How to pack Christmas decorations

Packing Tips - December 23, 2020

Making sure that you have a lovely Christmas is only possible if you have your decorations ready to take up all the space they possibly can in your home. And the more you have, the merrier is the Christmas for you and your entire family. That is why you need to make sure that every year, you pack Christmas decorations in such a way that they stay undamaged and beautiful until the next year. If you need to move your family home, expert Texas movers¬†will certainly more them with care, so this is not something you should worry about. If you do a good job with packing and labeling, your decorations will be relocated without any issues. So, let’s see what are the things you need to do to make sure you did your best.

You need to pack decoration depending on size and type

Your decorations need to be packed the right way, and this means that you have to do your best to ensure nothing will get damaged if you store or relocate it. So, make sure you divide the decorations by size, type, and other things you think might help you pack them. This way, your North Dallas movers will be able to relocate everything for you in no time, and without worrying that they might damage your belongings. So, make sure you have all the items that are not breakable in one place, and you can pack them without worrying that they will get damaged. Get the items that could be damaged but not easily on the other pile. Glass ornaments, thin plastic, and ceramic ones and similar will be packed separately as well.

a christmas decoration
You can be sure that you can pack the items that are not likely to get damaged in one large moving box

Now that you made your piles and have a general idea of where to start, you need to get the right packing supplies. You can also choose to get some of the best packing services Fort Worth TX residents recommend and you will be able to get this done without any stress. Professional movers can do this move in no time for you and without any issues. You will pack Christmas decorations just fine.

Keeping your belongings safe is easy with the right packing supplies

The next step for you is to get the packing supplies needed to pack everything for your relocation or storage. Choosing high-quality packing supplies is always a better choice since it means you will probably be able to move items without worrying about getting them damaged. So, start by getting those. Moving during the holiday season can be stressful enough without damaging your beloved decorations.

You can get new boxes and supplies for fragile items and you can get the used moving boxes for the items that can’t get damaged. There are many different options for you to choose from. But, the point is that new boxes of high quality need to be used for fragile items.

moving box
Get the right moving boxes, and make sure that they are high quality as well, so everything you pack is safe to store and move

Pack Christmas decorations that won’t get damaged first

Once you start packing your belongings you need to separate them by how fragile they are, get the packing supplies and start packing. Pack Christmas decorations by picking the ones that are not fragile first. These could be ornaments made of paper, cardboard, Christmas cards, snowmen made of styrofoam, and such. You can also pack colorful ribbons and such decorations with these. You can get used moving boxes to pack them or you can even use trash bags. No matter what your choice might be, these items will be safe this way.

Items that are unlikely to get damaged

The next step is to pack the items that might get damaged, but it’s not likely that they will. This means- plastic decorations and Christmas balls. All the other items like plastic Santa that dances, Christmas lights for your tree and everything else made of plastic should be packed in the new moving boxes. You don’t have to use other packing supplies, they will be fine piled up in a moving box. Just don’t overpack the box and this way. You can be sure that they won’t be pressing each other too much and damage. Also, avoid piling boxes one on top of each other. They might not be able to hold so much weight.

Fragile items should be last to pack

Now that you need to pack Christmas decorations that can get damaged in the process. You need to be extra careful. They are beautiful since they are made of glass and they are simply amazing. But you have to be careful with them as well. So, the next step for you is to get the moving boxes of the highest quality. Make sure they are not large. You need the other packing supplies as well. So, get the packing peanuts and the bubble wrap, duct tape, and scissors.

Each ornament and decoration needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap, from all sides. Once this is done, place them in a separate moving box. Or, in one moving box but make sure you separate them with cardboard. Place packing peanuts inside as well until they can’t move around. Close and tape the box and you are ready to go! This is the best way to pack Christmas decorations!

glass ornament
Glass ornaments need to be packed carefuly, one per each box

You will do a great job

Looking for the best way to pack Christmas decorations in the first place shows that you care about your decorations. So, you should simply give your best and everything will be just fine. The thing is that you can use the same moving boxes and supplies for more than one year and not worry about having to replace them. You will surely do a great job in no time!


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