How to get ready for a Dallas move this fall

Before the Move - October 21, 2022

With good job opportunities and a low cost of living, Dallas has become an attractive place to live. Plus, you’re planning to move to Dallas this fall. Did you know that fall is a great time to move? The current summer moving season is over, and prices are lower. The weather is more favorable, and the school year has started. The annual vacation season is also behind us, so the roads are much more passable. Fall is also the time when Texas movers are much more relaxed, so they will have more crews available and freer dates for moving. With all the benefits of the fall season, it’s necessary to start preparing well in advance to avoid unnecessary stress. Follow these steps and get ready for a Dallas move this fall in an organized and smooth manner.

The advantages of moving in the fall

The moving season is in full swing from April to September. If you are not in a hurry, arrange your move after this period. What you can certainly get at this time is a low price. Be a good negotiator. Moving companies are less busy. Besides, they will have a vested interest in winning customers at low prices. For example, if you are moving from Arlington it will be much easier to find a moving company Arlington TX that is available and ready to meet your needs.

The great thing about moving in the fall is the weather. The heat of hell is behind us, and the Indian summer can last. To prevent surprises and unnecessary stress on moving days, follow the Dallas weather forecast at least two weeks in advance. Every season has its challenges, including fall. Fall can be cold on rainy days. Therefore, you should pack appropriate clothing for different weather conditions.

If you are moving to Dallas from another state, long distance movers Dallas can organize your entire move and provide safe transportation to your new home. The safest move is done with the help of professionals and remember to negotiate.

To get ready for a Dallas move this fall, start your preparations on time

Keep in mind that relocation requires a good plan, but more importantly, hiring a reliable mover. The services you can get from moving services Dallas will make your preparations for packing, transportation, and all logistics much more convenient. However, some steps need to be taken to ease your move to Dallas. We are going to go through them in order.

It’s the perfect time to declutter

Your move is between seasons, and it’s a good moment to clear out unnecessary items. If you have a lot of summer clothes, beach gear, and outdoor furniture, ask yourself if you need to pack them. While you’re getting ready to pack, sort through your stuff and clean up the clutter for which we never have enough time. You can always:

  • Make a donation
  • Have a garage sale
  • Or ditch
Garage sale sign as a way to get ready for a Dallas move this fall
Declutter your home by having a garage sale, and your budget will be affected.

Your moving truck will be relieved of bulky and heavy items. The moving budget will also benefit. You will need an inventory list when you hire a moving company and also to get insurance.

Create a moving budget

Create a moving budget with all expenses during and after the move. It will give you a clear idea of your costs at the start and what services you can rely on during the relocation. Keep a careful record of all expenses so that you know what your budget balances are.

calculator, money,notebook and pen on the table
Make a budget to get ready for a Dallas move this fall.

Packing for the move

If you decide to pack your belongings yourself, purchase appropriate packing materials. Pack each room separately and label the boxes. An important rule of thumb is to completely pack each room and only then move on to the next. Pack heavier items in smaller boxes, as it is easier to transport a small, heavy box than a large one.

Keep tools handy. You’ll need them to disassemble furniture, and you should have them handy in your new home. You never know when you might need them. Pack them last in a carry-on bag.

Always keep your valuables and personal documents with you. Put all the necessities you need for the first night in your new home in one bag. Sheets, toiletries, phone chargers, and anything else you need for first aid.

Configure utilities in advance

Fall is dreary and chilly. There is nothing worse than arriving in a new house without heat. It’s hard to imagine a single day without electricity, hot water, and internet. Contact your utility providers in the city of Dallas a few weeks in advance to set up a transfer date. Also, give your utility provider your new address to receive new bills.

Keep driveways and paths dry during the move

During the fall move, what can follow you is rain, and with it, wet floors and walkways. Put plastic paint sheets on all the walkways where the crew and friends pass during the move. You certainly don’t need mud and wet leaves on your boxes. Remove leaves and dirt from the walkways between the house and the moving truck. It will make cleaning up after the move easier and keep your boxes clean and dry.

packing the chair in bubble wrap
Protect your furniture from moisture during the fall move.

Protect your furniture from moisture and mud during the move

Your furniture has to stay safe and protected from moisture and mud during inclement weather. Therefore, to get ready for a Dallas move this fall, wrap the furniture in plastic foil or moving blankets. Flattened cardboard sheets and old towels are also a great help for your pieces of furniture. Professional movers like piano movers Dallas also will ensure that your valuables are moved safely. These are just a few services they can perform for you that will save you time, and your belongings will be secured and safely transported to your new home. We hope these tips and the help of real professionals will help you get ready for a Dallas move this fall.

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