How to pack and move a pool table

Packing Tips - March 1, 2021

The process of moving and packing takes a lot of time, preparations, and energy. In case you have a pool table in your inventory, you are in the right place. We are here to show you how to properly pack and move a pool table. With these few easy tips and tricks, you can do it properly and efficiently. We will also mention why you need professional movers Plano TX to help you with your relocation. Let’s first take a look at how you should pack your pool table.

Packing and moving a pool table – how to

Get the right supplies

When you plan to pack your items for the move, including your pool table, you will need to get the right packing supplies. Proper tools and materials will help you disassemble and pack your pool table. The basic materials and tools for the pool table are the following:

  • A toolbox.
  • Cardboard boxes.
  • Bubble wrap and packing foam.
  • Packing tape and scissors.
  • Labeling materials.

If you cannot get these supplies, contact professional movers who offer packing services Fort Worth TX to help you.

Packing a cardboard box.
Get the right packing supplies when you pack and move a pool table.

Disassemble all of the parts of your pool table

The first thing that you need to do, is to focus on getting your pool table in shape for the move. You should start by disassembling all of the parts from your pool table. First, begin with the easy stuff. The large parts of your pool table have screws, bolts, etc. that hold them in place. All of these need to be removed. However, be careful with all of the parts from your pool table. Many are sensitive and can be easily damaged. Prepare the cardboard boxes for these disassembled parts. Decide whether you are going to use new boxes or used ones. Just make sure you are familiar with all of the pros and cons of reusable moving boxes.

Secure the parts in separate cardboard boxes and bags

You are going to have a lot of bolts and screws after you disassemble your pool table. Additionally, you also need to worry about packing your other parts of the pool table. Get all of these items separated accordingly and pack them in their boxes and bags. Mark each packed box depending on its content from the pool table.

Ask your friends to help you

Even after completely disassembled, your pool table, and its main body, is still quite heavy. Your packed cardboard boxes are also likely going to be heavy. So, enlist the help of your friends to help you during this process of packing.

Friends to help you pack and move a pool table.
Ask your friends to help you out with the process of packing your pool table.

Hire professional movers

The easiest way to safely pack and move a pool table is to hire professional movers to help you out. There are numerous other benefits to hiring professional movers as well. They can help you with all of your key moving-related tasks. Hire the best movers in Fort Worth for an efficient and successful relocation.

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