Guide for moving from Carrollton to Richardson

Moving Preparation - November 19, 2021

Moving is never an easy process. Even if it’s a short-distance move, it requires a lot of planning ahead and good organization. Therefore, even if you’re not taking all your belongings across the country, there are some necessary things to keep track of. However, don’t let this discourage you, as this guide will tell you everything you need to know about how moving from Carrollton to Richardson works. After this, the only thing left to do is call the best movers North Texas, and your relocation will be done in no time!

Carrollton and Richardson are two cities located in the US state of Texas. There are only about 13 miles away from each other by car. It takes about 18 minutes to get from one city to another if you drive non-stop. The short distance is a great advantage – you don’t have to move everything at once! You can take time with your relocation and do it at your own pace. What’s important is that you have the right support – movers Carrollton TX are here to help you throughout the whole process. However, besides choosing your moving timeline, there are a few things to think about before starting the moving process. Follow this guide in order to get the most out of your moving experience.

Tips on moving from Carrollton to Richardson

Create a calendar for moving. In order to keep everything in one place, a calendar is a must! It solves a lot of potential problems and it makes sure that you are not forgetting anything. The d-day of your relocation should include meeting with movers Richardson TX in order to get your packed belongings moved.

Calendar used for tracking the move from Carrollton to Richardson
Good time management gets half of the work done.

Create a calendar for packing. The step that a lot of people usually forget. Packing is very often done at the last minute. Just think of how many times you went on a vacation and you packed your suitcase 2 hours earlier. That’s why a packing calendar is a great tool to hold yourself accountable.

Make a checklist for moving from Carrollton to Richardson. Also, a handy tool when it comes to short-distance moving. Besides a calendar, a checklist is a great way to stay on top of everything.

Ask your friends to help you. Your relocation can be a fun adventure for your friend group. You can pack and unpack together and then later enjoy a nice dinner in your new home!

friends helping the move
Moving can be an adventure with your friends!

How to pack for moving for a short distance move?

There isn’t a universal way of easy packing. However, there are a few tips that should help you pack stress-free! It doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems if you organize well enough.

  • Start as early as possible.
  • Think about if you can pack on your own, with friends, or you will hire a professional packing service.
  • Sort your items.
  • Follow your packing calendar.
  • Try to enjoy the process.

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