Guide to moving during winter

Moving Preparation - December 7, 2020

Relocating in the middle of the winter season can be really difficult if you are not adequately prepared. You are going to need to take care of yourself, as well as your relocation. This means that you will need proper clothing as well as take necessary precautions to make the trip safer. Also, you might want to consider hiring a professional moving company, such as Evolution Moving Company Fort Worth. Moving during winter means that you need to take extra care when packing your belongings, too. All in all, there is a lot to do to ensure maximum safety and that is what this article is going to be all about. We will guide you through the winter moving process.

How to prepare for moving during winter? Useful tips!

Here are our recommendations for winter moving:

  • Wear warm clothes and gloves
  • Clear driveways and sidewalks the day before the move
  • Make sure that your utilities at the new house are on
  • Protect and pack fragile items
  • Prepare an essentials bag with winter items
  • Hire professionals
woman in winter clothes laying down in the snow
You are going to need warm clothes for your relocation.

Wear warm clothes and gloves when moving during winter

While this might sound obvious, you are going to need to think twice about what to wear on a moving day. You will want to have a degree of flexibility while keeping yourself warm. The best approach is to have several layers of clothing. Your clothes need to be snug to better conserve your body temperature. You may need to work outside so the clothes that you wear can’t be overly restrictive, as well. When your long-distance movers Texas arrive to transport your belongings, you may need to be outside for a prolonged period of time, after all. While they will do most of the work, you may have some last-minute preparations to go through.

Clear driveways and sidewalks the day before the move

Before the moving truck arrives, you are going to need to clear the path for it. This means that all the driveways and sidewalks near your home need to be clean. By doing that on the day before, you will have much less work to do on the moving day itself. Just make sure that you point this out to your movers when you request moving quotes Fort Worth from them. If you don’t, they might assume that they will need to do all of the work and will charge you for it. By doing all that work on your own, you will save some money on your relocation. Of course, if you don’t really feel like doing it, you may leave it up to your movers at some cost. Every mover charges differently so make sure you are aware of their pricing scheme before you agree to it.

bicycle and a street covered with the snow
Clearing the road and sidewalk is of the utmost importance.

Make sure that your utilities at the new house are on

You never want to arrive at your new place and discover that electricity or gas isn’t on. Therefore, you need to make sure that you transfer your utilities in due time. Every provider has their own procedures for doing so and you might want to familiarize yourself with them sooner rather than later. You can ask your residential movers for advice on the process, as well. The best course of action is to contact your providers as much as two or three months in advance and ask them what the transfer entails. Most of the time, the process is fast and straightforward but some providers may have additional steps.

Protect and pack fragile items

Your belongings, especially fragile ones, may need additional protection for winter transport. The roads may get bumpy at times, which means that you need to protect your items from shock and bumps. For this, you are going to need quality packing materials such as the best bubble wrapping, packing peanuts, packing paper, and similar. But the most important part is that you take your time while packing. Try not to rush and give each item the time it requires. If you do so, you will give your belongings the best “fighting chance” regardless of what happens.

Prepare an essentials bag with winter items

Normally, when relocating, you will need to pack an essentials bag for each member of your family. This bag usually contains a change of clothes, toiletries, as well as some entertainment and similar items. However, when moving during winter, you are going to want to put some additional items in the box. For example, an extra pair of winter socks will go a long way in ensuring that your feet are protected no matter what. Basically, consider that you might need to live for a couple of days with only the contents of that box. Whatever you believe is necessary for winter life needs to go into the box. Of course, you can’t really create a huge box so just place essential items in it, nothing more, nothing less.

warm winter socks
A pair of warm winter socks are a welcome addition to any essentials box.

Hire professionals when moving during winter

If you haven’t considered this already, hiring professional moving assistance will make winter moving a lot easier. They are trained to work under all conditions, be it snow, sleet, or rain. They also have all the necessary equipment to make your relocation as safe as possible. And this is why their help is invaluable. Not only will they do most of the work for you, but they will also ensure a safe and efficient process. Having them on your side will make for a lot smoother and stress-free move. Of course, you need to pay attention to who you are hiring. Make sure that your moving company has all the necessary credentials, as well as being experienced in the area and in winter relocations. The price is important but you can’t afford to disregard safety either. You want trustworthy and reliable movers on your side, after all.


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