Guide to packing power tools for moving

Packing Tips - August 12, 2020

When people move, they mostly worry about the things they need to pack from the house. Garages and attics usually come last. Not because they are the least important but because they are the messiest. People use a garage to put anything and everything in it. Going through all that takes time, so it is usually left for the very end. When cleaning up the garage and packing power tools for moving, you have two options. You can either pack it all yourself, or you can call packing services Fort Worth TX to do it for you. Whatever your choice will be there are some steps before that, that you need to undertake. If you are moving from a house to an apartment, it is likely you will need fewer things tool-related. We will elaborate more on this in the following text.

An organized garage with many tools in it
A garage is a place where people tend to put everything they do not know what to do with

Organize and clean up the garage before packing power tools for moving

Before deciding what to pack and bring with you, you must go through all of it. And there can sometimes be so many things, some that you forgot about ages ago. Surely you don’t need everything in there. The best way to organize the garage and all the things in it is by creating piles. One pile should be all the things you are definitely taking with you, and that you use very often. The second pile should consist of things you use seldomly but still need. Those should be packed for storage, and movers Irving TX can help you out with that. The last batch should be the stuff you really don’t need anymore, or you never even used so far. What you will do with those is up to you. You can give them away or sell them. Something that is beyond usage can go to the bin.

Throw a garage or yard sale

A garage sale is the best way to get rid of everything you don’t need. This is also a good opportunity to earn some extra money, you never know when you will need it. These kinds of sales are also a fun event you can invite your friends and neighbors to. Among all the things you want to sell, there will also be stuff you just want to give away. With more people attending this sale, packing power tools for moving will be much easier later on. Also, the more people you invite to this event, the less stuff will be left after it is all done. Tools will be the things to unpack last when moving in any way. So it is fine to pack that last, and maybe throw this garage sale several days before the actual move date.

Garage sale after which packing power tools for moving will be easier
Organize a garage sale so you can sell or give away things you no longer need

How to pack power tools for moving

This will not be the same as packing other home stuff. Tools are usually quite heavy and odd-shaped. If you have the original packaging of some of the tools, use it. Once you have the tools placed in their box, pack them in another box and tape them good at both the top and the bottom. Do not put too many tool items in one box, because of their weight. Also, if packed together one piece might damage the other. Take all the removable and sharp parts and place them into a zip lock bag. Tape the bag to the original box, so you don’t mix the removable parts during unpacking. For tools without the original packing, use layers of bubble wrap, and then place them into the moving box. Because of their weight, tools should be loaded into the moving trucks as a base for all the lighter boxes.

Packing power tools with fuel or gas in it

This is where you need to take extra care. Know that no movers will allow you to pack anything with fuel in it, as it can be hazardous. Especially when moving during summer. Even if you are moving things on your own with no help from any moving company, you need to empty all the tools with any fuel in it. Usually, these are very large things such as leaf/snow blower or a lawnmower. Once you drain all the fuel from these, put the cardboard or packing paper around sparkplugs. Due to the shape and size of tools like these, they cannot be packed into any type of box. These should be loaded into the truck last and tied down firmly to something. If you just load them with no tieing down, they will move around during transport and very likely damage itself and other things in the truck.

A black lawnmower
A lawnmower is one of the power tools with fuel inside that you need to drain before packing it

Choosing the professionals for packing the tools

If you are too busy with the other stuff you need doing around the house, think of hiring professional movers and/or packers. Or if you are just insecure whether you will be able to properly pack your tools. There is no shame in asking professionals for help. They have done it so many times before, and most certainly have the routine you don’t. Packing supplies for tools are important, and if going with professionals, you do not have to worry about it. They will bring the supplies and pack the tools in no time. You might have to save money aside for this service, but you will be calm, knowing that nothing would happen to any of your things during transport. Also, the professionals will have the equipment to load these boxes into the truck, which will be of great help.

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