Full-service movers vs. moving labor

Hiring Moving Experts - February 4, 2021

As the moving day draws closer you need to decide how you will move. Will you be doing everything by yourself? Delegating some of the harder tasks to movers? Or have a professional moving company complete the entire relocation for you? Since moving anything larger than a room all by yourself is very difficult, you need to choose: Full-service movers vs moving labor? Although the two are similar they differ in a few key factors. Here’s how to decide which one is right for you.

Moving on your own vs hiring movers?

Before we dive into full-service movers vs moving labor, we should first discuss whether or not you should move on your own. It’s a big decision that can impact your entire relocation. 

moving boxes on a table ready for Full-service movers vs moving labor
You need to choose movers carefully.

First of all, you need to know exactly what you will be moving. It might seem easy at first. But as soon as you try to pack your fridge for moving, you’ll understand that it’s probably more than you can chew. Calling your friends to help you is a solution, although not a perfect one. While your friends will come to your aid, no one really enjoys carrying heavy objects while being extra careful not to damage them. 

Moving without hiring moving labor can be difficult

Moving on your own might be doable. Especially if you are not moving locally. But, there are many downsides to moving by yourself. First of all, you will have to take some time off work. Depending on the size of your move it can be days or sometimes even a week. That alone can cost you a lot in unpaid leave. Secondly, professional movers go through extensive training in order to be able to move your belongings without damaging them. Thirdly, even if you are ok with a few dings on your appliance, there is a clear danger of hurting yourself.

Hiring professionals costs more but has its benefits

On the other hand, hiring professionals, be it full-service movers or moving labor, will make things much easier. Depending on which you choose, you’ll have little or even nothing to do during your relocation. And you’ll have enough free time to properly plan and execute your relocation. There are both pros and cons of hiring moving labor, be it full-service movers or labor only. But overall, it’s an easier and faster way to move.

person meditating among moving boxes
With full-service movers, you will be able to be relaxed

Full-service movers vs moving labor – what’s the difference?

 Movers come in all shapes and sizes, with some focusing on small-scale moves, while others cover the entire spectrum. But, you might be wondering what’s the difference between full-service movers vs moving labor? Aren’t they essentially the same things? And if you hire movers Richardson TX, which one will you get? While they are similar, there are some very important differences between the two. They differ in cost, level of service, regulation, and many other aspects. 

Moving labor is a helping hand during a relocation

If you want to move on your own, but can’t handle the entire relocation by yourself, then moving labor is the way to go. Think of it as an in-between DIY moving and hiring professionals. You won’t have to trouble your friends to help you. But you’ll be able to save a few bucks by completing the last part of the relocation by yourself. It’s perfect for people who want to have full control of their relocation. But don’t want to do everything by themselves.

What can moving labor provide?

Moving labor is essentially a couple of people who are really good at moving. They aren’t a full-service moving company. But, they are there for you to help you pack your belongings, carry them and load them onto a moving truck or in a moving pod. Everything from there is your responsibility. So, with moving labor, you essentially have a DIY move, but instead of your friends helping you, you get trained professionals.

  • They can help you pack your belongings
  • Carry your belongings to a moving truck, pod, or a different room
  • Load your belongings onto a moving truck

But, one important thing to note is that they will not be transporting your belongings. So, if you are comprehensive about hiring movers that might be late or lose your belongings, moving labor is the way to go.

Full-service movers are there to make your relocation easy and straightforward

One big difference when talking about full-service movers vs moving labor is the way your belongings are transferred. Full-service movers are there to complete the entire relocation for you. With you being involved as much or as little as you wish. Or as your budget allows. You can have them pack your items, carry and load them and finally transport them to their destination. It doesn’t matter if it’s local or long-distance relocation, movers North Texas will be able to accommodate your needs. It’s a much easier way to move. And one that will leave you fresh to decorate your new home and explore the new surroundings.

people sitting on a bed and talking
If you hire professional full-service movers you will have time to decorate your new home

Should you choose full-service movers or moving labor?

The answer to this question depends on many factors. But most importantly on you. If you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider moving labor. Although, you should be extra careful. Moving labor isn’t regulated as much as full-service movers. But it does allow for much more freedom when moving. You can move at your own pace.

On the other hand, if you want a swift and clean relocation, then there’s no competition between full-service movers vs moving labor. Movers allow you some much-needed breathing room during a relocation. But make it quick and painless by taking care of everything for you. You can also save some money by packing by yourself. And you’ll still have the luxury of professionals handling everything else.

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