How to pack your fridge for moving

Packing Tips - January 22, 2021

Most people believe that the kitchen is the hardest room to pack and move. And usually, this is true. The main reason why the kitchen is so hard to pack would be your fridge. During your preparations for relocation, you still need to make meals every single day and make sure that your food will not go bad. You need a fridge to do all of these things. However, you also need to pack your fridge for moving at some point. In addition to this, due to its size and weight, you need to be careful when preparing your fridge for relocation. In order to do everything properly, here are all the tips to follow when packing your fridge before the best movers in Fort Worth come to pick up your things. 

Gather all the necessary packing supplies 

Before you start preparing and packing your fridge, you should find and hire North Dallas movers. Why is it important to hire movers? Since you are planning to relocate your entire household, you need professionals to take care of your valuable items. Since the fridge is usually quite large and heavy, you can easily damage it if you do not handle it properly. The same goes for property damage and also you can injure yourself by mishandling the fridge. For this reason, it would be better to hire movers to avoid any of these unpleasant situations. 

magnets on the fridge
Gather all the packing supplies for your fridge

In addition to this, you need to gather all the necessary packing and moving supplies. You can always ask your long distance movers Texas for these packing or moving supplies. Since your fridge is a little bit bigger and heavier than the rest of your household items, you will need to gather the following parking and moving supplies.  

  • Moving straps 
  • Cardboard boxes 
  • Moving blankets 
  • Plastic bags 
  • A dolly 

Pack your fridge for moving after you clean it 

Before you start packing your fridge, you need to clean it properly. First of all, you need to figure out what you will do with the food inside your fridge. You should either prepare some meals that can last for a couple of days or give or donate your food. Then, it is time to defrost your fridge. After this, clean your fridge and make sure not to leave any food that remains inside. Lastly, make sure your fridge is completely dry before you start packing it. 

ice cream in the freezer
You need to defrost your fridge before packing

After you clean and prepare your fridge, it is time to pack it. First of all, you need to take out all the removable parts from your fridge. You should put these parts into separate cardboard boxes after you secure them with bubble wrapping. Then, secure all the courts with smaller moving straps. Secure fridge door with a large moving strap. Lastly, cover your fridge with a moving blanket and secure it again with a moving strap before residential movers arrive.

Putting your fridge into the moving truck 

After you pack your fridge for moving, you need to transport your fridge to the moving truck. You will need a dolly for this job. Make sure to have another friend or a pair of hands to help you with this. In addition to this, you can also have your movers load the moving truck. 

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