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Moving Preparation - November 11, 2021

So, you have decided that moving from Richardson to Houston is the right thing for you. It has nice and mostly sunny weather. Regarding the living costs, Huston is one of the most affordable big cities in the USA. Houston residents enjoy an exceptionally low cost of living. Besides, it has top-notch public schools and affordable real estate. And a fast-growing job market. So, it is not a wonder that Houston is one of the fastest-growing cities in the USA.  According to the last census, Houston has 2,359,480 citizens. With help of movers Richardson TX, you will soon become one of them.

Several interesting facts about Richardson TX

Richardson is one of many Dallas suburbs. Besides, it has affordable living costs. And it has a thriving economy and a low crime rate. Richardson is also known for the University of Texas. With many corporate headquarters that moved to Richardson in recent years, its job market is flourishing. Richardson hosts corporate HQs of Metro PCS,  Blue Cross Blue Shield, Fujitsu, Yahoo, and Bank of America Financial Services. Richardson’s citizens have many job openings in those corporations. However, most of the jobs are still available in the telecommunication sector. Besides, it has many nice neighborhoods, some more urban, and some offering a more relaxed lifestyle. So, this allows Richardson residents to choose the neighborhood that suits them best.

A square in Houston Downtown, with building and clock, that you can visit after moving from Richardson to Houston.
After moving from Richardson to Houston you can visit this nice square.

Houston job market and economy development

Houston is still largely dependent on the energy sector. However, the oil and gas market is being gradually changed with other industries. Such industries are life science, manufacturing, and aerospace. Presently, over 15 major biotech companies are located in Houston. They are bringing even more jobs. And attracting more people to move to Houston.

Moving to Houston – what to expect

When you are moving to Houston, it is good to know a bit about your new town. It is one of the most culturally diverse metropolitan areas. Also, Houston is a center for many cultural institutions and exhibits. Millions of people are visiting Houston annually. Some of them are attracted by various exhibits. Some enjoy visiting the famous space travel center. Others are fond of the country’s best rodeo. So, when you come with movers North Texas to your new town, you will not be bored.


Houston downtown.
Houston has always been considered a rich city.

Moving from Richardson to Houston – choosing the right neighborhood

Knowing Houston neighborhoods will help you to choose the one for yourself. Your choice will depend on few factors. Such is the vicinity of school or kindergarten if you have children. Or you will decide based on your workplace proximity. Also, you will simply like one neighborhood better than others. Some of the popular Houston neighborhoods are:

  • University Place
  • East Downtown
  • Museum District
  • Great Uptown
  • Midtown
  • Neartown – Montrose
  • Eldridge – West Oaks
  • Greater Heights
  • Upper Kirby

So, once you move to Houston, you will find many interesting neighborhoods. Maybe you will even decide to relocate to one of them.

Comparison of living costs of Richardson vs Houston

Although Houston is a much bigger city, it is 14.5% cheaper than Richardson, Texas. The biggest factor in the cost of living difference is Median Home Cost, which is 40% cheaper in Houston. The median home cost in Houston is $220,000, while in Richardson it reaches up to $367,300. This makes the house costs in Richardson 40.1% more expensive than in Houston. The other costs, like costs of food, groceries, utilities, transportation, etc., don’t differ much between these two cities.

What people consider as main reasons to move to Houston

Houston has always been considered a rich city. And a city that offers many chances for jobs, medical care, affordable housing prices, and a great education. Moreover, it’s the 4th largest city in the USA. Whatever is your reasons to move to Houston, you made a good choice. There are so many interesting things in this city. So, here are some of them:

  • Whether – it is nice and sunny, and it almost never snows
  • Astrodome – this masterpiece of architectural achievement is attractive to both, tourists and locals
  • Numbers – this is a famous Houston musical club
  • Education – from primary schools to universities, education in Houston is great
  • Houston tunnel system  – this is an interesting Houston underground with many restaurants and shopping venues
  • Diversity – Houston is known for its ethnical and preferential diversity
  • Texas medical center – originally established in 1945, and today is one of the most complex medical centers in the world
  • Jobs – there is a saying that only those who are not looking for a job can’t find one in Houston
  • Housing – housing costs are very low in comparison to other major cities in the USA
People are resting in a park, behind them are trees and tall buildings.
There are many nice parks in Houston.

How to prepare your possessions for moving from Richardson to Houston?

So, you already have your new accommodation in Houston. All necessary paperwork has been sorted out. You have also booked long-distance movers Fort Worth movers to bring you to your new hometown. As you already agreed about the moving day, it is time to start with packing. Here are the essential steps for moving preparation. They can help you to better organize your packing. And to be ready on time for relocation:

  • Start with planning relocation details
  • Complete declutter your things
  • Sell or donate the surplus things you have
  • Purchase good packing material
  • Start packing
  • Label your moving boxes properly
  • Re-check your property papers and personal documents of all family
  • Check once again your  essential bag and add to it some water, or juices

In case you have problems with purchasing good and reliable packing material, contact your mover. They will help you.

After moving to Houston, give yourself few days off

After moving from Richardson to Houston, start to unpack. It will give your new place a homely atmosphere. Soon you complete unpacking, rest. Give yourself some time off. Go around the city and visit the places we already mentioned. You can also decide to explore some other areas. There are many nice parks in Houston. You may find some other attractive places, that you will enjoy. To help you with a few more ideas, here is a Houston city guide. It can help you also to find some places for recreation. And soon, you will become familiar with your new city. And forget about all the moving inconveniencies.

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