How to move oversized items without breaking your back?

Moving Preparation - March 10, 2020

Moving is one hell of a job, especially if you are doing it all alone. Maneuvering large objects may take a toll on your health. That is no joke and not only can it cause problems now, but as you get older it can get worse. So how do you move oversized items without any damage to your health? Let us help you find the way!

Hire a good moving company to move oversized items for you

The safest way to move oversized items is to hire someone to do it for you. Not only will you be spared of hurting yourself, but there is more. Bulky items are very hard to move and very easy to damage if handled poorly. So if you have no experience with professional moving like moving companies Fort Worth, better leave it to them. You and your belongings will be safe in professional hands.

There is another catch with moving oversized items. In the process of moving, not only you must protect them and yourself, but also your floors and walls. Now that can be quite a problem for some things you can’t disassemble properly. It is not a problem for long distance movers Texas though. And of course, if you do not own some of the equipment you can rely upon, forget about DIY moving and other maneuvers.

If you choose DIY moving, here is what you should know

Because of the complexity of relocating bulky things, moving companies can charge extra. For extra labor, time and equipment used, it is very logical to charge a bit up. For some people that might be a dealbreaker. So instead of hiring, they choose to do it by themselves. Before you start to move oversized items on your own, there is some info you may find useful. Move oversized items with the help of:

  1. Sliders
  2. Furniture dolly
  3. Stair rollers
  4. Straps and ropes


a moving dolly
Having a dolly can make moving heavy items easier

Now you can consult some workers or the seller about the user manual and how to handle it. By this point, it would be smart to call some experienced friends or family members to help you. With all the equipment you acquire it is still not enough, you need manpower.

Plan ahead, and work smart not hard

Like any other move, to move oversized items you will need a plan. If you are asking yourself what is there to plan about moving a piano, let us tell you, a lot. Secure a route you will be taking to move it from inside the house to the truck. The path you are going to take must be free of any obstacles. So if there is some furniture left, move it around. Your children and pets must not be in the way. Secure them in a room set up to their needs for the time you work. Bring some snacks, sodas, water, and food. Set up a baby monitor to hear them, and check-up from time to time. Talk to your children about moving and make sure they understand what is going on. This might be scaring them without you realizing it.

a man planning his relocation ahead
The best thing you can do is to plan ahead

The path you are going trough might take some damage. To avoid scratching the doors, walls, and floor, protect them. Use as many cardboard boxes as you can to layout on the floor. To save some money, visit your local stores. In the morning, when the trucks arrive to supply the stores, they are usually full of it. Ask the employees to take some the next morning. They do not need it and you will be doing them a favor. Cardboard boxes can be used in a lot of ways and here is how. You, on the other hand, are in desperate need of then so it is a win-win here. Tape it firmly to avoid slipping, injuries and breaking something. What can really help you is taking off the doors if there any on your way?

Disassemble and take apart what you can

Everything that can be taken down from a large object must be moved separately. When you move oversized items, there is a huge chance a small piece may slip from it, or it can break in your hands. So before the moving, take apart what can be taken from it and secure it in a plastic bag if it is tiny, like a screw. If there are some shelves, take them to and protect them with plastic wrap. Label everything you have taken from the object, for later when you assemble it back together.

bunch of tools on the table
Use your tools to disassemble the furniture

How to properly lift when you want to move oversized items

Proper lifting techniques are important as much as your equipment. If you do not know how to safely move a bulky piece of furniture, then the equipment was a waste of money. The first rule is to never ever bend your back and lift from there. That way you can only suffer a lot of damage to your lower back. Also, you will probably be carried away into a hospital in that exact position. Everything you lift, you do it with the strength of your legs, with your back straight, not arched. Do not lift anything heavy without preparing yourself first. Do as you would prepare yourself for a training session. Stretch a bit, wiggle a little until you are warmed up. To move oversized items means to put your body through a lot.

Aside from preparing yourself accordingly, you will also need to treat yourself after. You will probably have sore muscles, especially if you aren’t as active normally. A massage from your significant other might save your sore muscles and ease the tension you are feeling. Stretching is a lifesaver after the hard work. After the bath, before you prepare for sleeping, stretch a bit more.

You need to prepare a lot to be able to move oversizes items on your own. So it is safer for both you and the staff to call a professional. Either way, we are rooting for you and hope you will do great. We wish you all the luck on your journey. Have fun!

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