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Moving Preparation - September 10, 2021

About 31 million people are moving annually in the US. Of that, about half a million people are relocating within Texas alone. Thus, the reasons for moving from Fort Worth to Richardson are various. Some are moving to their own home, after being tenants for years. Also, some are relocating for a new job. Or they want to be closer to their relatives. Whatever the reason you can always count on affordable movers Fort Worth. Richardson is about 37 miles away from Fort Worth. Following the  I-635 E route to the southwest, you have about 40 minutes of driving between them.

Some interesting things about Fort Worth

The city of Fort Worth is located at the banks of the Trinity River, in North Central Texas. It became famous as a place “Where the West Begins.” In the 19th century, it was an important trading center, famous for its stock market. It was also the last big stopover on the Chisholm Trail. Today, Fort Worth is a modern city with 895,009 citizens (2020 census estimate). The most important industries in Fort Worth are Aviation & Aerospace, Natural Gas extractions, Life Sciences (with numerous testing laboratories and over 450 biomedical companies), etc. There are over 30,000 companies in the city, offering an array of jobs to inhabitants. It is also well known for various touristic attractions, like Fort Worth Stockyards, National Cowgirl Museum,  Kimbell Art Museum, Hall of Fame, Water Gardens, Botanic Garden, and many more.

Tall buildings with a park in front, which you can see after moving from Fort Worth to Richardson.
Reasons for moving from Fort Worth to Richardson are various.

Moving from Fort Worth to Richardson – what to expect in your new town

Richardson is a modern suburb of Dallas. It has about 121,000 citizens and is home to the famous University of Texas. Richardson has affordable living costs, low crime rates, and a growing economy. Although it hosts some famous corporations, the majority of jobs are available in the telecommunication industry.

Richardson has many neighborhoods. The most popular among them are:

  • Cottonwood Creek South
  • Heights Park
  • Canyon Creek South
  • Canyon Creek North
  • Greenwood Hills
  • Arapaho
  • Clear Spring Place
  • Sherrill Park North

So, the choice of neighborhoods in which you will live in Richardson is up to you. It will primarily depend on your needs such as proximity to work, school, etc. Regardless of your neighborhood choice, the full-service movers Dallas will easily relocate you to your new address.

Comparison of living costs between Fort Worth and Richardson

Although Fort Worth is a bigger city, living costs are 14.7% higher in Richardson, TX. The main factor causing this difference is the median home prices. While in Fort Worth you can get a house for $197,700, the similar one in Richardson will cost you about $316,300. This means that the house costs in Richardson are  59% higher than in Fort Worth. However, the other costs as utilities, transportation, health care, groceries are not differing much between those two cities.

A lake over which a tree with red leaves and structures towered over a concrete promenade.
Japanese Garden, one of the tourist attractions in Richardson.

Why is Richardson TX a good place to move in?

Richardson TX is a good place to live and work. The overall living costs are higher. Still, once you buy a house, the other living costs will be like those in Fort Worth. During the last year, the job market in Richardson increased by 3.3%. It is expected future job growth of 47.7%. This is much higher than the US average of 33.5%. Also, the average income of a Richardson resident is $35,584 a year, while the US average is $28,555. Besides, it has a fast-growing economy and any job opening. Some of the known companies located in Richardson are:

  • Southwest Airlines
  • Texas Instruments
  • University of North Texas
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Capital One
  • Bank of America
  • J.P. Morgan, etc.

Richardson is also known for its Chinese and South Indian communities. They are large and have a profound influence on food choices and shopping. Besides, Richardson has numerous parks and nature trails and the possibility for a lot of outdoor activities. To move to this beautiful place, it is enough to timely hire movers Richardson TX.

Richardson, TX Traffic – to drive or use public transportation?

Both solutions are possible in Richardson. Still, the latest studies showed that traffic congestion in Richardson is reaching peak levels. Unless driving to some suburban areas, it is much better to use public transportation. You can also use it for commuting and visiting downtown. Or to visit other neighborhoods. The public transportation system in Richardson is an efficient network of light rails and bus lines. It is also beneficial as it:

  • Improves Community Health
  • Economic Benefits to the Community
  • Improves Fuel Efficiency
  • Public Transportation Reduces Air Pollution
  • Improves Road Congestion
  • Improves Community Mobility
  • Public Transportation Improves Commuters Productivity, etc.
The red trolleybus runs along the narrow road between the buildings.
Richardson has an efficient network of light rails and bus lines.

Preparing your belongings for moving from Fort Worth to Richardson

Since you are now having a new house in Richardson, it is time to start with moving preparations. You have already organized all paperwork in one folder. Also, it includes the family members and house papers. Also, you have there all the utility bills and contracts. Now is time to organize your packing. To help you with the process, you can use Guide to moving to RichardsonIt will help you better organize your move. When preparing, also make sure that you:

  • Get the best packing material
  • Make proper decluttering
  • Sell or donate extra items
  • Label your boxes properly
  • Check again your folder with documents
  • Be ready for your moving day timely

How to start your new life in Richardson TX after moving

So, after moving from Fort Worth to Richardson unpack your possessions. Then arrange them in your new hose. That way, you will feel at home much faster. After this phase is completed, give yourself few days off. Go around and get to know the area around your house. Then, use the days before you start your new job to explore your new city. There are many places to visit and things to do in Richardson, TX. Visiting places like Cottonwood Park, The North Texas Automotive Museum, Dr. Pepper Star Center, Prairie Creek Park, Heights Family Aquatic Center, Richardson Farmers Market, Spring Creek Trail, and Spring Creek Nature Center, etc., will help you to recover from the relocation much faster. And enjoy your new city and its beauties.

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