How To Prepare For A Pre-Move Garage Sale in Irving?

Moving Preparation - May 10, 2022

A pre-move garage sale in Irving is the perfect way to declutter while also earning some money. It’s important to purge your belongings before you move. A lot of us tend to hold on to items that no longer serve us. And when you’re moving, you have to take all of your belongings with you. The best time to get rid of some of these items is before the move. You can always donate whatever you feel you want to donate, but the next best option is hosting a garage sale! If you remove some of the moving load, your movers in DFW will be cheaper and they will have fewer items to move. Also, the generated revenue will help out during the moving process. Moving is kind of expensive, after all.

Take inventory

The first step to any kind of sale, and the whole moving process is to take inventory. Make an inventory list of all of the items you have. This is a huge undertaking, but you can handle it! This huge, perfect inventory will provide you with the insight you need. Also, remember to put all of the items you don’t need up for sale. Even really old and outdated items will most likely sell. A lot of people nowadays enjoy the vintage aesthetic, and you could even charge a bit more for interesting vintage items.

A man buying vinyls at a garage sale

Look around the entire home! You should pay special attention to all the storage rooms, like the garage, basement, attic, etc. Most likely you will find a lot of things you haven’t used for years. Then you can put them up for sale and find them a new home where they belong. It is so much more satisfying than throwing the items away. Also, your commercial movers Dallas can take care of some of the surplus office equipment.

Pick a date

You need to pick the ideal date for a pre-move garage sale in Irving to have success. The best time for a garage sale is in the spring and summer, which is just perfect. The day you host your garage sale there needs to be good weather and a lot of people around. We would suggest picking a day on the weekend when you know everyone will be walking around the neighborhood and relaxing. Also, pro-tip, try and time the garage sale to be at the beginning of the month. Everyone gets their salary at the beginning of the month and they are more likely to spend money!

Talk to your neighbors and see if anyone else is interested in hosting a garage sale. When there are multiple garage sales taking place at one time, more people are likely to show up. Also, remember to host this garage sale well before your movers Irving TX arrive to help you move out. Everything needs to be sold and prepared before the moving day! Usually, people host garage sales from 6 am to 12 pm. This is a timeframe where people still have the time to relax during their weekend, but also visit your sale.

Picking a date for the garage sale
Pick the perfect day when you will have the most turnover.

Pre-move garage sale inventory and pricing

Assuming you’ve arrived at the date and time of your garage sale, it’s time to create another list. This time you’re taking inventory only of the items you wish to sell. Now, what you need to keep in mind is that people attend garage sales to find good deals. A rule you can go by is to price items approximately a third of their worth. A lot of people don’t want to spend the same amount as they would in the thrift store since they can find most items there.

We would urge you to create a sort of bundle or discount on some items. For example, you’re selling some old jewelry. You could price the items each 2$, but if people buy 2 pieces at once, they can be 3$. This method will make sure your items sell faster, but it won’t contribute much money-wise. If earning a bit more cash is your goal, you should price things slightly higher, but be careful. If the items are too expensive, they will not sell. Certain antiques or silver and gold jewelry have to be expensive, on the other hand. Just be prepared to haggle and settle on some lower prices.

On the inventory list mark down the prices you intended for each item. And as they sell, cross them out. All of the best items will go first, so be prepared to offer additional discounts once the best items sell. Also, you can consider hiring the help of professional packing services Dallas. When the garage sale ends, you still need to pack up and move. This can be overwhelming, so you can always consider leaving it to the professionals.

A woman writing a list
Create a list of items you’re selling and make sure the prices are as realistic as possible.

Advertise your pre-move garage sale in Irving

We all know of the garage sale sign. You should include it, of course, since it is such a staple and contributes to the vibe. Also, a lot of people might see it while driving by and decide to stop and take a look. But, this method isn’t the most successful when it comes to advertising. Our suggestion would be to turn to social media. Nowadays Facebook Marketplace has become a widely used tool for various sales. Additionally, you can create an event on Facebook, this way those who are interested will know the time and location.


Once a pre-move garage sale in Irving is complete, you can turn to donate what didn’t sell. A lot of shelters are searching for various donations, from books to furniture. They will know how to appreciate these pieces, and it’s better to donate to those in need than to simply throw them away. Good luck and happy haggling!

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