Guide to packing outdoor furniture for transport

Packing Tips - November 4, 2021

If you have a terrace or yard, then you certainly have outdoor furniture. It can range from plain furniture to custom-made pieces. And custom-made outdoor furniture is rather expensive. So, when moving, you will want to move that furniture to your new home. Also, you can have some pieces that are brand new. Or which are very dear to you. Here, we give a guide to packing outdoor furniture for transport. It will help you prepare your outdoor furniture for moving in the right way.  Also, book a reliable moving company on time. With the help of local movers Fort Worth, you are on the safe side. They will transport your outdoor furniture to your new location efficiently and without any damage.

The first step is to declutter

First, make sure that your new home has enough space for all your outdoor furniture. In case you’re downsizing, you will have to leave some furniture behind. If you have too bulky or large pieces, sell them. With that money, you will buy the proper size outdoor furniture for your new place. Second, check if some of your outdoor furniture is too old or damaged. For sure, you will not use it for the next season. So, don’t waste your time and funds to pack and transport such things.

Outdoor furniture on a terrace with nice, before you start packing outdoor furniture for transport.
Before packing outdoor furniture for transport, clean and check it for possible damages.

Inspect your outdoor furniture before packing it

Your outside furniture can be metal, wicker, wooden, or plastic. Regardless of the material, you must start preparation by thoroughly inspecting it. Most of the outside furniture is exposed to elements. So, it can easily get damaged by moisture or dirt. Any crack on the wooden furniture is an ideal place for molds or mildew. The scratched spot on the metal furniture will start to rust rapidly. The plastic and wicker furniture are also sensitive to elements.

Clean the furniture and fix the spotted cracks

Before packing, wash outdoor furniture to remove mud or dust. Also, each piece of furniture must be completely dry, before you wrap it in protective covers. Pay special attention to the damages. Clean them well and apply additional protection to damaged areas. For the metal furniture, use metal coating paint. For wooden pieces, use wood glue or the oil-based exterior wood sealer. The plastic and weaker furniture are especially sensitive to moisture. The thing is that moisture will cause swelling on the chairs or tables. Such swelled spots will deform your plastic or weaker furniture. Eventually, the swells will crack. To prevent this, make sure to use good wrapping materials.

Clean, dry and pack the cushions

Most of the seats of the outdoor living sets are having cushions. Before packing, clean them properly. Also, make sure they are completely dry before packing them. Some of the cushions can’t be washed. Such, you will have to bring for dry cleaning. Afterward, seal them all in plastic bags, and then pack them in the moving boxes. To get the proper moving boxes, give a call to Evolution Moving Company DFW. They will supply you with proper packing material. And not only for the cushions. They can provide any packing material you will need to properly pack your outdoor furniture.

An outdoor living room with armchairs, built-in grill, some kitchen elements, and white garden umbrella.
Disassemble outdoor furniture pieces before packing.

Disassemble whatever is possible before packing outdoor furniture for transport

Check what furniture parts you can disassemble. Do it before you start packing. Each disassembled part of the outdoor furniture should be wrapped separately. After they are secured with enough wrapping material, pack them in the moving boxes. Don’t mix parts of the different furniture items. Rather, keep the parts of one item in one moving box. In the same box, you should also put all belonging bolts and screws, wrapped in a plastic bag. Good packing and labeling of the moving boxes will help you later on. It will help you to unpack outdoor furniture fast and easily. In your new home, you will take box by box, and easily reassemble your furniture pieces.

Every type of outdoor furniture requires different packing

There are various types of outside furniture and decorations. They are all giving a unique atmosphere to your outside living room. Some of them are:

  • Tables and chairs
  • Grilles
  • Outdoor decor
  • Shades and gazebo
  • Garden umbrella
  • The outdoor heating appliances
  • Cooling appliances
  • Outdoor potted plants

Each of these pieces has to be wrapped in a different way. Some can be dismantled. Some you will have to wrap as they are. For those, use a few protective layers to protect them better. However, before even start packing, give a call to movers Plano TX. Most of the moving companies will not accept to transport certain items. Ask if they have a list of forbidden items.

What about furniture that can’t be dismantled?

Not all outdoor furniture pieces can be taken apart. Use proper packing techniques to pack such outdoor furniture:

  • Coat them with enough packing paper and bubble wrap. Also, use the thick moving blankets for additional protection
  • Pay special attention when wrapping the legs and armrests.
  • Make sure to add additional protective layers to all sharp edges.
Outside furniture surrounded with greenery.
Your outside furniture has surely reached your new home.

Never overstuff the moving boxes when packing outdoor furniture for transport

When packing, never try to put too many things in one moving box. Such boxes would be too heavy to move. And, they can break easily. So, overloaded boxes can easily lead to damaged furniture. Also, always leave some space between furniture parts and box sides. Fill that space with Styrofoam peanuts. That way, your outdoor furniture will get yet another protective layer.

How to pack the other outdoor furniture?

Besides already discussed outside furniture, you probably have some more items at your terrace or loan. Some of them you can easily move. However, some like a gazebo or concrete bench are fixed. Such you have to leave behind.

Moving your outdoor grill

Some of the outdoor grills are fixed, like a brick barbecue. Such, you will not be able to move them. However, if you have a movable outdoor grill, you must prepare it for moving. Clean it properly and remove any part that can be flammable. So prepared grill the moving companies will accept for transport.

Always take good care of your outdoor furniture

Whenever packing outdoor furniture for transport, do it in the right way. Well-packed outdoor furniture will safely reach your new home. Also, this is a good opportunity to check and repair your outdoor furniture. Also, consider investing in a storage container. You can use it to ensure safer transport of your goods. Later, you can use it as seasonal storage for your outdoor furniture. This is an excellent solution, especially if you lack storage space in your new home.

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