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After the Relocation - August 16, 2019

Even if you never moved by yourself, we are sure that you can see the obvious stress that occurs when one is trying to move their entire life to a new location – even if its a local move. Just the sheer amount of things to consider is daunting. The functionality of the new house, its electrical installations, isolation, water, etc. Towers of paperwork. Packing of all the things they have. Organizing pets or kids into the mix… It is a mess, and it is hard to deal with. But! When its all done, there is a sense of relief and a call for celebration. That celebration is the famous housewarming party!

Now, you being a guest at this event you are expected to bring appropriate gifts! And what should those be? Well, the purpose of the following post is to clarify just that!

Housewarming party tradition

First and foremost, we should consider the origins of this tradition. How did a housewarming party come to be? Well, it is a tradition that goes way back in time. Far before there were such things as storage facility maintenance and moving quotes Fort Worth to be calculated. Its name stems literary from, well, warming up the house. In the days of old, there would usually be a central fire, heating all of the living quoters of our homes. To celebrate a new (usually young) family moving into their new (most often first) home, there was a gathering and lighting of the fire, warming the house.

Housewarming party tradition
What is the tradition behind it?

And this tradition is not limited to only our part of the world. In France, for example, it exists in the form of pendaison de crémaillère. In french this translates to “hanging of the chimney hook”. According to their tradition, the hook on the chimney, on which the pot with food would be warmed by the fire, was the last thing installed in the home. Therefore, with this done, the house was officially finished and a housewarming party, or a chimney hook party, in this case, can begin! In faraway from India, this event is known as Gruha Pravesh, meaning “entering the house for the first time.

Even in the United States, there are local differences. For example, the warm south of our country called this a Food pounder. In this tradition it literary demands a point of any food – so at least thinking of what gifts to give isn’t that hard.

There is a lot of history behind housewarming parties, but we should proceed towards more practical things. What should you fit somebody on this occasion?

A bottle of fine wine

When going into someone’s house, the most classic of options is a good bottle of wine. Be it red or white, it matters not. Just be sure to pack it as good as packing services Fort Worth TX would (but in some colorful wrapping paper) and put on a cute little bow.

A bottle of fine wine
Wine is traditional – and awesome!

You can’t go wrong with this particular gift.

Flowers and potted plants

When local movers New Braunfels get them to their desired location there will be a lot lacking in the new house.

Flowers and potted plants
Give them something to make the new house prettier!

Why not give them some flowers or plants? A little bit of living greenery to lighten up the room or the balcony.

Something for the wall

It is a fair assumption that your friends will use movers Lakeway TX and alike to move to a bigger house than the one they previously occupied. Why not give them some pictures in frames to help them fill those up? It can be some random art, but also some rather meaningful pictures.

You can never go wrong with paintings when it comes to a housewarming party
Pictures to cover the empty walls!

You and them on a great night out or a birthday party, maybe a picture from when you were kids or simply that something to help them fondly remember their old street or neighborhood.

If you are going with pictures in frames, however, you should select those pictures with care. Take a look at their new home beforehand and take into the account what kind o style is their furniture and to their liking, and give the gift according to it.

Board games

Board games have seen something of are a renaissance in recent years. There seems to be ever more of them and shops for these kinds of group timekillers are popping out in every little town. Now, it doesn’t have to be something as complicated as roleplaying games such as D&D or rule-heavy Capital…

Board games
Bring something for the party!

Maybe a better gift is something lighter on the rules and time. You should follow these simple rules.

  1. Games gifted for the housewarming party should be fun for everyone involved (mind the tastes of guests as well).
  2. Simple enough to learn on the go.
  3. And, most importantly, something that the hosts don’t already have.

Follow these and you will do well!

Make sure they can relax with a nice bath

After such a long and stressful week, why not make sure that they can relax and let go of their worries among pleasant aromas and pink bubbles?

Spa products are always a desirable housewarming party gift
Scented gifts – always a win!

With this in mind, buy them something for a nice bath. With scented gifts (and this includes scented candles), you cannot go wrong!

Cup set!

There are a lot of people that will be really happy with a nice tea-cup set. These things are both practical and surprisingly aesthetically pleasing.

Cup set!
Basic and very much useful!

Furthermore, you can make them more endearing by having something meaningful printed on them. Maybe a picture of you or some art from a novel or movie franchise they are particularly fond of.

To sum things up!

Go with the flow. A housewarming party is all about celebrating the successful move and a new chapter in life for those friends of ours who moved in. Give them the things that are in that spirit of new beginnings and wonderful experiences and you will be just fine!

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