How to coordinate a family packing process

Packing Tips - December 29, 2021

It’s no wonder that you want your whole family included in the packing process. Moving is difficult, and you want all the help you can get. Understandable. You can also hire Evolution Moving Company for additional help. Including the whole family will not only get you more helping hands but also makes the family feel connected in a stressful time. Staying together through everything is the most important after all. Doing it might feel overwhelming, especially if it’s a big household that needs to be relocated. This guide will help you coordinate a family packing process and have the best possible moving experience.

How to coordinate a family packing process

As with everything, preparation is key. Take time to prepare and think about how you want to coordinate a family packing process and follow the tips below:

  • Start on time
  • Make an inventory of items
  • Decide whether you need help from some full-service movers in Dallas
  • Divide packing tasks between family members
  • Use the right packing methods
  • Pack essential bags for everyone

Start on time

Even though it might not seem like that, packing takes a lot of time. To avoid chaos, start on time, or hire packing services Fort Worth TX. The ideal time would be one month before the move, but moves aren’t always planned. Whenever you decide to start, make sure there is no procrastination. Start with the least used rooms first, and slowly pack your way to the bathroom and kitchen. Since they are frequently used, they should be packed last.

Person holding white clock
Packing takes time, so start early

Make an inventory

Involve the whole family into making an inventory of items. Go through all the rooms and decide which items you want to keep. Moving is the ideal time to get rid of clutter, so go ahead and do it. The more things you decide to sell, donate or throw away, the fewer items you will have to pack.

Decide whether you need assistance

The answer to this question might and should be yes if you are short on time or have delicate items to pack. Whatever items you have, all of the long-distance movers in Fort Worth will take good care of your items.

Divide tasks between family members to properly coordinate a family packing process

Make sure to get everyone involved. You can either leave one person in charge of a room or divide tasks between different people. This is good if you have older kids who can pack up their things. Younger kids and toddlers can also help with easy tasks like labeling and packing up their toys.

Use the right packing methods

Before you start packing, have a family get together and go over the packing methods you will be using. If you have kids, explain how to wrap and pack items properly. Also, explain the importance of labeling for easier moving and unpacking.

Family trying to coordinate a family packing process
Sit down as a family and go over the packing techniques you will be using

Pack essentials bags

The actual moving in the process will take a few days. Because of this make sure to pack essential items for all family members. These bags should include items like toiletries, clothes, medicine, snacks, etc. The rule of thumb is to pack items that you will need in the first few days after moving in.

How to coordinate a family packing process – conclusion

As you can see, packing can be made interesting if you coordinate a family packing process properly. Everybody will help and feel included, especially kids. We wish you good luck packing and moving!

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