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Moving Preparation - December 17, 2020

Are you considering moving from Irving to Houston? One of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities in the United States. Hiring Evolution Moving DFW can help you prepare for the move and assure a safe relocation experience. Join us, as we explore the advantages the city of Houston has to offer to its residents.

Moreover, we will discuss many different ways Houston appeals to people and what are the perks of living in this city. Sunny weather, a booming economy and job markets, and low cost of living are just some of the things that make Houston a great place for both families and single people.

downtown city of Houston on the horizon
Houston is a great place for people who wish to pursue their careers while opting for an affordable housing system

Pros and cons of moving from Irving to Houston

Welcome to Houston, Texas. The most populous city in the state of Texas and the fourth most populated city in the United States. The city of Houston is one of the most diverse metropolitan areas in the state of Texas and because of that, it is home to many different cultural institutions and exhibits. These institutions and exhibits attract more than 7 million tourists a year. Some of the leading business industries in the city are in the fields of medicine, culture and research. There are many advantages this city can provide for its residents. However, there are some disadvantages you should be wary about, like:


  • House prices in Houston are less expensive than in the neighborhood states
  • Fewer energy cost regulations make competitive
  • The state has no state income taxes


  • The insurance is more expensive in Houston than in other cities
  • The property and sales taxes are a bit higher than in other places
  • You will have to adapt to a longer commute
a big house with a car on the driveway
The city attracts many younger people who wish to indulge in their professional careers

None-the-less, due to the cities booming job market and affordable prices are a great place to raise a family or even lead a single life. With the opportunities that the city offers you will be able to focus on your career, as well as invest your time in other fun and engaging activities.

Houston boasts its affordable living costs

High salaries and no income tax make this city a great place for people who wish to invest in their careers. However, because of its large geographical size, the city will have a variety of housing prices. You will be able to choose the best house for you and in a variety of price range. With leading industries in medicine, research and culture you can easily find a good-paying job in the city without worrying about the financial aspects of your move. Because the city is so affordable, many people are drawn to it. This is mostly by younger generations who wish to make it in the business and want to start a family. Moving from Irving to Houston can be made easy if you hire movers Irving, TX to help you prepare and relocate.

Houses are affordable, but take other factors into account

The affordable and reasonably-priced homes are usually what attracts people to this city. However, although there is a good variety of choices for housing, you must take other factors into account. With the median household income being about $200.000 dollars it is safe to say that one can easily afford a house with a spacious backyard.

a modern house which appeals to people moving from Irving to Houston
Affordable housing is just one of many perks Houston offers to new residents

Moreover, there are two major factors you should consider when opting for a house in Houston. Firstly, you should take commute times into the calculation. Secondly, there are flood zones throughout the city, and make sure you identify them before buying a home. For instance, beautiful houses with absurdly low prices are to avoid, because they were probably subject to flood beforehand. Knowing when the worst time of the year to move to Texas is will save you a lot of trouble.

Moving from Irving to Houston means bigger job opportunities

The main reason the Houston population is booming in the past couple of years is its ever-growing job market. Oil, gas, medical and tech industries make a great place for engineers, medical professionals and scientists. However, the lines between residential and business areas are blurred, which means that you will often find offices close to residential areas. This, however, might be a good thing. The city is known for its long commute time and having a job close to your home might save you both time and money. The positive atmosphere in the city is mostly due to the booming economy which brings new jobs to the table and people are less worried about their stability.

Having a car is the best way to get around town

Houston is known for not being a walk-friendly city. Therefore, you will have to rely on other means of transportation. If you have a car, make sure you have functional air-conditioning and a working radio, because you will need them. As we said above, the city is known for its long commutes and traffic rushes. This is mostly due to the fact that the city is huge geographically and is not very accessible on foot. Parking fees are relatively cheap but finding a parking spot during traffic peak and events is nearly impossible. If you opt for a form of public transportation, we suggest using the metro as it is the fastest way to get around.  Hiring moving services Fort Worth is the best way to relocate your belongings to Houston without any delays or your items suffering damage.

Houston is a very friendly city

The most common adjective for this city is neighborly. This is mostly due to the accidents during hurricane Harvey, where people bonded even closer. Because of that, although the city is geographically large, you will have a small-town homey feel. Moreover, with residents being friendly, we are sure you will find your place in the city in no time. Moving from Irving to Houston has many advantages. From affordable housing and a wide range of job opportunities to a friendly town which will make you feel like you lived there for a long time.


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