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Hiring Moving Experts - August 6, 2021

Have you decided to move to Dallas? You are not the only one. Annually, thousands of people are deciding to move to this famous Texas town. Richardson is about 12 miles away from Dallas. Following the US-75 S route to the southwest, you will need about 15 minutes drive to reach it. Moving from Richardson to Dallas should not be too hard for you. You probably already know Dallas well. And have a clear idea to which part of Dallas you would like to move. So, this is making it easy for you to search and find suitable accommodation. Once you bought or rent your new home, by hiring movers North Texas you will complete your relocation fast.

Some interesting facts about Richardson

Richardson is a modern and rich suburb of Dallas. It hosts the University of Texas. As well, it has a thriving economy, affordable living costs, and low crime rates. There are several corporate headquarters that moved to Richardson, like Yahoo, Bank of America Financial Services, Metro PCS, Fujitsu, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Still, most jobs are available in the telecommunication field. That’s why Richardson is known by the nickname “The Telecom Corridor”. Richardson has few neighborhoods, each of them unique, and each with different housing prices.

A road in Dallas, buildings with glass surfaces and trees, and a trees and public transport tram that you can use after moving from Richardson to Dallas.
Moving from Richardson to Dallas should not be too hard for you.

Moving from Richardson to Dallas – what to know about the city

As you were already living in Richardson, you are probably having a lot of information about Dallas. And, you probably know its neighborhoods:

  • M Streets – this is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Dallas, where some homes are dating back to the 1920s.
  • Grapevine – this neighborhood is known for low taxes, a great school system, and beautiful parks
  • Trophy Club – the fastest growing neighborhood in Dallas, with about 200 new houses built each year
  • Colleyville – the most affluent neighborhood in the city, with beautiful homes, restaurants, shops, etc.
  • Uptown – is the most urban neighborhood of Dallas

Your choice of the neighborhood in Dallas will depend on many things. They can be economics, vicinity of school or kindergarten, the proximity of your workplace, etc. And, regardless of which neighborhood in Dallas you are moving in, the movers Richardson TX are the best choice for you.

A hallway with yellow walls and modern art pictures in the interior of the University of Teas Dallas, in Richardson.
University of Texas Dallas in Richardson.

Comparison of living costs of Dallas vs. Richardson

Although Richardson is a suburb of Dallas, the living costs in these two towns are different. Overall, Richardson is 12.7% more expensive than Dallas, TX. The median home costs are the main factor making the difference. The median home cost in Dallas is $214,700, while in Richardson it reaches up to $316,300. This makes the house costs in Richardson 47% more expensive than in Dallas. Also, in Richardson, the costs of food and groceries, utilities, transportation, etc., are more expensive as well.

What makes Dallas a good place to move in?

There are few factors that can influence your decision to move to Dallas TX, besides favorable living costs. It is well known for its fast-growing economy, excellent food choices, and a lot of social and cultural events. This is making thousands of people moving to Dallas in the last few years. So, what makes living in Dallas so appealing:

  • Increasing job opportunities (besides, Dallas is already having a low unemployment rate)
  • Climate (living in Richardson, you are already used to a mild and humid climate, with temperatures rarely dropping below freezing)
  • Housing prices are affordable
  • Commuting (if you do not want to depend on your car, public transportation is very convenient)
  • It has an excellent education system
  • There are a lot of recreation and entertainment possibilities
  • You will find many museums and galleries to enjoy, etc.

Before moving from Richardson to Dallas, you will have to organize your belongings. Then, the full-service movers Dallas will easily move you to your new address.

Driving vs. public transportation in Dallas

As we already said, public transportation can be a good solution for your daily commuting. Still, to go around, you will have to rely on a car. Driving in Dallas is not the most enjoyable experience. Traffic jams are a regular phenomenon. If you know Dallas just from occasional visits, it is good to take some time and explore the roads better. Go around when you have some free time. It will help you find the best routes, where traffic is going more smoothly. Another problem you will encounter in Dallas is parking. With so many cars, having your private parking place is a treasure! If you buy the house, there will be no problem parking in front of it. However, if buying an apartment, try to buy a parking place, as close as possible.

A woman in dark dress and with a hat on is standing in the room full of shelfs, tables, laptop, pot plants, wall pictures, coffee cups and lot other small things.
If you have a problem with organizing, consider hiring a personal moving coordinator.

When preparing your possessions for the move from Richardson to Dallas, what to do?

Now, you are already having a new accommodation, all paperwork sorted out and the moving company booked. You have also set the moving day. It is time to start packing and complete it timely. You want to be ready when the movers come. If you are having difficulties with organizing your packing, consider hiring a personal moving coordinator, to help you. They will help you to:

  • Plan your relocation’s details
  • Declutter your things properly before you start packing
  • Label moving boxes in a right way
  • Check all the documents you have prepared and advise if you need something more
  • Help you sell or donate the surplus possessions
  • Hep you to be ready on time for your moving day

After moving to Dallas, start your daily routine as soon as possible

After moving from Richardson to Dallas try to get back into your daily routine as soon as you can. Unpack the moving boxes and arrange your possessions in your new home. When doing so, you may wish to decorate your new home nicely. You can always consult websites like interior design basics, to get some great ideas. When a normal routine comes back to your life, you and your family will start to consider the new place a home. Also, explore your community and meet your new neighbors. That will further strengthen your bonds with the new home. And soon, all the inconveniences of relocation from Richardson will be forgotten.

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