How to find a job in Dallas before moving?

Moving Preparation - September 7, 2022

If you’re thinking about moving to Dallas, Texas, you’re not alone. The Dallas-Fort Worth metro area is the fourth largest metroplex in the country. That’s why, in recent years, hundreds of thousands of people have moved to this booming, cosmopolitan city. So why not let Evolution Moving Company Fort Worth help you relocate so that you can focus on finding a job in Dallas? Our blog can help you get familiar enough with Dallas so that you’re able to decide if it is the ideal choice for your family. If you need to find a job in Dallas before moving, you’ll want to keep reading to find out the most important things you need to know about living in the Big D.

learn how to find a job in Dallas before moving
Will a move to Dallas be right for you? Learn more on how to find a job in Dallas before moving

Use adequate tools for finding a job

Nowadays, there are many ways to find a job. You may start exploring the local job market in Dallas through various online tools. Most sites offer options to narrow down your search and look for a specific area of expertise. Utilize various ads and websites to find the job that suits you best. Search online forums and groups to find out more about companies you are interested in. Ask friends or family members for recommendations and referrals. Create a profile on various employment-oriented online services. Update your resume and upload it to relevant websites. Once you find the job, you may get right onto an apartment hunt. Afterward, hire the best apartment movers Dallas has to help you relocate.

Acquire more skills

If you cannot find a job that easily, you might consider upgrading your skills and knowledge. Find out which courses are popular or similar to your profession and interests. The more skills you have, the more competitive you will be in the job market. Before you move to Dallas for work, complete all the necessary courses, attend various seminars and workshops, and read as many relevant books as possible. Also, learn some tips for a successful job interview.

a man surrounded by packing boxes
Upgrade your knowledge and enhance your chances of finding a job in Dallas

After finishing the necessary courses, looking up job opportunities, and finding the right job for you, you can devote yourself to the relocation process. Some moving-related activities, such as packing, can be tiresome, so make sure to use the best packing service Dallas offers.

There are a lot of cool places to live in and around Dallas.

Relocating to a new place is very exhilarating—but also incredibly stressful at the same time. To help you understand what living in Dallas is truly like (and help you find a job in Dallas before moving), we’re exploring everything you need to know about this city before you take the plunge. We have shared some of the top Dallas neighborhoods to get your search started. Then you can narrow it down from thereWe picked out a few neighborhoods that are well worth your time if you’re looking to find a job in Dallas before moving.

The most attractive neighborhoods to live in if you find a job in Dallas before moving:

  1. Colleyville – Houses have yards of great sizes, and you will find a plummeting crime rate. There is a tendency towards smart development. Many retirees and families are taking a closer look at this city of 24,000 that’s just outside of Fort Worth and near DFW.
  2. Grapevine – Tens of thousands of this metro area locals come to Grapevine for the area’s annual festivals and events. Grapevine is home to many wineries and is famous as Texas’s Christmas capital!
  3. Trophy Club – boasts excellent schools and parks systems and a reputation as a golf haven. There are 200 new houses built per year, and the community is less than 45 years old.
  4. M Streets – tree-lined streets and darling homes that date back to the 1920s; this neighborhood is trendy among young couples and starting-out families because of its proximity to downtown Dallas.
  5. Uptown – this hipster neighborhood has a good mix of parks, bars, restaurants, cafes, and clubs, which makes it the most walkable live-work-play community.
DFW is also home to 18 colleges and universities, including Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University, the University of Texas at Dallas, and the University of Dallas.

The cost of housing is going up in DFW

The median home value in the wider Dallas/Fort Worth area is $285,000. Over the last few years, home values have increased by 24 percent. Unfortunately, the trend is going to continue, considering that more people are trying to find a job in Dallas before moving, craving a connected, urban lifestyle. In case you are planning to rent, be prepared to stretch your budget and open your wallet — because the rent on a one-bedroom Dallas apartment is $1,241 per month. And a two-bedroom place averages $1,435. 

The job market is the fastest growing in the country, so finding a job in Dallas before moving

Although the historically important oil industry has experienced a real struggle in recent years, that hasn’t affected job growth in Texas. In addition to the job market being steady, incomes remain competitive. Depending on your set of skills, you could easily find a job in Dallas before moving with a median household income of $47,285. In fact, Dallas has had the highest yearly percentage of steady job growth at 3.1%.

a person typing on a laptop
Finding a job means taking the time to deal with it and utilizing various resources

Trying to find a job in Dallas before moving? Here are the five largest employers in the Dallas/Fort Worth region:

  • AMR Corporation. Around 24,700 people work for the parent corporation of American Airlines and US Airways. Their headquarters are in Fort Worth.
  • Bank of America. The second-largest bank holding company employs 20,000 residents of the DFW metro area in the U.S.
  • Texas Health Resources, Inc. Healthcare is a big employer in Dallas and THR — with over 19,000 workers. And it’s the most extensive faith-based, nonprofit system in North Texas.
  • Dallas Independent School District. Over 18,300 people get their income from Dallas ISD. This system is responsible for the education of 157,000 students across 220 schools.
  • Baylor Health Care System. Apart from being a college football powerhouse, the Waco, Texas-based institution also has a university medical center in Dallas. This center is considered one of the nation’s most exceptional institutions, employing over 17,000 people.
  • Other employers worth mentioning to people trying to find a job in Dallas before moving are Southwest Airlines, ExxonMobil, Kronos, AT&T, J.C. Penney, Lockheed Martin, JP Morgan Chase, and Texas Instruments.

No matter where you end up working, it is important to highlight that local movers Dallas are at your disposal for a successful relocation.

Taxes in Texas

It may come as a surprise for you to learn that residents of Lone Star State do not need to pay state or local personal income taxes. Amazing news, right? However, someone has to pay taxes. Even if you are not obligated to pay state or personal income taxes, there are some other expenses to make up for not having to pay these taxes. Texas residents do pay property taxes and sales taxes. And after you find a job in Dallas before moving, relocating, and settling in, expect a little sticker shock when you see your first property tax bill. Texas residents pay one of the highest property tax rates in the US.

Also, the state of Texas currently charges a 6.25% sales tax. Municipalities, counties, transit authorities, and special purpose districts are also allowed to charge a 2% additional sales tax. And, as you could have guessed, they do in the Dallas metro area.

Indeed, Dallas is booming, and this expansion transfers to cultural activities, restaurant openings, and highly active downtown revitalization.

coins on tax forms and 3 wooden cubes that spell TAX
The Lone Star State residents do not need to pay state or local personal income taxes

Are you planning on moving to Dallas, TX?

Whatever your reason may be for relocating to the DFW area, the moving process can be overwhelming. If you decide to move to the Big D, do not hesitate to contact Evolution Movers for all your moving & storage needs. We offer a variety of storage units in DFW, along with moving truck rentals for your convenience. Performing a relocation on your own can be challenging. Hiring reliable movers to help you pack and move your belongings to a new place of residence will leave you more time to deal with your personal and professional stuff.

Professional movers possess the skill, knowledge, equipment, and tools to conduct the relocation smoothly and efficiently. Once a reliable moving company unloads your boxes, you will be able to unpack fast and settle in comfortably before starting your new job.

If you find a job in Dallas before moving, it will be much easier to organize your relocation process. However, if you wish to continue studying even after you move to Dallas and find a job, check out if the University of Dallas offers any course that might interest you. Dallas is full of opportunities, and you just need to figure out how to organize your life after the relocation.

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