How to pack a dresser for moving

Moving Preparation - October 11, 2022

When preparing for a move, you need to pack your belongings. Packing your clothes, kitchen, and bathroom supplies is not that hard, since you only need to get enough packing supplies and pack your belongings into moving boxes. However, bulkier items such as beds, and dressers are a bit more difficult to handle on your own. These items are larger and heavier, and you cannot move them yourself. They cannot fit in a moving box and you must disassemble them before packing. If you plan on packing on your own and want to pack a dresser for moving, movers in DFW area will gladly help you and give you some advice on how to do that! Here are our dresser packing tips!

The stages of packing a dresser

To pack a dresser, you need to empty it. Empty it of all clothes, belongings, and accessories. To make your move easier, pack them right then and there. Take this opportunity to throw away what you no longer use, whether those are damaged or unused belongings. You probably have at least one unused shirt, pair of jeans, or an old jacket that needs to be thrown away. Decluttering will also be good for reducing the moving price. After emptying the dresser, long distance movers DFW suggest cleaning it and swiping all surfaces.

A lamp and a plant on a dresser
It’s easier to pack a dresser for moving if you have a good packing plan.

You can use a bowl of warm water with a few drops of cleaning liquid. By doing so, you will have less work to do when unpacking. Furniture often gets filled with dust, grease, and dirt. Therefore, it’s better to clean them before packing them. By doing so, you are making sure there are no protruding parts, such as screws and nails. These could damage the furniture and packing supplies.

Disassembling your dresser

After cleaning your dresser, you should disassemble it. That way, you are making packing much easier. Think about all its parts and make a list of disassembling steps. That way, you will pack a dresser for moving as simple as possible. Start by disassembling doors, then move on to the side panels, the base, and the bottom. Once you disassemble all parts, the packing journey begins! A question that you must always ask yourself when disassembling a wardrobe is how to reassemble it in the same way as it was before. If you take care of the disassembly steps, you can reassemble it much easier. Often, a photograph can save you from going crazy in remembering how a particular screw or a particular joint was arranged.

A couple packing
Taking a picture of the disassembling process can help you reassemble your dresser easier.

Packing materials you should use

After you disassemble your dresser, it’s time to pack all its pieces. The following packing supplies are necessary for packing your dresser:

  • Packaging paper
  • Roll of bubble wrap
  • Screwdriver
  • Boxes
  • Packing tape

Be careful to choose the right box based on the size and shape of your dresser. Most people use regular cardboard boxes when moving. In this case, the best for safe transport are corrugated cardboard boxes. These boxes have two layers and three liners, which make them resistant and capable of supporting up to 300 kg of weight. They are a perfect choice for packing heavier parts, such as those of dressers.

How to properly pack a dresser for moving

Pack each part with paper and separate one component from the other with cardboard sheets and bubble wrap. That way, they won’t chip during transport. If you run out of bubble wrap, you can use old clothes, blankets, and clothes for wrapping purposes. Take a piece of packing paper, apply it to the various pieces you disassemble, and label it. For example, write “lower left door”. Pay attention to the materials the dresser was made of since some supplies can damage delicate materials. For example, the tape could leave glue residues on your real wood dresser, and the writing could leave a track on the wood. Pay attention to where you put the various screws and bolts. Movers Coppell TX suggests packing separately smaller pieces such as screws and handles. You can put that box with your essentials or put it in a drawer. This way, you can quickly reassemble everything without losing any pieces.

Two screws
Try to keep all the smaller components in one place.

Relocating a dresser

After you pack and label all your boxes, it’s time to move them. Since you disassembled your belongings, you can either relocate them with the help of moving services DFW or by yourself. Whether you choose the first or the second option, consider using insurance, especially if your dresser is old. Since dressers are bigger and bulkier, they usually value more. If only one of your components breaks or damages, you will need to buy a new dresser. Therefore, consider getting moving insurance. If you are moving with the help of movers, check whether they offer moving insurance. If they do offer it, you have nothing to worry about!

Preparing your dresser for moving

All in all, to pack a dresser for moving is not hard if you have a good packing plan. First, you need to empty your dresser. Declutter your belongings and pack only those you plan on using. After that, dust and clean your drawers. You can use regular cleaning supplies since you need to get rid of the dust and dirt. After doing so, start by disassembling your dresser. You can take pictures of the whole process since it will make your reassembling process much easier. After disassembling, wrap each component with bubble wrap and put all parts in quality moving boxes. Seal the boxes shut and label them for easier unpacking. As for smaller parts such as screws and handles, you can put them in one box and place them in one of the drawers. After relocating your dresser, you might explore dresser makeover ideas!

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