How to choose the right relocation package?

Moving Preparation - January 30, 2020

Moving is never easy, but relocation is even harder. Even though you might think these two are synonyms, it’s not the case. Relocation is much different from moving. It means physical move as well as the Đ¾ther arrangements pre and post moving. Regarding the relocation, you’ve surely heard about a relocation package. If you aren’t quite sure what it means and what services it includes, don’t worry. We are here to help you choose the right relocation package. Our advice will help you clarify any doubts you might have when you’re facing a relocation.

Before choosing the right relocation package, here’s the explanation of the relocation package as a term

In the beginning, let’s go through the basics. There is much more to the relocation package than just the transport of the items. The essence is that the company should cover the expenses of an employee moving to a different place for work. Relocation usually refers to international moves, both the physical and all the other arrangements. Yet, if you use relocation in a single country context, there is a significant distance between origin and destination. Relocation doesn’t only mean transporting your belongings from one place to another, as moving does. Because a relocation means choosing the right relocation package. And a relocation package consists of moving services Fort Worth, for example. Let us elaborate on this matter.

Know the terms regarding the relocation packages
Transporting your belongings and organizing the entire relocation is never easy.

What are the relocation packages and relocation services? The knowledge will help you choose the right relocation package

A relocation package represents money that a company pays to its employees. It should help them with the cost of moving. A relocation package contains a bundle of relocation services. They can help you transition from your current home to a new destination. Their ultimate goal is to satisfy your specific needs when moving abroad. There’s no doubt relocation requires a lot of thorough research and knowledge. That’s why you should hire the most reliable Dallas Fort Worth movers.

Types of relocation services you need to know about before you choose the right relocation package

Relocation services are organized in different tiers, such as basic, premium, and all-inclusive. While each relocation package is different, they usually include a combination of the following services.

  • Packing and moving,
  • Accommodation assistance,
  • Storage solutions, and
  • Help when settling in.

Additional relocation services you could pick and choose the right relocation package

Some relocation packages offer visa assistance, language, and intercultural training, or pet relocation assistance. You might find all of these services very helpful. Also, relocation packages requirements will be very different for someone moving abroad with children and someone moving alone. Anyhow, tailoring the relocation package to your individual needs will always be the best choice.

Know the facts to be able to choose the right relocation package
There are many relocation packages that you can adjust to your needs.

Which facts to keep in mind to choose the right relocation package?

Before you decide what should you be asking for in your relocation package, consider several things. First, consider the country you are moving to and research the following.

  • Will you receive a relocation bonus from your employer? Also, what are the taxes?
  • What is the immigration process like, if you decide to relocate?
  • What is the average cost of utilities, housing, groceries, and healthcare?
  • How far away is your new destination and how difficult it is to get there?

Besides the above-mentioned facts, there are many more things you should think about. For example, which personal belongings you want to bring along? Or what type of accommodation you are looking for? Also, if family or pets are coming with you, this will have a direct impact on your relocation.

What’s the average cost of a relocation package?

When it comes to prices, they depend on the relocation package you choose. For instance, a basic relocation package with three standard services costs around $1,500. For example, those services could be home search, visa assistance, and settling-in. On the other hand, a premium package which includes the shipment of belongings can go up to $4,000. Keep in mind that these are the standard prices for one individual. The more people you include in your relocation package, the prices will be higher. Also, the prices will go up if the distance between the current country and your destination is longer.

When you start choosing a relocation package, avoid scams and stress

When you pick moving services, you have to look out for scams. We suggest you call moving companies directly to ask for their rates. Make sure that the moving company in question is reputable, licensed, and insured. But be cautious of prices they tell you over the phone. The movers need to see your stuff to know how much to charge. Therefore, phone surveys are inexact and these prices are rarely guaranteed. Along the way, beware of the many moving scams out there.

Professional moving companies can help you choose the right relocation storage
Consult reliable movers about the right relocation packages.

Here are some of the relocation terms you should know, related to relocation packages

If you want to choose the right relocation package like a pro, we’ll introduce you to some necessary terms.

  • Lump-sum

That is a fixed one-time payment which the company provides for moving-related expenses.

  • Reimbursement

It is the maximum amount that the company will reimburse for moving-related expenses. Therefore, save your receipts because you’re going to need them for reimbursement.

  • Direct billing

Direct billing means the company pays all or some expenses directly. It is often used when the company coordinates moving services. It can be combined with reimbursements for rental expenses or miscellaneous travel.

  • Third-party relocation

This happens when the hiring company outsources employee relocation to a relocation services agent. Then, a relocation service agent will provide management and coordination for all the services needed.

The summary

Once you go through all of these aspects, you will be able to choose the right relocation package. You will then be able to tailor it to suit your specific needs.

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