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Packing Tips - April 29, 2020

Moving across the country, unlike moving within your own city or even within your current state, is definitely a more challenging type of residential moving. The distance between the two homes makes it very complex for DIY movers to perform a successful relocation. But this is never the case with affordable movers Fort Worth, which is why we commit to helping you find the best movers in Fort Worth! To help you out with finding the best movers in Fort Worth we’re going to advise you on how to research moving companies first, and then how to choose between your top options.

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You can rely on Evolution moving DFW to always have competitive prices!

The best moving companies in Fort Worth will perform a thorough walk-through

You should avoid an estimator who performs a quick walk-through without noting what you plan to move. The best movers in Fort Worth have good surveyors who will ask questions about what you plan to take from your current home to your next address. So, be prepared to tell your Dallas-Fort Worth movers which items you don’t want on the truck. There will be items you plan to give away, donate to a charity, sell in a yard sale, or leave behind for the new owners.

Moving inventory

The best moving companies in Fort Worth always take inventory of all belongings and determine the bulk and weight of a relocation. Usually, it is done either in person or through a virtual survey. It’s best if an on-site survey is possible for you. The estimator needs to be thorough and check all of your storage places as well. These include cupboards, drawers, garages, and bookcases. A large component of moving quotes Fort Worth is based on the weight of your stuff and the space your goods take up in the truck or the shipping container. Be sure you understand the estimate they give you and that it is as honest as possible.

You won’t pay a large deposit if you hire best movers in Dallas-Fort Worth

The best movers in Dallas-Fort Worth won’t demand cash or a large deposit before moving. You should always pay only once the delivery is complete. Note that if you choose to pay in advance, you have no control over when you will see your cargo again. When it comes to payment options, use a credit card to help protect you from possible fraudulent activity.

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With millions of moves every year in the United States, it’s a minor miracle that most of them go smoothly, with no issues whatsoever.

Avoid moving companies with a name switch

Some companies avoid being under the scrutiny of the Better Business Bureau by doing business under several different names. You should always make sure that you are dealing with the best movers in Dallas-Fort Worth by verifying that they have a local address and information about licensing and insurance. It’s a good way to identify bad movers. Their employees will answer the phone with the full name of the business. Check if there are any other names the company “conducts business as,” as well as their state and federal license numbers. You can also investigate online to see if there are complaints about the company. Or call the consumer complaints hotline at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 888-368-7238.

Get references on which are the best movers in Dallas-Fort Worth

If your friends and family can’t share recommendations, get a list of the best movers Fort Worth from associations such as the American Moving and Storage Association and state associations of movers. Ask for movers’ references as well as a list of three customers from your area who have moved in the past three months. You can contact those customers and ask direct questions about their experiences.

Book premium packing services in Dallas Forth Worth

If you pack your belongings yourself, then your mover won’t be responsible for any damage that happens to them. However, if you book the best movers in Fort Worth to do the packing, you can also have free delivery of sturdy boxes and packing materials, not to mention time and labor. Our packers are trained to be especially careful and will make sure to properly seal your boxes and containers with the little utmost regard for breakage.

Look for experience in handling sensitive items!

People want to believe they can do a better job at packing breakables than a professional. The best movers in Forth Worth will understand this because they know people have an enormous interest in their precious items to stay intact. But you should know that professionals who gain more packing experience with each project, also have a long history of satisfied customers. Therefore, their packing results will surely outperform any amateur efforts. The best movers in Forth Worth should be able to carefully pack your fragile items. They should bring all the proper packing materials like moving blankets, bubble cushioning, packing paper to your home. By hiring the best movers in Forth Worth for your relocation, you can rest assured that you can reach your end goal much faster.

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Full (Replacement) Value Protection is the most comprehensive plan available for the protection of your goods.

No extra fees!

Do you live in a two-story home or are you moving into one? Moving to or out of a 12th-floor apartment? You should know that most movers usually charge extra for such services, but here at Evolution Moving DFW, all those services are included in the package! Avoid being charged extra for the movers’ having to navigate stairs and elevators. Or if you live in a narrow street that won’t fit a moving van, you could expect a surcharge for the transfer if you go for unreliable movers. But if you book us, we guarantee that there will not be any additional fees that may apply to your situation.

There are three kinds of moving contracts:

  • A non-binding estimate on your contract means that your moving company cannot require payment more than 10% above the original estimate. Any overages must be paid within 30 days of delivery.
  • A non-binding to exceed the estimate on your moving contract is a guarantee that the best moving companies in Fort Worth cannot make you pay for any extra fees over the original estimate. The estimate is the maximum you’ll be required to pay for any services rendered.
  • A binding estimate on your contract should be a guaranteed price for the move and all extras and services. If you request additional services (such as unpacking), any extra fees must be paid within 30 days of delivery.
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Make sure that you understand which estimate you are signing up for before you seal the deal.

Moving insurance and valuation protection

All the best moving companies in Fort Worth are required to assume liability for the value of the goods they transport. However, there are two different levels of liability. You need to be aware of the levels of protection and estimates that apply in your case. As well as the amount of protection that each category provides.

Unless you select the Alternative Level of Liability, your shipment will be hauled under your mover’s Full (Replacement) Value Protection level of liability. With this plan, in case an item is lost, destroyed or damaged while in your mover’s custody, the mover has the option to either:

  1. Repair the article to the extent necessary to restore it to the same condition as when it was received by your mover, or pay you for the cost of repairs.
  2. Replace the article with an article of like kind and quality, or pay you for the cost of replacement.

What any type of relocation will require?

Without the assistance of professional movers, even the simplest of moving tasks can be complex, overwhelming, and difficult. But, we’ll show you that your relocation doesn’t have to be like that! Because when you have the best movers in Fort Worth on your side, they will provide a full range of services. We guarantee that all your items will be packed properly with high-quality moving equipment. And we will make sure to secure them so that stay put and intact during transit. The most reliable movers should also provide you with unpacking services after moving you in. No matter what your application requirements are, Evolution movers, DFW offers a high level of expertise and service. Not to worry, our mastery comes with competitive prices! Now let’s get moving!

Leave all the decisions to some of the best movers in Fort Worth and enjoy a simple and swift relocation!

When you begin to organize your upcoming relocation, you will have many decisions to make. That’s the most reliable way to ensure you have a successful move and that you don’t forget anything. Lucky for you, when you hire a skilled moving crew, you have professionals on your side who will make sure each step of your relocation goes smoothly. With our moving services Fort Worth, you certainly won’t lack different options. If you call Evolution Moving DFW, our support team and some of our best movers in Fort Worth will help you with affordable options and helpful tips! Be practical and choose expert movers to do the hard work for you. We will give you various reasons why hiring the best movers in Fort Worth makes perfect sense.

Hiring the best movers in Fort Worth will save you valuable time

One of the most unexpected aspects of any relocation for many people is just how tiresome it can be. Usually, you have to pack up your entire house and your whole life with it. To ensure all the moving obligations and tasks get completed on time and mishap-free, you need as much information as possible. However, even with all the information available to you, packing your life won’t come easy. So, why not let professionals who know what they’re doing do all the heavy lifting. Entrust the time-consuming packing and unpacking to some of the best movers in Forth Worth. Use the extra time to be with your family instead.

Remember that you should start working on all your moving tasks long before the moving day arrives.

The best movers in Forth Worth should be reputable moving experts and know their city well

That is how they will know how to relocate their fellow Dallas Forth Worth residents swiftly and effectively. You should always look for an experienced moving company that has helped countless families relocate. And if you movers know your area like the palm of their hand, they will know what their clients want and need. Even before they know it!

The best movers in Forth Worth should be able to offer their customers competitive prices

As well as careful and fast delivery, paired with special care when it comes to your belongings. Check for signs of professional customer service that has earned the company a huge number of satisfied customers. The loyalty of a company’s customers builds its reputation. You want a trustworthy and punctual local moving company. So no matter where from and where to you’re moving in the Dallas area, always go for a local, trustworthy company! Just like we are. We will be your cost-effective and time-saving method to relocate stress-free!

Your movers need to have the right equipment for the job!

Professional movers usually have a lot of experience with all sorts of residential relocations and different living conditions. That is how the best movers in Forth Worth know what tools are necessary for the job. That long history of working in the moving industry has taught us when and how to use all the correct specialized equipment, such as:

Reliable movers need these tools to ensure a safe way on every kind of terrain and around obstacles, such are:

  •  Staircases,
  •  Narrow pathways and more.
Dallas skyline where Moving boxes Best Movers Fort Worth work
We have a long history of navigating through Dallas and that is why we are experts at relocating our fellow Forth Worth Dallas residents.

Take our simple advice

We know that moving can be very overwhelming, or even costly for families or business owners. That is why our trustworthy movers in Forth Worth always try to provide the best prices to our customers. Contact Evolution Moving DFW and find out for yourself why we have been rated as some of the best movers in Forth Worth. We see how each relocation is different, so if you hire us you get yourself a personalized relocation! Why not have one of the best moving companies in Dallas Fort Worth on your side.

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