How to get accurate virtual estimates?

Hiring Moving Experts - October 15, 2021

When you plan to move, one of the first things is to get moving estimates. It is highly recommendable to get estimates from a few companies. Then you can compare them. The logic is that estimates should not defer much. So, by comparing them you should get an accurate estimate. Before, it was possible to choose between in-home estimates and over-the-phone estimates. Choosing in-home estimates meant having evaluators from few moving companies going around your home. That was a tiring and time-consuming process. Getting over-the-phone estimates was less tiring. But it was accurate only when you had to move an item or two. Today, the companies like Evolution Moving Company Fort Worth are offering virtual cost estimates. They are also free of charge, but faster, and more convenient. The question is, do we get accurate virtual estimates this way?

What is a virtual in-home estimate?

It is basically the same as any other in-home estimate. The difference is that the moving company representatives are not coming to your home. Instead, you are giving them the virtual walk through your home. This way, the experts can see all the thighs that you intend to move. Also, they will not have to spend time driving to your place. And driving back to their company to make calculations. This way, you will get the backup information much faster. And you can quickly collect estimations from few companies and compare them.

A woman is seating and watching the video on few screens on the desk in front of her, in order to make the accurate virtual estimates.
Moving company representatives will make accurate virtual estimates, based on a virtual walk through your home.

The way to get accurate virtual estimates

Like with all other estimations, you have to prepare. Before getting in contact with long-distance movers Fort Worth representatives, you will have to know what do you want to move to a new place. The thing is that you won’t move all belongings from the old home. So, before estimators come,  you have to complete decluttering. And also complete a selling, donating or throwing away unnecessary things. Let us remind ourselves what are the bases for making the cost estimation:

  • How many items are you moving?
  • What is the moving distance?
  • Do you need additional or some special services?
  • What kind and quantity of packing supplies do you need?
  • Can you use the elevator or not?
  • How far is the parking lot?
  • How many stares do the workers have to carry your possessions?

Knowing answers to the above questions is essential. With such information, estimators will be able to give you as accurate a cost estimation as possible.

Three people sit and watch a draft of the house.
Siting with the moving company representative during in-home cost estimate.

How do the virtual estimates work?

The whole process of the virtual estimate is very simple. All you have to do is to make an appointment with residential movers Fort Worth TX. They will send you an email with an application link. The next step for you is to download the application to one of your mobile devices. On the agreed date and time, they will send you a link to join a video call. After that, all you have to do is to enable them virtual walk around your home.  By that, the representatives will get a general idea about the number of items they have to move. Also, they will be able to see how wide are your corridors. And are there any staircases? They will also check the width of your doors, etc. All these things are influencing the cost estimation.

The better you present your home and the items you have to move, the more accurate the estimate will be

When you are walking around your home, talk to the moving company representatives. It can happen that you consider something not so important. Thus, you will not discuss and show it to them. However, it may turn out that exactly that piece of information was very important for their assessment. So, make sure to ask questions. Check if there is something specific they need to know. Everything can influence the moving cost assessment. Also, ask them about possible discounts, advice, etc. And point out to them some advantages, like proximity of the parking lot. A closer parking lot will lower the overall price. Also, easy accessibility to an elevator, when moving from a building, influences the overall cost.


Computer, laptop, tablet, cell phone, all laying on a desk with a lamp attached on the wall and a green plant on the right.
With so many available gadgets it is easy to make virtual estimates.

Receiving the virtual estimates from a moving company

Representatives of some companies will send the estimate later on, via mail. They will usually take some time to summarize all details. Representatives of the other companies may come with the cost assessment immediately. However, do not be delighted with their speed. Thank them and kindly ask to send you a written and detailed breakdown of the estimates. There are also many advantages of online moving estimates. They are taking less time. And they are more convenient for both sides. However, you have to make sure that estimates are well presented and accurate. And this applies to both on-spot estimates and virtual estimates. Having the estimate in writing can help you in a case of a dispute. And detailed estimates will protect you from the surprise costs.

Virtual estimates vs. in-house estimates

People usually ask which one is better, the virtual estimates, or the in-house estimates. Generally, during the in-house estimates moving company representatives know exactly what to check. This way, they are getting a more accurate picture. Thus, their estimate will be more accurate. Exactly, for this reason, we advise you to talk to estimators and ask questions. In that way, you will help them to get a better overview and make a better and more accurate cost assessment. The advantage of virtual estimates is that they are less time-consuming.

Virtual estimates are becoming accepted in other industries too

Virtual cost assessment is not exclusive to the moving industry. As it is shown to be a fast and convenient method, the other companies are starting to apple it too. It can be used to assess the cost of painting. And it is as accurate as an in-home estimation. So we are sure, it will find its application in many other areas. Whatever industry needs to get accurate virtual estimates, we are sure they will accept this method. And it can apply literally from fashion, construction to space industries. There are no limits. Moreover, in some cases, the virtual estimate will be an excellent solution, especially with long-distance or overseas estimations.

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