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Moving Preparation - September 17, 2021

It happens that people just want to move to some other place. They just need a change. And deciding where to go is never an easy decision. However, most relocations happen for a reason. So, you have your reason for moving from Fort Worth to Irving. Whatever is your reason, you can rely on long-distance movers Texas. They will make your relocation an easy job. Driving from Irvine to Fort Worth will take you about 30 minutes. Although the distance is not so big, any move is a demanding job. Also, your movers will know the best route for moving. They will decide about driving via TX-121 N and TX-183 E or go via I-30 E. That way, they will avoid traffic jams.

Few facts about Fort Worth and what you are leaving behind

Located in North Central Texas, at the Trinity River, Fort Worth has an interesting history. Even today, it is known as a place “Where the West Begins.” This is because Fort Worth was the last stopover on the Chisholm Trail. It also became known as the important livestock trading center. Nowadays, Fort Worth is a modern city, which is developing fast. It has about 900,000 residents and ever-growing industry. Among other companies, there are Aviation & Aerospace, and Natural Gas extractions companies. The residents can easily find jobs in more than 30,000 companies operating there. Fort Worth also has a lot of tourist attractions. And many visitors are coming to see them.

A park with lot of flowers and greenery, a bridge over the river, in one of 80 parks you can visit after moving from Fort Worth to Irving.
One of the many parks you are going to visit after moving from Fort Worth to Irving.

Moving from Fort Worth to Irving – some facts about your new town

Founded in 1903 and located just northwest of Dallas, Irving is often described as its suburb. The town has developed from an old ranch. Thus, the Mustang town logo and a museum are dedicated to wild horses. And the world-famous bronze sculpture of 9 wild horses galloping through the water, a sculpture of Robert Glen named “Mustangs of Las Colinas.” With cultural diversity, a lot of job opportunities, and many outdoor possibilities, Irving is an attractive place for living. With about 250,000 residents it is a place with a relaxed atmosphere. And when needed, the inhabitants have easy access to the DFW metroplex. About 56% of Irving residents are renting. And the rest are having their own property. No matter what group you belong to, Irving is a safe environment for you and your family. And best movers in Fort Worth will safely move you there.

Irving neighborhoods – how to choose the best one for you

Irving has many attractive neighborhoods. Whether you like the long-established parts of the town or prefer apartment living, all are available in Irving. The most popular neighborhoods are:

  • Las Colinas
  • Valley Ranch
  • The Hospital District
  • Heritage District
  • Northgate Heights

The choice of the best neighborhoods is usually based on few factors. Such are crime rates, housing prices, a proxy of schools and workplaces, a proxy of shopping malls, etc. At the same time, people are using these factors when looking for a new place to live in. While looking for a new place, use the time to get the moving quotes Fort Worth. That way, you will have the moving company hired timely. And they will move you to Irving soon you get a new home.

Irvine world-famous bronze sculpture of 9 wild horses galloping through the water.
Mustangs of Las Colinas

Comparing the living costs between Fort Worth and Irving

After moving from Fort Worth to Irving, you will find out that the living costs are not differing much. There are only some slight differences. In Irving, median home costs are just 9% more expensive. So, the median home cost in Fort Worth TX is $197,700. In Irving TX it is $217,200. The other costs like health care, transportation, groceries, etc., are almost the same. When we compare the income per capita, in Irving it is $28,670, and in Fort Worth $27,191. Also, the unemployment rates defer.

Job opportunities in Irving TX you have after moving from Fort Worth

In the last few years, some giant companies left California and relocated to Texas. The Las Colinas, Irvine northern neighborhood showed as an ideal location for businesses. There are about 1000 companies’ headquarters and over 8500 businesses in the Irvine area. And the city has become very popular for foreign investments. So, residents have ample possibilities for employment. The present unemployment rate is 6.6%. However, the expected future job growth of 44.13% will decrease that number.

Interesting things you see after moving from Fort Worth to Irving TX

There are things and places unique to Irvin TX. Once you move in from Fort Worth, you will be able to go and explore them all. Such are:

  • Mandalay Canals
  • Toyota Music Factory
  • Irving Arts Center
  • Mustangs of Las Colinas
  • Las Colinas Flower Clock
  • Big State Fountain and Grill
  • Heritage House Museum, and many more

Irving also has few beautiful golf courses, that golfers like.

A bridge over the river leading towards building on the other side and an artificial fountain on the water on the right.
Bridge in the Central Park, Irving TX.

Irving TX traffic, crime situation, and utility coverage

Dallas suburbs, Irvine including, are car-dependent cities. So, nearly 80% of residents are driving themselves to work or to town. However, Irvine is having decent public transportation. It is also well connected to state highways. Irving crime rates are corresponding to the national average. Moreover, the violent crimes are much lesser in Irving. When moving companies Irving move you to your new home, you will have proper utility coverage.

It is time to prepare your belongings for moving from Fort Worth to Irvine TX

Now you know a lot about your new town, and you have your new house ready. It is a time to prepare for moving. Like with other moves, regardless of if you are moving to another state or just to another town, you must organize moving preparation. This means you have to:

  • Make throughout decluttering
  • Pack your things properly and safely
  • Donate, sell, or throw the extra items
  • Make proper labeling on the moving boxes
  • Make a folder with essential documents

How to start your new life in Irving TX after moving

So, after moving from Fort Worth to Irving you will start to unpack. You would like your possessions to be at their places in your new home. And you would like that as soon as possible. That will give you a strong sense of belonging. And after the demanding process of relocation, you will be able to relax. After that, you can go around the town. Get to know your new place better. There are many interesting things to do and see in Irving. And also, so many beautiful places to visit.

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