How to make your Dallas home more pet-friendly

After the Relocation - October 5, 2022

Making your new home in Dallas pet-friendly after the relocation can be a little challenging. You have just unpacked all the boxes that one of the best moving companies in Texas you hired delivered to your home when you realized that your space needs to be more pet-friendly. It is normal that you want to take care of their needs and want them to have the best time possible, especially because relocation can be stressful for them too. On the other hand, you want to keep your new space intact for as long as you can. Don’t worry. It is possible that your home looks stylish and stays comfortable for your pets. Read more to find out how to make your Dallas home more pet-friendly.

Why is it important to make your Dallas home more pet-friendly?

Of course, it is nice when you see that your pets are comfortable in your new home, sleeping comfortably on the couch or playing around the house. But, when the time to clean their hair from your new blankets comes, or when you have to buy a new door because the ones you have already have scratches, it is not that cute anymore. If you really need to have your pets inside, because there is no yard for your dogs or you have a domestic cat, you need to make some changes. This is especially the case if you live in an apartment. Once the apartment movers Dallas leave all of your boxes and say goodbye, you should start thinking about the ways to pet-proof your home.

Three cats on the floor
If you want to make your Dallas home more pet-friendly, don’t use carpets

Some measures you can undertake include:

  • Buying pet-friendly furniture;
  • Putting lids on bins and other open pieces of furniture;
  • Not using carpets;
  • Keeping the plants out of their touch;
  • Protect walls by using paint that can be cleaned.

Buy pet-friendly furniture

To protect your furniture from pets, you have to pay attention to what you are buying. First of all, nude colors shouldn’t be your option. On the other hand, colors that pop out, such as yellow or lighter shades of blue shouldn’t be considered either. Dark grey, deep blue, or black are the colors that won’t show stains if there are some. Stain-resistant materials are a must if you have pets. It is not just about looks. Some materials soak up the liquid, so there will be unpleasant smells. Avoid velvet and silk. Synthetic microfiber is the best solution if you want to make your new home in Dallas more pet-friendly.

Use lids on your trash bins

If you hired moving services Dallas, then all the belongings you had delivered to your home are in a good condition. You don’t want to get back from work one day and find trash on all of your stuff. That is why you need to use trash bins that have lids that your pets, especially if you have dogs and cats, can’t open. You should do the same if you have any other items in which you keep things that your pets shouldn’t touch. For example, your cupboards should be locked and any dangerous substances (such as medications or alcohol) out of their reach.

A couple and a dog near fireplace
Use thin rugs instead of carpets

Don’t use carpets on your floors

One of the ways to make your Dallas home more pet-friendly is to put carpets out of use. They are easily damaged and they also soak up stains and can have unpleasant smells like some pieces of furniture. Not to mention the amount of pet hair you will have to clean and vacuum more than once a day. And it will probably be without success. So, the best solution to avoid that daunting task is to use tiles. The ceramic ones are the best. First of all, they should last long. Second of all, it will be easy to clean them.

Hardwoods are also a good option, but you need to choose one of the materials that can’t be scratched easily. One of the good options is bamboo. If you already have flooring that is not one of the mentioned materials, then you can use rugs the preserve it.  But, use thin rugs that can be easily washed and dried.

Don’t let your pets touch the plants

There are a few reasons why your pets shouldn’t touch your plants. First of all, they can make a mess. If your cat plays with your plant pot, there are great chances that they are going to break the pot, destroy the plant and make your house muddy. But, this is not the only reason. Some plants are toxic to pets and you should be careful. If possible don’t keep those plants in your home at all. If you must, keep them way out of your pets’ reach.

Protect your walls from the potential stains

There are a few ways to protect your walls from getting stained a few times each day. First of all, you can use high-gloss paint. It doesn’t look that different from regular paint and a wet towel will usually be enough to clean it. If you want something that is not so regular, you can use different wallpapers. Again, you need ones that will be stain-resistant and bright colors again should be avoided. Also, there are paint finishes. You can use those that are easy to clean. In addition to that, even if they can’t be cleaned easily, the stains won’t be that noticeable.

A dog in a house which is being painted
Use wall paint that can be cleaned

It is possible to have a stylish but pet-friendly Dallas home

As you can see, your home needs just a few adjustments and it can be made into a pet-friendly house. At the same time, it won’t look bad, on the contrary. If you have passed all the steps before your move to Dallas and knew how to prepare your pet for a long distance move, the rest will be easy. Yes, some changes will be necessary, but with our tips, you will make your Dallas home more pet-friendly in no time.

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