How to organize a Thanksgiving move from Dallas

Before the Move - November 21, 2022

With Thanksgiving around the corner, the to-do list is getting longer and longer. This huge family holiday requires a lot of preparation, not just in terms of food. Organizing a trip to your family’s place, booking flights, taking days off – all these activities can be overwhelming. If you are planning your relocation around this time, you need to invest extra effort, utilize your organizational skills to the fullest, and ask for assistance. The best full-service movers in Dallas will not only help you relocate but will also advise you on how to organize a Thanksgiving move from Dallas. Follow the instruction from the top Texas movers and ensure a safe and seamless relocation during the festive season.

Choosing a moving date

Thanksgiving weekend is probably not the best time to conduct your relocation. Choosing some other time of the year would be much better and less hectic. However, one cannot always have an impact on the course of events. In case you need to vacate the current property by the end of November, Thanksgiving would need to be the time when you pack your bags and move out. Most people will take advantage of their days off to move out. Four days off should be enough time to leave the current property and move into a new one. However, this would be feasible only in case you previously made a detailed plan and bought the necessary packing supplies. If you have no other choice but to move on Thanksgiving, the best residential movers Dallas can help you with some useful tips.

How to organize a Thanksgiving move from Dallas

Staying in the holiday spirit in the midst of relocation is hard to imagine, but with good guidance, you may get a chance to enjoy the festivities while preparing for a move. Also, as moving represents a new beginning in your life, this is probably something to be thankful for. That is why you should embrace the situation as it is and make the most of it. It is not every year that you make a major change during a family holiday. Why not let this year’s Thanksgiving weekend be a bit different?

a woman taking a cake from the oven
Remember to celebrate the holiday and prepare tasty food in your attempts to organize a Thanksgiving move from Dallas

The best way to celebrate Thanksgiving while moving out of your current home is to be super organized. Follow the advice from experts and ensure you have a stress-free and enjoyable relocation:

  • make a detailed plan of your move and Thanksgiving dinner, in case you decide to host one
  • declutter and buy packing supplies
  • learn how to pack efficiently
  • get as much help as you can
  • take a break and enjoy the holiday spirit
  • hire reliable movers
  • remember to be thankful

Make a concrete and comprehensive plan

Organizing your daily life and balancing work and domestic life can be overwhelming when you are moving during a holiday. Therefore, start thinking way ahead of time about how to perform this kind of relocation. Make a list of all the tasks you need to undertake and distribute them among other family members. Remember to allow enough time for each task. Also, create a timeline of activities and cross them out as you complete them. Start searching for a new home, or job if you need one, research the area you are moving to, and look up schools, daycares, parks, and other amenities. Learning about your new neighborhood upfront will facilitate the process of unpacking and settling in. Also, if you are not moving far away, your personal organization will help you and your local movers Dallas. Have a plan and professional help by your side and be assured that your move will be easy and smooth.

Planning a Thanksgiving dinner

In case you do not want to give up on Thanksgiving dinner during your relocation frenzy, make sure to prepare well for this event too. Don’t pack all your kitchen items. Instead, leave in the cupboards all you need for dinner and pack those things as soon as the dinner is over. Make a list of groceries you need to buy and make sure you obtain them days before the last Thursday of the month. Stop all moving activities on Thanksgiving Day and devote all your time to cooking and other dinner preparations.

a family raises a toast over Thanksgiving dinner
Take time to enjoy the Thanksgiving dinner with your family

As for Thanksgiving clothes and decorations, leave them all out of the boxes until the next morning. If you are having guests over, make sure they feel comfortable in your house, and postpone the packing and dismantling of furniture from the living room for the next day. If you have a pool table, it would be nice to leave it for Thanksgiving evening and have fun with friends over a game of pool. Afterward, you can have the best pool table moving company TX help you dismantle, pack, and transport your pool table.

Once the dinner is over and your guests leave, take some time to clean up and pack all kitchen items, clothes, and valuables into boxes. Taking a break from packing and moving chaos to enjoy a cozy family dinner will distract you from your moving worries. Also, remember to watch the famous Dallas Cowboys’ Thanksgiving game and follow the tradition one more time before leaving town.

Declutter and buy packing supplies

Making an inventory is an important part of your moving strategy. However, not all items you possess should find their place in your new home. What you need to do is get rid of the items you no longer use. Decluttering will also make your boxes lighter, which leads to less complicated relocation and cheaper moving services. There are various ways to lose redundant stuff. You may organize a garage sale or sell your things online. Alternatively, you may give them away to friends and family, or donate them to a charity. After you unburden your boxes of unnecessary items, make a list of the items you are taking to a new home. This list will help you keep track of your items and ensure everything is in place once you arrive at a new home.

If you opt for DIY packing, remember to buy enough packing supplies. Make sure you get cardboard boxes of various sizes. Buy enough duct tape, packing paper, peanuts, and bubble wrap. Remember to buy these ahead of time, so afterward you can focus on shopping for Thanksgiving dinner groceries.

Learn how to pack efficiently

Packing on your own can be quite complicated if you are not sure how to do so. But there are a few tricks that may help you pack quickly and efficiently. Smart packing will leave you enough time to devote to celebrating Thanksgiving in the midst of your moving process. All you have to do is obtain packing material and find the right information about packing. First, pack the items you rarely use. Then devote special attention to packing fragile and bulky items.

Wrap fragile items, such as cups, glasses, and plates, in bubble wrap or packing paper, and place them carefully in a box, one on top of the other. Fill the inside of a cup or glass with newspaper or packing peanuts. Also, fill any empty space in a box to provide extra cushioning and avoid any damage. Remember not to overpack your boxes, fill them only with the weight you are able to carry.

a person writing on a box
Label each box, especially those that contain fragile items

Bulky items, such as furniture, should be dismantled before packing. Cover the large parts of furniture in plastic foil and carefully take them out of the house. Make sure to secure walls and floors, to avoid any damage. Also, remember to clear all pathways to avoid tripping or falling when you carry bulky items out of the house and into a moving truck.

Packing on your own might save you some money, and that is the only benefit you can get. Leaving this process to the professionals that provide quility packing services Dallas, will ensure a much smoother relocation process for you and your family in the middle of Thanksgiving weekend. Professional movers possess the right skills, tools, materials, and other equipment to pack your boxes flawlessly.

Get as much help as you can

Perhaps you ambitiously think that you can manage everything on your own, but sometimes reality can prove you wrong. But even if you can do everything by yourself, it still doesn’t mean that it has to be this way. If you are moving with a family, engage them in everyday chores and moving-related activities. If your kids are older, they can pack their own things. They can also help you prepare the Thanksgiving dinner. Invite friends to help you move. Also, if you do not have time to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner, ask one of your friends to help you. Alternatively, you can all have dinner at a friend’s house, without you having to organize one yourself. There are many ways other people can help you organize a Thanksgiving move from Dallas, you just need to let them do so.

people taking a selfie while holding boxes
Ask your friends to help you pack and move, have fun and make some great memories in the process.

However, if you are moving long-distance, there is not much your friends can help you with. In this case, it is best to rely on the top services of the long distance movers Dallas. Professional companies have dealt with plenty of various moving scenarios under various circumstances, and they will be able to provide you with the best solution to your moving situation. Putting all your moving activities in the hands of professionals will leave you with more time to dedicate yourself to the special Thursday dinner with your family.

Take a break and enjoy the holiday spirit

No matter how busy you are with a multitude of moving tasks, it is recommendable to take a break and unwind. Since you are leaving Dallas soon, why not take advantage of the things this city offers around Thanksgiving? One of the places you should not skip is Enchant in Fairy Park, the world’s largest holiday lights spectacular. The event starts on Black Friday and shines through the holiday season. It is one of the favorite outings for families in Dallas, and you should enjoy the luminescent fixtures one more time before leaving the town.

For over 50 years YMCA organizes the Dallas Turkey Trot. It is the largest Thanksgiving event of its kind in the country. You can enjoy this event even if you are not a runner or a walker. The holiday spirit this event brings will provide you with a nice break from the packing and moving frenzy. Even if you prefer staying in and having dinner with family and friends, you can still enjoy the holiday spirit. It is important to take a break and organize a nice cozy evening with your loved ones before moving away.

Hire reliable movers

Finding the right moving company to conduct your relocation is the key to a successful moving process. No matter what type of relocation you require, reliable movers are there to assist you and provide top service. In case you need office relocation, hire the best Dallas commercial movers to help you out. Why bother with inventories, boxes, and logistics when you can have someone deal with all these things for you?  Renowned moving companies such as Evolution Moving will organize and perform your relocation impeccably. With skilled staff, adequate tools, equipment, and vast experience in the field, these movers know how to go about any type of relocation.

a person making notes
Professional movers will successfully deal with every aspect of your relocation

Remember to be Thankful

In your attempts to successfully organize a Thanksgiving move from Dallas, remember to take a moment and be thankful. Acting in line with the holiday is the best way to celebrate it. Also, another great way of spending the holiday weekend during relocation chaos is to try out the best Thanksgiving recipes and make a delicious dinner for your family and friends, to celebrate a new chapter in your life.

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