How to help your movers on moving day

Hiring Moving Experts - July 31, 2019

There is a good chance you already moved at least once in your life. Considerable are the chances that you did it more than once! Actually, an average American will move more than a dozen times in his or her life! Therefore, where there is demand – there is a supply. Innumerable moving companies have sprung out around the country making the move easier. And, those who mover already know just how much stress these professionals can save you. With that in mind it is only natural that you wish to help your movers on moving day, but how?

What is a good way to do it? Is there a bad way to try and help your movers on moving day? Actually, yes, there is, but more on that later. For now, let us focus on things you can do to help them. And that means we start with the basics.

Be sure to declutter

One of the best ways to accommodate the best movers in Fort Worth is to make sure your home is in good order. Now don’t get us wrong. We are sure that most of the time, and for most of you, your homes are in perfect shape. However, as previously stated, moves are tough! They are stressful, all-encompassing, chaos-inducing events that are bound to make your life a little bit harder for a period of time.

But, when the day comes, you have to have your house in order. Now, many moving companies will offer services of packing (or at least partial packing – packing only your items or rooms that you ask). But, for them to do that your home has to be in order. They need to know what to pack and have to have access to all of the rooms and possessions.

It is simply not very practical to have stuff laying around. This is the case even if you pre-packed. It is accessibility and even a safety issue. Having things on the floor that should not be there can endanger movers while they do their job. Be sure not to have that happen. Declutter your home before they come!

Help your movers on moving day by being prepared

Now let’s look take a broader view. When residential movers Fort Worth TX come to transport you from your condo/apartment – what are the things you should worry about? Well, as previously established access to your apartment is a pretty big thing.

Help your movers on a moving day by being prepared
Staircases, elevators – be sure that they are all safe and measured…

But now we are talking about more things than just those inside your apartment. One good way to help movers on a moving day is to make sure that they don’t have any problems reaching your apartment and moving things to and from it.

To achieve this you are to take care of:

  • Staircases/elevators/hallways – This is pretty basic, but yes… One of the best ways to help your movers on moving day is to have your entrances in check. Make sure that the movers can use the elevator or stairs to reach your apartment. This includes taking measurements and checking the weight capacity of elevators (though movers sometimes do that for you).
  • Parking spots – Be sure that your movers have a parking space clear close to the entrance to the building. This way they can do their job easier and faster to everyone’s benefit.
  • Neighbors – Try to schedule your move in that way as to both not disrupt your neighbors and for their plans not to interfere with your move. You might be leaving but it is always good to be a good neighbor.


Now, when it comes to this particular service of the move, it is significant to know that many people refuse it! They, except in cases where there are things that are particularly heavy and special and require service such as piano movers of Texas, opting for a DIY option.

Friends help
Friends might help you too!

If this is you, you should know that you are not only saving money and time, but also making the move easier for your movers. It is, however, important to do it right! Be sure to package all items in boxes of propers sizes. Also, try to have them in their original packaging if possible.

If you don’t know how to disassemble furniture or home appliances, call on friends to help you out. This is also a great way to spend time with them before you get moving to Texas if you are in for a long-distance relocation. If you are still having some trouble with particular rooms of items, you can choose the options of partial packaging. It is cheaper than the whole deal and will mean that the movers will only pack the rooms and items you want. Be sure to communicate this to your movers and to have those items and rooms clearly accessible.

Trust them – they are professionals

One of the best ways to accommodate and help you movers might seem counterintuitive – just let them be. They are paid professionals and know how to do the job. Even if you are of goodwill you might incidentally make their job take longer by trying to do part of their job.

Trust them - they are professionals
Maybe minus the tie… but professionals none the less

Doing this is really the only thing we advise against. Don’t try to do the job for them if not specifically asked. However, you may offer them refreshments, drinks and a place to rest to help them do the job faster and with more energy. You will find that they will appreciate this very much. Just remember not to offer any alcoholic beverage. Tips are also very much welcome, but be sure to give them money rather than things. They will have much more use from the former rather than the latter.

In conclusion

What trying to help your movers on moving day comes down to is making sure that they have optimal conditions to do their job. No need for you to intervene, you only need to be accommodating to be of great help to a mover.

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