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After the Relocation - October 26, 2020

Moving from Irving to Fort Worth will take you around 30 minutes of driving. Which sounds really easy, right? Well, relocations are never as simple as just driving your belongings from point A to point B. Most people find even such short distance relocations really stressful and tedious. That is why many of them opt to hire assistance from moving companies, such as Evolution Moving DFW. However, regardless of who you choose to conduct your relocation, you will need to prepare for the move. There will be a lot of things to do, tasks to accomplish, and you best start early. Reading this article will provide you with some valuable insights into the best practices when it comes to relocating to another home.

Moving from Irving to Fort Worth – How to prepare?

In order to properly prepare, follow these steps:

  • Determine your budget and create a to-do list
  • Declutter if necessary and donate unwanted items
  • Gather moving supplies in advance
  • Ask some of your friends to help you with your relocation
  • Transfer utilities
  • Contact your professional mover
moving checklist
Create a moving checklist well in advance.

Determine your budget and create a to-do list

The first thing you need to do is to know how much you can spend on your relocation. Thus, you will need to create your moving budget. Having the budget set in stone will help you a lot when organizing your move. You will know what kind of services you can hire from movers Irving TX, if you chose to go with them, for example. This will, in turn, save you a lot of time of not even needing to consider the options that you actually can’t afford. Whenever you need to make a financial decision, having a set budget will help in making that decision, simple as that.

Another thing that you really need to consider doing is to create a “to-do” list. Otherwise known as a moving checklist, this is a document that will contain all of your tasks, no matter how big or small. The way you create it is you sit down and write everything that you think you need to do prior to the move. Then after the initial list is done, stick it on the fridge and update as necessary. Hired moving services Fort Worth? Check it off the list. Thought of something else you need doing? Yep, write it on the list as well. Think of it as a living document that you will constantly update as you complete tasks and new ones crop up.

Declutter if necessary and donate unwanted items

Another critical task that you need to get around to is figuring out which items will not be making the trip with you. Decluttering is a process that will leave you with many unwanted items that you can either sell to recoup some of the moving costs or donate to charity. If you are going with the selling route, the best way to do so is by holding an old-fashioned garage sale. Yes, there are many places online that you can list your items. And you can do that as well, but garage sales are still popular and effective. Try to involve all the family members in it, it can be a blast if you introduce some rewards and incentives.

woman carrying moving boxes
Movers charge by weight! Therefore, you should get rid of unwanted items before the move.

Gather moving supplies in advance when moving from Irving to Fort Worth

Before you can pack your belongings, you will need containers and supplies. Moving boxes you can get for free (or really cheap) from your local stores. They get cardboard boxes all the time, after all. Most of the stores don’t really have a use for them after they unpack the goods. Simply asking around if you can have a couple of those boxes for relocation will yield great results. If you invest enough time, you can get all the boxes for free!

Packing supplies are a bit harder to acquire on the cheap. You can always look for people that have recently moved into your area and see if they have some to spare. Usually, they will be glad to sell off their surplus materials for a fraction of the price. Alternatively, you can scour the internet for supplies near you, on sites such as Craigslist. And there is always the store where you can go to buy whatever you end up lacking.

Ask some of your friends to help you with your relocation

Relocations are hard work. Having some friends around to help you with chores will make it a lot more enjoyable. They will literally take some load off your shoulders. Their presence will make the atmosphere a lot better, as well. Everything is easier when you have a couple of friends around, after all. Don’t be shy to ask for help, human beings are kind of hard-wired to want to help their friends. Simply ask, and ye shall receive.

Make your relocation easier – ask your friends for help.

Transfer utilities when moving from Irving to Fort Worth

Even though the distance is not that great, transferring utilities still takes time. You need to contact every company that is providing you with any form of utility and see what the process to transfer it is. Just make sure that when you arrive at your new home the lights work and you have all the necessities, such as gas and the internet, for example. But to be on the safe side, bring some candles with you, just in case.

Contact your professional mover

Finally, if you want to make your relocation a lot easier, the best thing for that is hiring a professional moving company. They are going to be doing so much work instead of you, and you will be able to focus on other matters. If you want to know what can professional movers do for you, simply contact us and we will explain everything that you need to know. We can also offer you some free advice on your move, so calling us is always a good option. Best of luck with your move and we hope to be hearing from you!


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