How to pack a portable moving container?

Packing Tips - December 14, 2018

Is this the first time you are planning to pack a portable moving container for the move? If it is, use our tips to prepare for this task like a professional. Learn to pack your belongings the right way and maximize the use of space. Our guide will help you choose the best portable moving container for your needs and use packing supplies appropriate for this type of move.

Where to find a portable moving container?

Moving companies in your area might offer special moving services and the use of portable moving containers. Keep in mind that your reliable relocation specialist will advise you on the best way to relocate your belongings. Means of transport will depend on the type of your move. Per example – in case you are moving within the same city or a neighborhood, quality movers Fort Worth with experience may advise you to hire their moving service and pay by the hour. However, if moving a long distance and your belongings need to travel by ship, an airplane or on top of the moving truck, he will recommend that you pack a portable moving container. Depending on your relocation needs, movers with experience will give you the best advice on moving your home.

moving containers
Professional movers will give you advice on choosing the best size moving container for your needs.

Your moving company specialists will also give you advice on how to pick the right size of a moving container. Depending on the size of your home, the size of moving cargo and your needs, the mover will estimate and offer the right size portable moving container for your move.

Choose the right packing supplies

When you need to pack all of your items inside the moving container, you need to be very careful about the packing supplies you buy. Portable moving containers come in different sizes. However, if you wish to save money on your relocation, you should pick the container that can fit all of your items. When you pack a portable moving container, you should calculate the space you need for your belongings if you fill out the space top to bottom.

When choosing the right supplies for packing your belongings inside a moving container, make sure to consult your movers. Quality movers advise that you should use new cardboard moving boxes in this case. However, there is a slight difference when you have to pack everything inside the portable moving container – using moving boxes of the same size. This way you will be able to stack the boxes on top of each other and create walls to use all the space you have.

You should pack a portable moving container using the best quality packing supplies for protecting your belongings. If you need to pack your entire home and items that are bigger than your average moving box, consult your moving company specialists. In most cases, your movers will have specialized moving boxes for packing fragile items like chandeliers, mirrors, and similar items. If this is your situation, use moving boxes in various sizes and provide enough padding for the boxes and prevent them from moving while in transport. In case those moving boxes are too fragile or too heavy, you should be very careful and safe while carrying everything. This way you will avoid injuries while moving. In case this part is too hard for you, let your movers assist on a moving day.

Items you shouldn’t pack inside a moving container

Every reliable moving company has limitations to belongings they can relocate. However, there are some items you should pack inside a moving container. Those items are prohibited for transport by law. Most moving companies will provide the list of items they cannot relocate and warn you about packing those items. In case you do pack a portable moving container with forbidden items, you may cause delays to your shipment and have some unexpected fines and additional moving costs.

food in jars
You should avoid packing foods or other forbidden items inside a moving container.

Items you shouldn’t pack for the move include items. that is dangerous for the moving crew or your moving cargo. Those items usually include:

  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Hazardous materials
  • Plants
  • Perishable foods
  • Flammable materials
  • Cash and collections of high value

In case you have to move belongings that are very valuable, ask your movers for the best course of action. Quality moving companies offer special services, and they will take special care of your valuable belongings. In most cases, movers will offer special insurance policy when moving items of high value.

Get an estimate before hiring movers

Using a portable moving container for packing is a big task. If you decide to hire movers that offer this particular moving service, research a bit. Find out if the company is reliable and ask for the free estimate Fort Worth for your move. This way you will know how much this service will cost and you will be able to calculate your moving budget in advance.

How to pack a portable moving container?

Packing your moving boxes inside a moving container is not the easiest task. You should plan ahead before loading any moving boxes. When you pack a portable moving container, you should make sure you create a solid foundation. If you do, then your belongings won’t shift during transport.

moving boxes
When packing your belongings make sure to use new and quality moving boxes.

There is another aspect you should keep in mind when packing your items inside the moving container – distribution of weight. When loading your moving boxes, you should distribute the weight evenly. Stack heavier boxes for side to side. This way you will improve stability when you pack a portable moving container. Professionals advise that you should start with the heavier items like furniture and appliances on the bottom. If this is a problem for you, consider placing the heaviest belongings in the middle. This will improve the stability of the portable moving container, and your movers won’t have any problems when they move it.

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