How to deal with packing toys before relocation

Packing Tips - March 16, 2022

Relocation is voted to be the most stressful period of human life. Whether it is a long-distance relocation or just to the next neighborhood, to move means that you have to plan. And every single moving men’s that there are going to be some obstacles and disruptions. But, what is going on when you have to move with kids? Kids are maybe the biggest disruptions you will come across when preparing for the move. Especially if you have toddlers. Knowing they cannot be still for two straight minutes, to pack with them is quite a task. That is why we have decided to give you some guidance on how to pack around kids, and most importantly, how to deal with packing toys before relocation. And for starts, you would want to get the best help you can find, And there is no better help than the most reliable moving companies Fort Worth can offer you.

Keep it in your minds how sensitive this can be to your kids

Packing toys before the relocation is a difficult process for both children and adults. Keep in your mind that kids are really attached to some toys for no special reason. At least the reason we do not understand. So you must be very careful and full of understanding. But not involving kids in the packing process is a big mistake. Once they pack or even just look at you packing, they will be closer to accepting the change that is about to happen. You need to know that all of this can be a little overwhelming for them. That is why you need to have some boundaries right away. make sure they know the do’s and don’t’s. If you let your kids have control over choosing which toy they want to pack, you can control how to pack them. And when you are aware of how many boxes you might have, check moving estimates Fort Worth and get the approximate calculation of the cost.

girl and stuffed bear
Think about kid’s feelings when packing toys before relocation

Things you will need for packing toys before relocation

The first and the most important thing you must get is moving equipment. What kind of packing supplies you will be needing depends on so many things. Are you packing them in more firm and more secured boxes? Are toys you are packing fragile? All of these you must have listed before getting the packing supplies. However, if you have any doubts or you are not sure whether you have picked and prepared all the toys for the relocation, get packing services FW. This way you will get help from the professionals plus you will not have to worry whether you have packed the toys in a proper way. Just imagine the look on the kid’s face when he finds out that some toy has broken during the transport because you have not packed it right.

Step 1 when packing toys before relocation

Talk to the kids about which toys they want to keep out of the boxes. This may be the most important step you have to take. By giving them control over which toys they do not want to pack you can avoid their tantrums and arguing. They will not have control of the whole process. But involving them like this will also prepare them for the relocation without even realizing it. Plus, it is a perfect chance for you to talk and bond during the separation of the toys. Just make sure you are done in time before Dallas movers come to load the moving truck.

Step 2: Cleaning toys

Be careful when this taking this step. Remove the liquids from every toy that might contain them. That could be a bottle with soap for making bubbles or just a simple water gun. If you are not sure that everything is spilled, give the kids an extra task to check it up again. And once you have removed the water, clean the toys. This is important for two reasons. The first one is that you do not want your kid to open a dusty box in the middle of a new clean living room when you relocate. The other reason is that cleaning it while separating is giving you a vivid picture of how many and which toys the kid has. If you find some toys that your kid does not want to keep anymore, donate toys. This will be a great opportunity to make some other kids happy.

small toys
Pack the toys properly.

Step 3: Be careful how you pack them

If there are toys that can be broken easily or that can get damaged during the relocation, wrap them. Using an air-bubble wrap you will protect and secure the fragile toy. We are sure that not all toys are fragile. Just like there are not many toys that are in smaller pieces. But if your kid has them and if those pieces are easy to be lost, take a plastic bag. Place all the parts of the toy in this bag and seal it. This way you will avoid losing any part of it. An example of this is if your kid has a LEGO.

The best way to pack toys is by dividing them into groups. Group number one could be plastic toys. These toys you can pack in one larger box, knowing that all toys made of plastic are in the same place. Group number two can be stuffed animals and group number 3 can be other. Do not forget to label the boxes when packing. It will help you later.

*additional tip for stuffed animals

Make sure you have washed them and that they are dry. Once they are all clean, wrap them with plastic wrap. You will keep them fresh and out f the dust during the transport. And if in some case the kid does not want to play with them when relocated, you can keep them in that wrapped in your garage or basement.

Step 4: Place heavier toys on the bottom and fill the gaps

When you are placing toys in the box, make sure you do it just like you will pack anything other. This means heavy toys should be on the bottom of the box. This way you are avoiding other toys getting broken during the transport. Do not overload boxes. It is better if you get more moving supplies than to overload the ones you have. By overloading, you are taking a chance of breaking all the stuff inside. And if there is room in the box but not enough for the other toy, make sure you fill the gap with paper or some clothes. So that the items will not move the box during the transport.

two toys separated for packing toys before relocation
Clean the toys before packing.

When packing toys before relocation, give your kids a chance to express themselves. You will have everything under control, but they do not need to know it. Have enough patience and get ready for some bumpy road. But when you are finished and when you see how hard work you have done together, you will be proud and eager to move.


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