How to avoid and overcome moving day disasters?

Hiring Moving Experts - January 25, 2020

Some thorough organization and moving preparation are what make a relocation go smoothly. However, for most people moving is definitely more like a nightmare. Even when you plan everything a few months in advance, something can go wrong. Usually, there’s no telling what can happen if you don’t hire moving services Fort Worth and decide to do it by yourself. You could suddenly scratch walls from moving furniture. Or brake dishes from packing things the wrong way. You might not be able to find anything because you did not label your boxes. Or forgetting to get proper insurance when booking your move. These are all moving day disasters that you can avoid with our help so read on.

Be smart and avoid the common moving day disasters with our help

Were you the one who made these mistakes in the past? You do not want to be the person who understands this the hard way – forgetting to prepare for potential moving problems in advance. If you want to avoid and overcome moving day disasters, start by booking an estimate with one of the best moving companies Dallas Fort Worth. Then you can focus on what you can do in order to make it happen properly. Take a look at our list of the most common moving day disasters that have happened to families. And how can you avoid them so that your relocation is successful?

Broken glass
In case your possessions suffer damage during the transport, report that to your movers immediately and check if the damaged items are insured.

Here are the most common moving day crises and how to overcome them:

1. Movers don’t show up because you forgot to hire them on time

The first mistake people make is trying to hire a local moving company at the last minute. And all this because they were procrastinating. This is a classic moving mistake, unfortunately. If you are in the middle of a last-minute relocation and, on top of that, you are moving during the high season, you should face reality. You probably won’t be able to find an available company or a moving truck.

2. You should plan ahead for at least one month, if not more.

Especially when it comes to looking at moving companies. There are teams that will protect your things while moving, but they are also unreliable ones. Responsible and reputable movers will make sure that everything runs efficiently on the day of the move. If you hire our residential movers, we will make sure that you are covered in case, for example, the parking place for your moving truck is not nearby. We can unload your things safely that way, or move those house plants without killing them.

Our professional relocation team will guide you through the entire process. From the point, you pack the boxes to what time of day you should move. If you do this, you avoid all possible moving day disasters, by relying on a team that knows how to protect antiques properly. If you hire us, you are automatically saving yourself from any fake company that will use unconscious families that actually hire scammers. And that is certainly one of the more important moving day disasters you want to avoid.

Hand shake
Dealing with a risky moving company can be the cause of a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dishonest movers on the market, so do your research!

3. There are more items to move than you anticipated

The very first thing to think about when planning the move is inventory. Packing and transporting surplus, unnecessary items to the new home will cost you time, but most importantly – your hard-earned money. So, as you start packing, you can decide on the items you will give away, sell or donate. You seriously don’t want your new house overloaded with the possessions you haven’t been using for ages in the old home.

4. Moving day disasters: Broken items because of improper packing or labeling of boxes

The next on our list of the moving day disasters that you can avoid is clumsy packing and incorrect labeling. Have you packed a large box with a whole library of books that caused someone’s usury? Or did you try to accidentally collect a huge box and fall? Did you find old boxes in poor condition? How did you attempt to pack lampshades and plates that need extra support? To moving day disasters, we recommend hiring our packing services. But, if you need to do it on your own, we have some advice for you. For convenient transportation, you should pack heavy items in small boxes the proper way. Always use good quality boxes that won’t break.

5. Cracked walls from trying to move heavy furniture on your own

By hiring a professional moving company, you can avoid damaging your freshly sold home. Or the house you just bought, for that matter. Such moving day mistakes occur when you move furniture and other bulky items yourself. Any heavy sofas or furniture can easily crack walls and corners. But we, on the other hand, have the proper supplies to provide reliable protection for everything from floor to walls and stairs.

6. When the helper isn’t able to show up

A friend or relative you have asked to help you with packing and moving is informing you that he can’t make it. Suddenly, due to the lack of helpers, your stress continues to accumulate and you are becoming desperate. But if you hire professionals, you could avoid this problem in a very simple way.

Truck in a warehouse
the professional moving company will make sure that they can transport all your belongings, protect your home from damage in the process and deliver the necessary equipment.

7. Not getting the right insurance

Finally, be sure to carefully read your insurance policy. Because in case you need to make a claim for a work of art or family antiques, good insurance is important. You need to cover those fragile items because they lose or any damage made to them will cost a lot of money. So, you don’t have to worry about the department store furniture you have assembled. Put your insurance on your highly valuable or sentimental things. 

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