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Moving Preparation - January 7, 2021

Relocation is all about careful preparation. That, and about a million other small tasks. There is no denying that it is a complicated process, one that you might need some help for. The first thing you need to consider is whether you want to have some professional assistance when moving from Fort Worth to Carrollton. Having a great moving company, such as Evolution Moving DFW can make the entire process a lot more manageable. Your movers will be able to take a lot of work off your shoulders and significantly enhance your moving experience. But even with their help, you are going to need to do your part. And that is what this article is going to be all about, explaining the things that you need to accomplish prior to your relocation.

How to organize and prepare when moving from Fort Worth to Carrollton?

Here is a small list of the most important things that you need to do before you can relocate with ease:

  • Create a moving checklist
  • Assign tasks to everyone when moving from Fort Worth to Carrollton
  • Get free cardboard boxes and buy all necessary moving supplies
  • Transport “light” items well in advance
  • Hire professionals for heavy and bulky items when moving from Fort Worth to Carrollton
  • Contact utility providers
  • Keep valuables with you all the time

Create a moving checklist

Everything starts with creating a list of tasks. There will be a lot of them, enough for the whole family, so buckle up. Basically, what you need to do is sit down with everyone and go over what is required to accomplish before you can relocate. Write every task or a chore down, no matter how big or small it is. One of the major tasks is finding the best movers Carrollton TX has to offer. This will require some time investment for research, comparison, etc. Or you can go with the tried-and-true movers that have a lot of experience in the area. Make several copies of the list, one for each member of your household, and put at least one of them in a visible spot. Fridge doors work wonderfully for this occasion. Also, have a copy of the list on your phone so you can update it seamlessly.

moving checklist
Every relocation starts with a good checklist.

Assign tasks to everyone when moving from Fort Worth to Carrollton

After you finish creating the list, it is time to figure out who will do what. You can take the most demanding tasks and divvy up the others among your family members. Ask for volunteers first, then divide the rest of the tasks equally. Try not to overwhelm anyone, though. Account for each person’s schedule and assign accordingly. You should be dealing with all the matters that involve spending from your budget, such as deciding which moving services Fort Worth to go for. Create a timeline but try to be generous with the deadlines. You don’t need to keep a tight reign on everything but do check up on your closest from time to time. If they need a nudge, advice, or anything, be there for them. That way, everyone is going to be as happy as possible.

Get free cardboard boxes and buy all necessary moving supplies

One of the tasks given out is going to be the acquisition of moving supplies and boxes. If you want to save a bit of money there, what you can do is visit your local stores and try to obtain some free moving boxes. The stores get them on a regular basis and they often just throw them away once they are done with them. Ask if you can have a box or two and if you visit enough stores, you will soon have all the containers that you need. If that somehow fails, or you don’t have a lot of stores where you live, you can always turn to your local movers for additional supplies. You are also going to need packing materials for your relocation.

You can try to search for people that have recently undergone a relocation and ask them if they have some to sell, that is the cheapest option. Alternatively, you can scour the internet marketplaces for great deals. If all else fails, or you want an easier time of it, your movers will be able to assist you.

a couple laughing, packing for the move, cardboard boxes around them
Every relocation requires moving boxes and packing supplies. Try to get them on the cheap!

Transport “light” items well in advance

If you are undergoing a local move, or you will be visiting your new home before the relocation, you might want to transport some of the lighter items on your own. Doing this will reduce the overall cost of the move. It will also reduce your workload when it really matters. Some great candidates for moving early are seasonal items and any belongings that you don’t see yourself using prior to the relocation. You can also ship some of your belongings if you wish but that is usually overkill.

Hire professionals for heavy and bulky items when moving from Fort Worth to Carrollton

When it comes to heavy, bulky, items, your best bet is to let professionals handle them. It might be a bit tricky for someone that is untrained to navigate corridors, stairs, etc. Not to mention that doing so might be extremely physically demanding. It is best to leave that kind of thing to the people who do that for a living. It will be a lot safer and faster, as well.

Contact utility providers

You want to have all the utilities up and running in your new home before you get there. Therefore, contact all the utility providers in your current place and see if you can transfer them to the new one. Most of the time, this process is really easy and all it requires is a simple phone call or an email. But some providers might have additional steps so it is best to familiarize yourself with them ahead of time before transferring utilities in DFW. This will ensure that you come to a home that has all the utilities in order.

woman at work, call center
Try to contact your utility providers at least two weeks before the relocation.

Keep valuables with you all the time

Finally, you will want to have your most valuable possessions at your person, at all times. While your movers might be trustworthy and reliable, it is not advisable to entrust them with extremely valuable items. Have them with you, just in case. You never know what is around the corner and those valuables can help you out of a tight spot if need be.


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