How to avoid injuries while moving

Moving Preparation - October 13, 2018

Moving is a process that requires a lot of lifting, bending, stooping, crouching, carrying, etc. It is a hard manual work that can take its toll on your back, knees, feet and toes, arms and hands. Some would go as far as to say that going through a move without hurting any part of your body is a form of art. Then again, when we think about any form of hard, physical work, the first thing that crosses our minds are small injuries that we suffer. After all, is it possible to go through any physical process without suffering any kind of injury? Well, it may not be entirely realistic to expect to avoid injuries while moving. Still, there are certain precautionary measures that professional movers Fort Worth take so that the injuries you suffer are not the serious ones. Let’s take a look at what you can do to stay healthy.

Use the right lifting techniques in order to avoid injuries while moving

The first thing that you should bear in mind when you are lifting and carrying heavy objects is that you need to apply the right lifting technique in order to be able to do that safely.

Man lifting weight in a gym
Correct lifting techniques will help you prevent injuries while moving.

When you are moving, large boxes are going to be all around you. They will be awaiting your arrival. Sitting right there in front of you, they are an inviting sight spelling disaster for your back and spine. In order to avoid injuries while moving large boxes, make sure not to lift with your back. On the contrary, your back should be straight, while you should be bending in your knees. Grab the box by your hands and lean it against your chest, if you are able to lift it yourself. Carry it like that and you will be fine. Plus, you will save energy. Bend your back instead of your knees, when you try to lift the box, and you will break your back. This is something that all of us want to avoid.

Use protective equipment and you will avoid injuries while moving

Another important thing that you should do in order to avoid injuries while moving is to use protective equipment. You will be moving large objects hile using your extremities. This means that your arms, hands and, in particular, your fingers and toes are especially vulnerable. Therefore, make sure to do the following:

  • Get a pair of gloves for everyone involved in the move. Since you will probably be executing a DIY move, you would want to stay on good terms with your friends who will be helping you. To do this, make sure everyone has a pair of gloves to protect their fingers. Fingers are the first to get hurt while moving. Using gloves will protect them and, at the same time, will help everyone get a better grip of the items that they will be lifting.

    Use protective gloves in order to avoid injuries while moving
    Gloves are very important in preventing injuries when moving
  • In order to protect the toes of those who will be lifting, you should make sure that everyone is wearing sneakers or even boots. Moving in flipflops, sandals or in shoes with open toes is something that you should make sure does not happen. Obviously, you will not be the one to buy shoes for everyone for this one move. Therefore, you should let everyone know that they should show up properly dressed for the move.
  • Speaking of arriving properly dressed for the move, you should not let anyone in a t-shirt and shorts help you. Everyone should be wearing long sleeves and trousers for the duration of the move. Scratches are very common to happen and wearing long sleeves will minimize the risk of them happening.

Your walking paths should be clear at all times in order to avoid injuries while moving

This one sounds pretty simple, but people forget about it more often than not. People start the move without clearing their path. We sometimes think that that one small step will not affect us. But, bear in mind that to make a mistake you need just one bad step. Therefore, before you start taking your items out, make sure that you can move easily all the way to the moving truck. On the other hand, you can ask for professional packing services Texas to assist you with packing and moving.

Nails are particularly dangerous. They are very small and difficult to see. On the other hand, they are easy to step on and hurt your foot. Therefore, make sure to sweep the floor before you carry on with the move.

Hiring a moving company is the best way to avoid injuries while moving

Blue-door storage units with number 9,8,7.
Storage space is a great way to store the items that you cannot fit anywhere at the moment

In order to make sure that not you nor your friends get hurt while moving, you should seek professionals’ help. The best way to do it is to hire a reliable moving company to help you move. In order to make sure that a moving company is reliable, you can check Better Business Bureau website and They have a database of reliable moving companies. Also, American Storage and Moving Association issues certificates to those companies that are worthy of your time and money.

In order to get the best moving quote, you should get in touch with at least three moving companies. Gather their offers and compare them. Bear in mind that the cheapest offer may not be the most affordable one. Make sure to understand what one moving company offers for their price.

Lastly, your preferred movers should come to your premises and make an assessment of the number of items that need moving. Only then will you know for sure that your local moving company Texas is the one that takes you seriously. After all, if you are taken seriously by your preferred movers, surely you will avoid injuries while moving.

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