How to help your kids cope with moving

Moving Preparation - July 19, 2022

Moving with children requires a lot of patience. On the one hand, you need to organize the relocation process, and on the other, you also need to spend some time with your family. Children often don’t realize that moving to another home can be a positive thing. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help your kids cope with moving. Take a look at the following guide that will help you handle your family move. Once your children process the thought of moving, you can enjoy it together as a family while reliable Dallas Fort Worth movers handle the rest. It is important to prepare your kids for relocation as much as your household and yourself as well. 

Talk to your kids about the move 

When moving as a family, not everyone takes relocation the same way. If you need to move with your children, the relocation itself will be a significant change for them. When it comes to changing the environment, preschool and elementary school children are the ones who have the hardest time with the moving process. The reason for this is their sensitive emotional state and their love for everything that is familiar. It’s only natural that kids don’t want to leave their friends behind. Additionally, no one wants to be a new kid at school. It will take them time to get used to their new surroundings, make new friends, and fit in. Following this, you can see why children are not exactly excited about your upcoming relocation with residential movers Fort Worth. For this reason, it is important to talk to your kids about the move and their feelings. 

a kid with curly hair
If you say that “teddy bear can’t wait to move to a new town where there’s a theme park,” your child will try to identify

How to help your kids? 

To help your kids cope with moving, you should make sure to talk to them. Your children should get the idea that relocation is a positive thing. Speak to them about the positive sides of moving. It is extremely important to talk about your upcoming relocation and how your family can benefit from the same relocation. Organizing a relocation with kids is never easy. It is not enough to hire local movers Dallas has to offer and move to your new city. You need to physically and mentally prepare your kids for this change. The best way to show your kids that you care about their feelings and opinions would be to talk to them. Do not patronize them or try to dismiss their emotions. They have every right to be upset and anxious about this change. This is why they have you to help them overcome these motions. 

Helping toddlers and preschoolers 

You can help your children cope with moving depending on their age. Toddlers are bonding with people and objects that are familiar. If you say that “teddy bear can’t wait to move to move to a new town where there’s a theme park,” your child will try to identify. When moving with toddlers, try to keep their daily routine steady before the moving day. Preschoolers have the hardest time understanding the moving process. On the one hand, they are old enough to understand the upcoming change. However, preschoolers are still not old enough to cope with the moving stress. Make sure to talk to your preschooler and give him time to process all the information. After this talk, you can start preparing for your relocation, do not forget that is also important to hire apartment movers Dallas has to offer. You also need to give yourself time to prepare everything. 

a kid smiling
Small kids react better to moving since they adapt easier and faster

How to help your middle schoolers and teenagers 

The thing with middle schoolers and teenagers is their desire to emancipate. You can expect your child to protest and express his wishes regarding the move. The best thing you can do to help your kids cope with moving in this situation is to talk honestly with them. However, you should be careful when dealing with middle schoolers and teenagers. Since there are all currently going through puberty, they can be a little bit rebellious. In addition to this, this age group doesn’t deal well with changing schools and making new friends. It might be better to relocate awaited this age group during the summer break. Even though it is the peak of the moving season, your children will have time to adjust better if they move during the break. However, make sure to be there for your teenagers in any case. 

Make the packing process fun to help your kids cope with moving 

The packing process is the most time-consuming part of moving preparations. When moving with a family, you don’t have to do it by yourself. Children love to help with organizing things since it helps them feel involved. If your children are old enough, you can try to give them small tasks and make them responsible for it. When it comes to packing, there will be lots of decluttering and sorting out waiting for you. Luckily, this is the time to engage your children and make packing a fun process. Ask your child to sort out his clothes and fold them into a few piles. In the end, fun family time is one of the best ways to help your children cope with moving. And if you wish to spend more time with your family, there are always professional packing services Fort Worth has to offer, that you can get. 

help your kids cope with moving by packing together
You can make packing and moving interesting for your kids

Include your kids when going house-hunting 

In order to show that you value your child’s opinion, you can take them together with you and go house hunting. This can be as equally exciting to your children as it is for you. For example, your old house is quite small so your kids need to share one room. Now if you have a bigger budget, you can pick a house where each child will have a room. This is extremely exciting for kids since they all want to have their own space. For this reason, when you are going house hunting, bring your children along. When they say they will have a room for themselves, they might have a more positive attitude toward your upcoming relocation. In addition to this, when making your final decision for a house, make sure to ask your kids what they think about the houses that you visited. 

Plan your post-move family time 

What children perceive as the best part of moving is the post-move family time. After the moving process is over, your kids can enjoy having their room. Also, all the fun things you can do as a family in a new city will probably be exciting for your children. What you can do to help your kids cope with moving is to plan this time together. If you are moving to Texas take a look at the map and talk about the surroundings of your new city. Your children might be excited to know how they will be able to go to the mountains or visit the lake. Also, make sure to research all the fun things to do with your family after relocation. Theme parks, children’s museums, and visiting parks will make your children get over the moving process. 

a family walking
All the fun things you can do as a family in a new city will probably be exciting for your children

Help your kids cope with moving by visiting your new city 

The main reason why most kids don’t want to move is that they don’t want to leave their familiar environment. For this reason, it would be smart if you can visit your future city and neighborhood with your kids. This way, once unfamiliar place won’t look so big and scary in your child’s eyes. In addition to this, you should also do something exciting in your future city. As mentioned before, you can do this after your relocation. However, if you want to help your kid adjust to their new surroundings even before your relocation, do something that your kids like. This could be the following. 

  • Find a good dessert place 
  • Visit a popular restaurant 
  • Go to a theme park 
  • Take a walk around your city 
  • Go to a playground and see if your kids can meet someone there 

Listen to your children’s needs 

Adults might speak about the moving process in many ways. However, children might have one perspective about the move and stick to it. If your child is persistent with rebelling about the move, the best thing you can do is listen to his needs. Depending on your child’s age, you should ask about his wishes and concerns. After some time, there will be an aspect of the relocation that your child will look forward to. Kids can be very sensitive but you can’t dismiss their feelings. If you show your kids that you care for them, they will not see you or the relocation as an enemy. Rather, after some time, they will realize that this relocation might be a positive change for the entire family. In order to achieve this, you will need to have a lot of patience and understanding for your kids. 

Parent is the park with their kids thinking about how to help your kids cope with moving
Moving with children is not an easy task, especially if you consider all the time it takes to prepare

How to organize a family move? 

Moving with children is not an easy task, especially if you consider all the time it takes to prepare. Whether you have enough time to prepare for the move or you’re moving last minute, having a moving plan is essential. Before the moving day comes, you will need to sort out your paperwork, find a new home and pack all of your belongings. This seems almost impossible to do, especially since you need to take care of your kids as well. For this reason, if your kids are old enough, they can help you with the entire process. Have them pack their belongings. you can be there to help them out and supervise but they should be in charge. This will give a sense of agency to your children. Your kids will feel better if they know can actively contribute. 

Planning your journey 

Another thing that you should do would be to plan the way to your new house. If you’re moving to a completely new state with long distance movers in Fort Worth, you can make a little road trip. This can be exciting for your kids since they will see places they have never seen before. For this reason, you should ask them whether they would like to stop and check a couple of places before reaching your future home. This is only possible if you have enough time and money during your relocation. If you hire professional movers, they will come and pick up your things. This means that you will have enough time and energy for a short trip. Furthermore, your kids will enjoy visiting places around your new state. This is why you should not forget to plan your trip as well.  

a family posing
Help your kids cope with moving by doing fun activities

Moving with children doesn’t have to be difficult 

In order to help your kids cope with moving, you should try to spend as much time with them as possible. For this reason, you can start looking for professional long distance movers in Dallas. Reliable movers can help you with packing big pieces of furniture and transporting your belongings to a new home. In the end, your kids will need you to be there for them. What better way to prepare for the move than to let professionals do all the hard work for you? With some planning and good organizing skills, your family will be able to enjoy a stress-free move. Lastly, it is important to emphasize that you talk with your kids and check them often during your relocation. Make sure that your kids know you are there for them whenever they need support or comfort.   


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