How to move a refrigerator?

Packing Tips - January 13, 2019

Moving your home belongings comes with moving heavy appliances. Packing and moving appliances may be the most challenging part of the entire moving process. But with the right equipment and a little bit of free time, it is possible to move everything without difficulty. In case you don’t have any professional moving assistance, consider our detailed guide. Use our tips to move a refrigerator and other home appliances with ease.

How to prepare to move a refrigerator?

Most people make a mistake when packing home appliances in their hove. The biggest mistake is to leave those items for last. When moves arrive on a moving day, they can lose valuable time if they pack and move all the appliances.

fridge door
Use all the food and remove it from your fridge before moving it.

Packing and moving all the home appliances may not be the easiest task. However, when you prepare in advance to move a refrigerator, it is far less complicated than it seems at first. The most important thing you should consider that you will need more time than you expect. To move a refrigerator, you should prepare in advance and get all the packing materials.

Professional movers will recommend that you get new packing supplies for packing your home appliances. You should have enough packing materials to cover and protect each surface. And at the same time, enough moving boxes to pack all the removable parts separately. Keep in mind that the kitchen and other appliances can be quite heavy and bulky. For this reason, you should provide enough padding for each piece. When you wish to move a refrigerator, keep in mind that you will need at least two days before you can pack and secure everything correctly.

If you are moving your home belongings by yourself, consider having someone helping you. Refrigerator and other home appliances can be difficult to handle on your own. Moving a refrigerator is a two-person job. That is why you should consider asking your friends for help when moving heavy and bulky pieces to your new home.

Use professional moving equipment

Professional movers move appliances without difficulty because they use professional moving equipment. You will move a refrigerator with ease if you have all those tools available. Unless you are frequently moving, it is best to rent moving equipment from moving professionals near you. Consider contacting a professional packing service Texas and find out more information about the moving equipment they offer. Make sure to explain that you need to move a refrigerator and other home appliances. If you do, your movers will offer the best solution and give you advise when moving specific items on your own.

How to pack and move a refrigerator?

Empty your fridge

It is recommended that you stop buying foods a couple of days before the moving day. This way you won’t have to waste any food, and you will use all the food before you prepare the fridge for the move. Before you can move a refrigerator make sure to empty it. Make sure it is completely empty before you clean it.

Let your fridge defrost

After you make sure, your fridge is completely clean, unplug the power source. Let your fridge defrost naturally. It is essential you don’t try to defrost your fridge or freezer in a hurry. Using alternative heating methods to speed up the process can only damage your refrigerator. Keep in mind that you leave the doors open to make the air flow. This way, there won’t be any unpleasant smells while your fridge defrosts. After the process is complete, make sure to remove the excess water and remove the removable parts before you move a refrigerator.

frosted fridge
Before moving your freezer and fridge, make sure you let it defrost.

Loading and unloading

Having professional moving equipment will help speed up the process. Moving dolly is the perfect tool for when moving appliances. Before you move a refrigerator, make sure that is completely clean and empty. The first thing you should do is to move it away from the wall onto the kitchen surface so you can move with ease.

After you choose the best moving dolly, tilt it slowly to one side only enough to fit a moving dolly underneath. That is the hardest part of the work. Move it back to the upright position and onto the moving dolly. After you place a refrigerator onto the dolly, you will be able to move it around. Keep in mind that you should secure large appliances and position them in place before you move the dolly. You should pay special attention when loading your refrigerator onto the moving truck. Have someone help you at this stage of the moving process.

Consider hiring professional movers

In case moving heavy and bulky home belongings, is too much for you, consider hiring professional moving assistance. Make sure to use a quality moving company Fort Worth that has a great online presence and reliable reviews. Reliable movers with experience will help you move a refrigerator and all other appliances in your home. You should choose a moving company that offers numerous moving services. Some moving companies may offer only the partial packing service. You should consider them if you only need a professional to move appliances and heavy belongings.

special moving equipment
Professional movers use specialized moving equipment when moving your heavy and bulky furniture and appliances.

Quality moving companies usually offer a free estimate for your move. Before you decide to move a refrigerator and other home appliances, bulky and heavy items in your home, consider getting an estimate. Movers call it a moving quote. They may send a representative to your location and estimate your overall moving costs. Reliable movers will give you the real estimate without any additional costs.

If you decide to hire the moving company that provided a moving quote that suits your needs, local movers Texas will also provide the official moving contract. Make sure to read the contract carefully before agreeing to the final price of your move.

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