Eco-friendly guide to moving house overseas

Moving Preparation - March 5, 2020

Moving your house from one place to another can be stressful, but moving it overseas is a whole different level. There can be a lot of issues you should resolve regarding the relocation. For instance, which moving services Fort Worth to choose. Meanwhile, if you want to save the environment while moving, things can get more complicated. Because moving isn’t exactly known for being an environmentally-friendly process. It is a fact most movers accumulate a lot of trash along the way. Also, they waste a lot of materials and do a lot of driving. However, there are quite simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint by embracing green overseas moving. Here are our eco-friendly tips for moving house overseas.

The beginning of moving house overseas is to pack in containers you already have

First, there is no doubt you are going to need some boxes for your international move. This is a great situation to think green and use containers and boxes you already have. Not only you’ll save the nature and environment, but you’ll cut down the time you’ll spend on finding new boxes. For instance, you can use:

  • Plastic bins
  • Suitcases
  • Reusable grocery totes
  • Dresser drawers.

Also, you can use eco-friendly materials to fill the inside of the boxes before packing the items. Use as many containers you already have and avoid having to look for or purchase moving boxes.

Moving house overseas means using eco-friendly moving boxes
One of the ways to make moving house overseas eco-friendly is to use eco-friendly boxes and materials.

Keep the boxes you received throughout the year to make moving house overseas eco-friendly

Nowadays, many of us use the services of online shopping. While this way of purchasing isn’t the most environmentally conscious, it can be put in good use. So, our advice is to keep the boxes you’ve received when you ordered online and use them for packing afterward. That’s especially useful if you tend to move regularly. Also, you can always ask your friends if they have enough eco-friendly moving boxes you can use. Or try at your local grocery store and get those green moving materials you can always use and recycle. If you don’t have enough space to store them, break them down and put aside in your garage or basement.

Hiring a green moving company can help a lot when moving house overseas

As previously said, moving overseas can be quite a challenge. Especially if you have to move some peculiar items, like plants or pets, for instance. Besides, if you want to handle an eco-friendly relocation, it will be even more challenging. So, the best way to make a smaller environmental impact is to hire a moving company committed to eco-friendly practices. There are ways green moving companies handle the relocation and stay eco-friendly at the same time. For instance, they will use trucks that run on biodiesel fuel. They won’t use traditional gas. Also, they’ll help you set up reusable moving boxes so that you don’t have to worry about finding cardboard boxes. The bottom line is to choose affordable movers Fort Worth that keep the earth green and clean.

Find an eco-friendly moving company to handle your overseas move
Do your research and hire a moving company that can make your relocation overseas eco-friendly.

Before moving your house overseas, donate the items you don’t need

Your relocation overseas is a perfect opportunity to get rid of the things you no longer use. This is not only an opportunity but also a necessity, especially when moving overseas. Because you wouldn’t want to pay more money if you don’t need to. So, send the things you no longer need on to a better purpose.

How to separate the items for donation?

Once you start organizing your move, start sorting your items into a donate, recycle, and toss pile. The toss pile should only include the items that you really can’t do anything else with. As for the ones you’re emotionally attached to, leave them aside and think about their purpose. Maybe you could give them to friends or family, or even give to charity. Also, you could give them to public schools, libraries, etc. Finally, when it comes to recycling pile, make sure to get rid of things the right way. For instance, if you want to recycle electronics, find a recycling center for tips on how to do it properly. Or you can donate electronics, why not?

While organizing an overseas relocation, get creative with packing materials

Unlike cardboard boxes, other packing materials are not so easy to recycle. That’s particularly the case with the materials you use to wrap up your items for safe traveling. You can recycle those materials at special collection points, for instance. Yet, many people fail to do it the right way. Then, they end up tossing a lot of their packing materials in the trash instead. So, before you start acquiring materials that are difficult to dispose of, start with what you already have. For instance, you can use towels, comforters, linens, and even pieces of clothes. That will help you to safely wrap up your items for packing. Also, you can use newspapers as additional material, which you can throw in your standard recycling bin. Finally, if you need to use plastic packing materials, find out where to drop them off once you’re finished.

Recycling will make moving house overseas go green.
Recycling the items will eventually make your international relocation an eco-friendly one.

Don’t pack the entire kitchen when moving your home abroad

It is a fact the kitchen is one of the hardest rooms to pack. Therefore, it is no wonder movers want to get over that room as sooner as possible. Yet, once they pack all your dishes and flatware, you will need to rely on plastic plates and cups. There’s no need for us to tell you that’s not so eco-friendly, right? So, as a better alternative, leave out enough kitchen items to get you through the process of moving your home. That way, you won’t get stuck using non-sustainable materials for your meals.


When moving house overseas, there are good ways to remain eco-friendly. We’ve tried to give you some tips on this matter and help you in this endeavor. Anyways, we wish you good luck and a successful relocation.

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