How to plan a move during the holiday season

Moving Preparation - December 21, 2020

Relocating in the middle of the holiday season can be quite hectic. You are going to need to balance the needs of your move with your holiday preparations. However, do know that it is entirely possible to do so if you follow a simple set of guidelines. Of course, you are going to need the help of movers North Texas in order to do so. Otherwise, you will simply not have enough time to manage everything. In order to plan a move during the holiday season, start with first actually creating the plan itself, alongside setting your moving budget. In this article, we are going to talk about what you may need to do to conduct a successful relocation in festive times.

Plan a move during the holiday season with ease!

Here is what you are going to need to do:

  • Create a moving plan
  • Determine your moving budget – save some for the holidays too!
  • Plan a move during the holiday season – Get rid of unwanted items
  • Get packing supplies and moving boxes and pack room by room
  • Book a professional mover as soon as you can
  • Prepare your kids for the move
  • Keep a box with holiday decorations handy!


"make it happen" sticker on the paper
Everything starts with a good, positive, plan.

Create a moving plan

The first order of business is to sit down and consider everything that your relocation requires. Then figure out the best way to accomplish all of the tasks, as well as the timeline in which to do so. Start by looking into long distance movers Fort Worth, as that will take quite a bit of your time. Making sure that you have one of the best companies for your relocation is a great way to start things off. After that, write down all of the tasks that you will be doing on your own. Your movers will take care of much, but not everything. Unless you are willing to shell out the big bucks, that is, in which case you can leave everything to them. If you are moving with your family, try to include them in the process, as well.

Give out a couple of tasks to everyone, so no one is overwhelmed. Let them make their own time but do not allow them to tarry overmuch either.

Determine your moving budget – save some for the holidays too!

You can make your move a lot easier by pouring more money into it. This is much the same as anything else in life. The more you pay, the more convenient your move becomes. However, not all of us can afford to have movers do everything on their own. Therefore, we need to figure out how much we are able to spend on our relocation. And this is what you need to do, to set a moving budget. This will allow you to better evaluate moving quotes Fort Worth, to know which services you can afford, etc. Try not to go over your budget, as there are good reasons for setting it as it is. You need to account for the holiday season, as well. There will be a lot of ways for you to spend money so set your budget accordingly.

Plan a move during the holiday season – Get rid of unwanted items

A great way to increase your moving budget is to sell off some of your belongings. While packing, or before it, pay attention to the items that you might not want to take with you, and which are in good condition. You can sell them in a garage sale or list them on the internet. But do note that selling anything requires time and effort. Therefore, you might want to identify these items earlier rather than later. If you plan on using packing services from your movers, you will have extra time to devote to the sale of your belongings. If you don’t believe that an item can be sold, you can also contact a charity to come and pick it up.


woman carrying boxes
Decluttering is an important part of the moving process.

Get packing supplies and moving boxes and pack room by room

Your relocation will require containers to pack your belongings in, as well as padding for the boxes. You can get all of them from the store but if you want to save, you have a few options. You can visit your local stores and ask if they are willing to send a box or two your way. More often than not, they will oblige your request. Visit several stores, especially those that you frequent often, and you will soon have all the moving boxes that you need. As for the materials, try to find deals on the internet or find people that have recently moved. You can always go to the store and purchase what you lack.

Book a professional mover as soon as you can

You will want to book your movers early, as they might be quite busy during the holiday season. Doing so will all but guarantee that you get the exact date and time of your choosing. Also, you may be able to get better deals if you call them a couple of months before. Finally, your negotiating power will be at its peak if you approach the movers early enough. Everything combined makes for a really compelling argument for doing so.

Prepare your kids for the move

If you are moving with children, you need to give them some additional attention in the weeks before the move. You need to make sure that they are alright with the process and that they are not anxious. Talk to them about the move as much as you can, always being positive. They take everything in, like a sponge, so you need to be mindful of that. Be confident, positive, and understanding and everything is going to be just fine.

woman and a baby sitting by the window
Spend more time with your kids before the move.

Plan a move during the holiday season – Keep a box with holiday decorations handy!

If you want to be ready for the holidays as soon as you arrive at your new home, make sure that you have all the decorations you need before you relocate. While this is an additional task, it will make your life a lot easier when you move into your new place. You will be able to start decorating right away, which will save you time and energy when you might need it the most.


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