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Moving Preparation - August 22, 2021

You wish or you have to, there is always a good reason to moving from Dallas to Carrollton. However, not a single relocation is the same. Regardless of you were moving before, and you think you now know-how. There will always be some differences in each relocation. But, there are many mistakes you can make. Buying cheap but not good quality supplies for DIY packing is one of them. Or having good but unskilled friends helping you with furniture disassembling. Even worse, trying to move heavy pieces of furniture. That can easily lead to sustaining a serious injury. Hiring full-service movers Dallas is a much safer way for relocation. Also, if your belongings get damaged, no worry. With a moving company, they are insured.

Some interesting facts about Dallas TX

Situated on the Trinity River, Dallas is a modern metropolis, located in north Texas. It is a cultural and commercial hub of the region. It is well known for the infamous event of President Kennedy’s assassination. Today, at that place, is a museum dedicated to that, 1963 event. Besides, Dallas is also known for its Museum of Art and the Crow Collection of Asian Art. It is the 3rd largest city in the state of Texas. It is home to over six million people and hosts over 500 companies. Dallas is not far away from Carrollton. The distance is only about 16 miles away. Using Dallas North Tollway N and I-35E N you will need about 20 minutes to drive between those two places.

A rear mirror of the car with image of the downtown Dallas when you are moving from Dallas to Carrollton.
Moving from Dallas to Carrollton.

Moving from Dallas to Carrollton – what to know about the city

Not being so far away, you had the possibility to visit Carrollton many times. You could also go there to personally check the real estate. Or go for a job interview, as incomes there are much higher. In Carrollton, most of the residents own their homes. Also, you could choose what part of the town you like the best. Residents are liberal and schools are good. The thing is, you already know where you move. That way, you do not need to wait further to hire Texas movers. Living in Carrollton is easy. No rushing in this relaxed, suburban atmosphere. Beautiful place to spend time after a hectic working day.

Comparison of living costs of Carrollton vs. Dallas

Although Carrollton is a much smaller town, the housing costs are higher. Overall, Carrollton housing costs are 33.1% more expensive than in Dallas, TX. While in Dallas the average home price is $214,700, in Carrollton it goes up to $285,800. But, in Dallas, the median income is $43,359, while in Carrollton you receive $69,282. This is even higher than the US average of $53,482. Carrollton, the unemployment rate is 5.6%, while in Dallas it is 7.4%. And, in smaller places, traffic jams are rare. The population of Carrollton, which is about 131,000, is on average 3.8 years older than in Dallas, which has about  1,300,000 inhabitants. And, add up costs of food, groceries, utilities, transportation, etc., that is lower in small towns. Overall, living in Carrollton is more affordable and easier than in Dallas.

Woman in red dress walking and watching fruits and vegetables exposed on the stands on the right side.
Overall, living in Carrollton is more affordable and easier than in Dallas.

What else makes Carrollton a good place to live in?

Carrollton, located in Denton County, is the 23rd most populated city in the state of Texas. By “Relocate America” was listed among the first 100 places to live in. So, if you are considering moving, give a call to movers Carrollton TX. Also, finding a job in Carrollton is not hard. The industry in this small town is fast growing. Here are some of the Carrollton located companies:

  • G6 Hospitality
  • Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD
  • FASTSIGNS International
  • CookTek
  • Securus Technologies
  • Vantix Logistics
  • Brandt Engineering Co
  • Cantex

So, in case you cannot find something suitable for you, Dallas is close by. And commuting to Dallas is easy.

Places to see and visit in and around Carrollton

There are ample interesting places to visit and enjoy living in Carrollton. Some of them are:

  • Historic Downtown Carrollton (historic walking are with a Candy Store, Babe’s, Twisted Root, Cane Rosso, and Quilt Shop)
  • A. W. Perry Homestead (Restored, historic 1909 home & surrounding 12-acre park)
  • Nob Hill Greenbelt (park with a playground for kids, benches to rest, and places for the grill)
  • Green Trail (biking trails and parks)
  • The Finishing Touch (antique shops)
  • Elm Fork Nature Preserve (hiking trails)
  • Clifford E. “Bill” Hall Park (with park playgrounds)
  • Dallas Chocolate Classes (chocolate cooking classes)
  • TX Spa Castle (a beautiful spa)
  • Carrollton Square Salon & Spa (salon and spa located in historic downtown Carrollton square)
  • Russian Banya Spa and Restaurant (spa and wellness center)
  • International Scuba (boat tours & water sports)
  • The North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center (for those who like climbing)
  • Exposure Indoor Rock Climbing, etc.

The list is going on and on. So, there will be many things for you to explore after moving from Dallas to Carrollton.

A girl with a smile hanging on the safety belts in front of the indoor rock for climbing.
Indoor rock-climbing sports are available in Carrollton.

When preparing your belongings for moving from Dallas to Carrollton, how to do it?

So, now you have a new home, and all paperwork is finished. And you and looking forward to starting to explore your new town. But it also means that the time for decluttering and packing has come. This is far from the fan. In fact, this is the most tiring part of relocation. Your moving company can help you with packing. They will also supply you with the best packing material. Still, you find it hard to start. And you don’t have time to organize the move. Well, consider having a moving coordinator at your side. Not only that he will be able to give you useful information, but will help you with:

  • Planning moving details
  • Give useful declutter information
  • Help you to properly label your moving boxes
  • Advice if you need some additional documents
  • Organize for you selling or donating the surplus items
  • Make sure you are timely ready for your moving day

After moving to Carrollton, decorate your home, give yourself some time off and go back to your daily routine

Soon after moving from Dallas to Carrollton, you will have to unpack your belongings and find places for them. Subsequently, you complete decorating your new home, give yourself some time off. Go, explore your new town. See the places we spoke about. Later, go and visit Downtown Carrollton. Also, check for some small items that will fit nicely in your new home. Visit parks, go walking, biking, or organize a picnic outdoors. Do whatever will make you happy and help you relax after the daunting moving time. Soon, you will feel refreshed and ready to go back to your daily routine.

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