How to get the best Texas moving deal

Hiring Moving Experts - February 21, 2022

After searching for a long time, you have finally found the perfect new home for yourself. It is in the perfect location and has all the amenities you always wanted. Now you wonder, how should I move my belongings to my new home? You have two options, doing it by yourself, or hiring professional help. We suggest hiring Evolution Moving Company Dallas-Fort Worth. But with skilled help comes a certain price. It is true, but only partially. Hiring movers is not as expensive as one might think. They are a great help and completely justify the price that they ask for. But by implementing the tips and tricks from this guide, you can get the best Texas moving deal for your upcoming move.

How to get the best Texas moving deal?

Before jumping at one of the first moving quotes Fort Worth, you need to do a bit of research and preparation first. Only this way you will be able to get the best Texas moving deal. Before deciding, do the following:

  • Compare the companies
  • Book the movers early
  • Downsize
  • Ask about extra costs right away
  • Negotiate
Magnifying glass on a piece of paper next to a pen
A bit of research and preparation goes a long way

Compare the companies

A rule of thumb when trying to get a good deal is to compare the moving quotes from at least 3 companies. There will for sure be price variations, according to the services that they offer. The quality of the services also plays a big role. For example, some full services movers Dallas will cover you a little bit more expensive, but they offer services that make up for the price.

Book the movers early

Many residential movers TX will charge last-minute booking fees. You can simply save money by booking your movers early. But since unplanned or rushed moves are a reality, this is sometimes not possible. But if you can do it, make sure to use the advantage you have. Call them as soon as you know your moving date. You can maybe even get a discount if you are flexible about the day and time when the job can be done.

Downsize to get the best Texas moving deal

Some companies charge a flat moving fee, while others charge by materials and time. You can get a better deal if you have fewer items that need to be moved. And what better way to do this than to declutter and get rid of unnecessary items. if you don’t want to throw them away, you can always sell or donate them. The items you don’t need might be needed by someone else.

Ask about extra costs right away

Extra costs always come as an unpleasant surprise once they show up. Avoid this by getting informed right away. Movers often cover extra costs for moving specialty items or large appliances. If you can live without these items in your new home, it is better to sell them than to pay extra for something that you don’t need.


Many people don’t do this, but negotiating never hurts. Moving companies have competition, so they might lower their prices to make business with you. This is a good tactic you can use to cut costs a bit.

Two people negotiating in order to get the best Texas moving deal
Negotiating never hurts

How to get the best Texas moving deal – final thought

To get the best Texas moving deal, you have to pay attention to quite a few things. Even though it might feel like a lot to do, it is usually a little extra time invested. That little time can save you a lot of money when you move. We wish you luck and success in finding a good moving deal!

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