How to get your new Fort Worth home ready for Halloween in time

Home Improvement Guide - September 19, 2022

If you have recently moved to Fort Worth, there are a lot of post-relocation activities you need to undertake. Unpacking and settling in takes less time than moving preparations, but you still need to devote a fair amount of time to these actions. Apart from your regular chores, the season festivities are waiting around the corner. If you moved in late summer or early fall, it is important to get your new Fort Worth home ready for Halloween in time. The best DFW movers can give you some tips and tricks on how to successfully prepare for the upcoming holidays.

How to get your new Fort Worth home ready for Halloween in time

Halloween is a unique and entertaining holiday. It is celebrated across the country with the same enthusiasm. People decorate their homes and get ready for Halloween parties from LA to New York. If you have recently moved to Fort Worth, you will be no exception. Getting your home ready for Halloween is a serious task that you need to plan ahead. Strategy and organization, apart from creativity, are the main skills you need to have when planning this festivity. The main tasks and actions that you should focus on are as follows:

  • clean and declutter
  • buy decorations
  • do the safety check
  • involve the whole family
  • keep your house safe from burglaries
image of how to get your new Fort Worth home ready for Halloween in time
Get your new Fort Worth home ready for Halloween in time

Clean and declutter

After the best movers in Fort Worth complete your relocation, it is time you get your new home in shape. This is a great opportunity to clean the whole house, from top to bottom, before putting every item and piece of furniture in its place. If you have a front yard, make sure to clean the driveway and lawn. Get rid of redundant items and old decorations and make room for new ones. If your house is overcrowded with many ornaments on the walls and small items all over the place, the Halloween decorations will not be as visible as you want them to be. Cut back on the established ornaments to make room for seasonal ones.

Buy decorations

A new home requires a new set of decorations. Even though you used the best packing service Dallas offers, you probably did not want to take all the seasonal decorations from your old home. It is advisable to start buying Halloween decorations and costumes as soon as they come out in stores. You don’t want to wait for the last moment when everything sells out. If you wish to decorate your Fort Worth home properly for Halloween, then you should start planning on time. Figure out what it is you want and how you want your house to look and make a shopping list.

Remember that apart from buying ornaments, decorative cookies should also be found in your house for Halloween. When the neighborhood kids come to your house for trick on treating, you should have a lot of Halloween-themed cookies and candy to give out to them.

Do the safety check

As you have recently moved into your Fort Worth home, you want everything to go in order for the upcoming festivity. That is why it is recommendable to put safety first. Even though candles are popular Halloween accessories, you might want to skip them due to fire hazards. If you have plenty of costumes and paper or cardboard decorations, you don’t want these to catch flames by accident. Even though pumpkins look spookier with candles inside, it is best not to use candles at all due to safety reasons.

Another matter to think through is the candy you give out to trick-or-treaters. Many kids have various allergies, so avoid buying candies that contain allergens, such as nuts. Instead of candies, you can treat your little guests to some toys or stickers.

Halloween candy
Make sure Halloween candy is allergen-free

Remember to clear all the pathways and hallways of various objects and wet leaves. Anyone coming to your house for a Halloween party or trick-or-treat should be safe from getting hurt.

Another useful tip for Halloween safety is to use lights to make a path to the door. This way you won’t have kids running over your flowers or tripping over various front yard decorations and plants. Remember to remove the cords and wires from the walkway so no one trips over them. Also, do all the necessary repairs to your porch, railings, and stairs.

If you have pets, make sure they are safe and indoors, as some animals get nervous around crowds.

Do your best to make your home safe and ready for one of the most entertaining holidays of the year. Use every tool and piece of equipment you have from your old house, transported by the top long-distance movers Texas to your new home.

Involve the whole family in the process

In order to get your home ready for Halloween in time, avoid doing everything on your own. Include every family member in the process and assign each one a task. This will unburden your busy schedule and leave you with more time to prepare for Halloween. Let the kids pick their own costumes and make the decorations. Let the adult family members do the hard work, such as baking cookies and carving the pumpkins.

kids playing
The decoration process is fun for the whole family

Keep your house safe from burglaries

Halloween night is notorious for a spike in the crime rate. Make sure you keep all your valuables at home near you, and your alarms on. If you need to leave the house leave the lights on, so a potential burglar is under the impression there is someone in the house.

Once you have managed to get your new Fort Worth home ready for Halloween in time, you may devote yourself to buying or making a costume. If you lack costume ideas there are various places to get the ideas from. As this is supposed to be a fun night, try to enjoy it as much as possible. Have fun in your new home and make it decorative for your family, neighbors, and trick-or-treaters to enjoy.

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