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Moving Preparation - September 29, 2021

The statistics show that over half a million people are annually relocating with the state of Texas. So, if you are moving from Fort Worth to Garland, you are one of them. Garland is about 47 miles away from Fort Worth. So, it takes about an hour’s drive using I-635 E. and this distance is not so great. Renting a truck and making a DIY location would be quite feasible. Regardless of the proximity of these two cities, preparation for the move is taking time. And you must carefully organize the preparation process. But maybe you don’t have enough time to spare. In that case, hiring long-distance movers Fort Worth is a better option for you.

Some interesting things about Fort Worth

Fort Worth is located in the North Central Texas area. It is a picturesque city with many nice places to visit. And, there are also many places along the Trinity River where you can go for a walk. Or do some sports. You can also go there fishing. In the past, Fort Worth was known as a place “Where the West Begins.” This, because it was the last big stopover on the famous Chisholm Trail. Finally, in its beginnings, the city was an important stock market trading center.

Cowboy hat and lasso on hay, that you can see in Resistol Hat Plant after moving from Fort Worth to Garland.
After moving from Fort Worth to Garland, you can buy a handmade cowboy hat.

Today, it is a modern city with important industries. And, over 30,000 companies are present in Fort Wort today, and among them are testing laboratories, serving about 450 biomedical companies. This includes some of the important industries, like Fort Worth, are Natural Gas companies, Aviation and Aerospace industries, and many more. Besides, Fort Worth is known for numerous touristic attractions, both man-made and natural ones.

Moving from Fort Worth to Garland – what to expect in your new town

Located almost entirely in the Dallas County area, Garland is a small Texan town. Yet, it has numerous attractive places. And many outdoor and indoor attractions. So, they are interesting for both, the tourists and locals. It is less known that Garland is a manufacturing hub. The products from Garland, including the original cowboy hats, are exported all over the world. The visitors who know this are using the chance to visit manufacturing resorts. And especially the famous Resistol Hat Plant. As well, you can buy your own cowboy hat there. Also, Garland has many parks, including some water parks.

Garland is a small city, with a slow, suburban lifestyle. Yet, it has many interesting places to visit, after movers North Texas relocate you there. Some of them are:

  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Surf and Swim
  • Landmark Museum at Heritage Crossing
  • Resistol Hat Plant
  • Duck Creek Golf Club
  • Firewheel Town Center
  • Rowlett Creek Preserve
  • Lakewood Brewery and Taproom
  • Spring Creek Park
  • Lake Ray Hubbard
  • Cali Saigon Mall
  • Hawaiian Falls Waterpark
  • Urban Air Trampoline Park
  • Downtown Garland
  • Firewheel Golf Park


Pillows and rugs that are handmade in some of the Garland manufacturing facilities, with original patterns.
In Garland, you can find many beautiful handmade things.

Comparison of living costs between Fort Worth and Garland

Living costs in Fort Worth and Garland are almost the same. The differences in median home prices, utilities, transportations costs, health care, and groceries are slight. The only difference we can see is the unemployment rate. While in Fort Worth it is 7.3%, in Garland it is 6.5%. However, the economy and industry are developing fast in both places.

Why is Garland TX a good place to live in?

Garland is known for its low crime rate. The living costs are affordable. You can easily afford to purchase a home in Garland. Besides, it has excellent schools, recreational centers, and more than 40 parks. Garland is also known for its cultural diversity and welcoming residents. Its world-known manufacturing production is constantly growing. It is offering jobs to many residents. It is also an attractive place for craftsman, who wish to open they own manufacturing businesses. With more than 350 manufacturing companies, Garland deserved a tagline – Texas Made Here. Also, being a suburb of Dallas and having excellent commuting possibilities, Garland residents can easily find employment there.

In the Garland downtown, the early 1900s charm has been preserved. So, that is attracting many to visit it. And, there one can enjoy walkable streets, downtown residential housing, restaurants, breweries. It also hosts many live concerts. Besides, in Garland, the art and historic organizations have found strong support and opportunities to grow. All this is making Garland a nice and interesting place to live in. So, knowing now Garland’s unique character, you just need the full-service movers Dallas to move you in.

Garland quality of Life

Although it is a small city, Garland is offering a lot to its residents. And the city government is constantly working to further improve the quality of life. So, they are taking care to ensure development in many sectors. And to keep the city a peaceful and secure place for living. The Garland government is making constant efforts to improve:

  • Education
  • Cultural diversity
  • Business
  • Transportation system
  • Arts & Culture
  • Recreation and Entertainment


A girl holding a bicycle in one hand and a bag in another, is walking through the town with a smile on her face.
Garland is a nice and interesting place to live in.

Preparing your belongings for moving from Fort Worth to Garland

You are having a new home in Garland now. And you knowing a bit more about your new city. It is time to get ready to move. This means you have to start with preparations. Or better to say, to start with packing. Moving companies Garland TX can help you with this task. Not only that they will help you with organizing your move. They will also load, transport, and unload your possessions at your new location.

They can also help you with:

  • Finding the best packing supplies
  • Advice you how to make proper decluttering
  • Help you selling or donating extra items
  • Show you how to label your boxes
  • Make sure you are ready for your moving day on time

Starting a new life in Garland TX after moving

So, after moving from Fort Worth to Garland, it is time to unpack. Afterward, arranging your new home will give it a personal touch. That will make you feel at home, surrounded by many familiar things. Then, you can go and explore Garland. So far, you have heard a lot about it. Now it is time to go and explore it personally. You may also like to learn a bit more about the city. Also, the nicely designed government website Discover Garland can help you. Or you can simply go out and start with sightseeing. Downtown Garland and Resistol Hat Plant look like good points to start your Garland journey.

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