How to file a moving damages claim in Texas

After the Relocation - December 15, 2021

Moving always comes with stress. No matter what, you will get stressed about something. Even the best movers in Fort Worth can’t completely save you from it. The results of a survey show that people think that moving is more stressful than getting a divorce. And when you find out that your favorite items were damaged during the move, that only adds extra stress. The good thing with hiring movers is that you can file a moving damages claim that will reimburse you or replace the items. The point is to document the condition of the items before and after the move.

How to file a moving damages claim

As stated in the introduction, you need to document the state of your items:

  • Before the move (this way, you will have evidence and proof to file a moving damages claim)
  • After the move

Make an inventory list of your home

The first thing you need to do before the move even starts is to document all of the items that you have. Make more copies of this list, and give one to one of the movers Garland TX you hired. This way you will know exactly what got lost and what didn’t make it to your new home in one piece.

Take photos

Having photographic evidence will make your case stronger. That’s why you need to take pictures of your belongings and stamp them with the date and time. This will help prove the damage done during the move.

Photo of a camera shutter
Pictures are your best form of evidence

Get additional insurance

The basic insurance that moving companies provide won’t do the trick. You need to purchase added coverage if you want to protect your items during a move with some of the long distance movers Texas. Full value protection is the most expensive but can protect your valuables the best way.

Check your bill of lading

This is the first thing you need to do after the residential move. The bill of lading is a detailed list of all the items that your movers moved and their conditions. Note all the items that have been damaged or lost on this list.

File a moving damages claim right away

According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, you have nine months from your move to file a claim. But that doesn’t mean that you have to wait. It is best to start the process right away.

Take photos of the damaged items when you file a moving damages claim

Photos can only help you, so make sure to take plenty. But be aware that you won’t get reimbursed if items inside boxes that you packed yourself get damaged.

Wait for the reimbursement offer

The process starts once you send the paperwork in. A claims adjustor will be sent by your movers to investigate your complaint. You can expect your answer about a week later. Accept the offer if you are happy with it. If not, you can ask for a counteroffer. If they refuse, you can file a civil lawsuit. This can be a very long a costly process.

Woman looking at the time on her watch
You always have the option to refuse the offer if you are not happy with it

How to file a moving damages claim in Texas – conclusion

You will want this process to proceed as stress-free as possible. That’s why you need to document everything before and after the move. This way, if any damage happens to your items, you will have evidence to get these mistakes undone. We wish you good luck if you need to file a moving damages claim.

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