Garland vs Plano: where should you move to with small kids

Texas Housing - March 7, 2022

Moving is stressful for everyone, and only someone who never did it can say otherwise. Now imagine moving with small kids. Every day is a challenge as a parent, and moving day can be even more challenging than normal. To make the relocation as easy as possible, we recommend hiring Evolution Moving DFW. Deciding where to move can also be complicated. At least if you are going to go through all that trouble, you should move to a place that benefits your whole family. If you are thinking about moving between Garland vs Plano, we will give you our opinion on which place is better for small children.

Garland vs Plano – general information

General information about Garland

Garland is a suburb of the city of Dallas. This place has a population of around 238,000 residents. According to its residents, it is an ideal place for families and everyone who wants to live in a suburban area. This is because it is a calm place, that offers a sense of community. It is one of the rare metroplexes that offer this. People are kind and ready to help. There is also a really low crime rate, which is great for everyone looking to move here with the help of some movers Garland TX. The schools in this area are graded as above average, which can be another plus if you are moving here with kids.

Picture of a concrete building
It’s one of the rare metroplexes that offer a sense of community

General information about Plano

Plano is a city in the state of Texas, more precisely in Collin County. This city is also considered to be a really good place to live in. It has a population of around 287,000 residents. That makes it a little bigger than Garland, but they both offer a suburban feel to their residents. This city also has some great movers Plano TX, if you plan to move here. A great plus of this place is that everybody is welcoming and warm, which can be a culture shock for some people. It is also safe and calm, perfect for raising kids. The highly-rated schools in Plano, are a great benefit if you want your kids to have an excellent education.

Garland vs Plano – which place is better?

In this article, we can give our opinion on some place. But no one can guarantee how you will like a certain place until you experience it yourself after moving there with some residential movers TX. But we hope that our opinion on the Garland vs Plano debate can make it easier for you to decide. Moving is difficult when you are trying to find a place good enough for your kids. Everyone wants what’s best for their kids, so it can be difficult to pick a perfect place. Taking everything into consideration, both places are quite similar. Plano is a little bigger than Garland and has more residents. The main difference that we can state that is important for families with kids is that Plano has highly rated schools. Thinking about your kid’s future education is important, so you might decide to move to Plano if this is important to you.

Family of three sitting on a bench
Plano has highly rated schools

Final thoughts

To conclude, we can only tell you that you should make the final decision when deciding between Garland vs Plano. If you are going to endure stress on moving day, you should at least be certain that you will like the place that you are moving to. We wish you good luck and success!

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