DIY vs professional unpacking services – what is better?

Packing Tips - September 4, 2022

Packing up your life properly, and starting on time, will be one of the most important aspects of your relocation. If you do not follow the correct steps that will safeguard your items, you are risking the safety of your household goods. You could end up with a box of broken glass or electronics. When deciding whether to go for professional services, there are several factors to consider. Choosing between DIY and professional unpacking services becomes easy if you do not have the time, skills, or patience to pack up. Hire professionals like moving companies Dallas Fort Worth, and you’ll have a smooth relocation! But if you’re still unsure, read on for advice on DIY vs professional unpacking services.

Some facts to help you compare DIY vs professional unpacking services

If you have a big house or a large office space with lots of items for and rooms to pack, the professional packing team will go through them faster. If you have a lot of furniture to disassemble and pack but also a limited time to do it all yourself, then hiring one of the best movers in Fort Worth can be a lifesaver. What you and your friends and family will need several weeks or even months to finish, professionals can complete in just one or two days. Plus, they will come with honed packing skills and premium moving supplies! Therefore, we can only conclude that hiring professionals mean that your packing will go faster and more efficiently. This is only one of the benefits of hiring professionals. 

woman writing in a notebook
write down DIY vs professional unpacking services and decide what is the better opinion for you

Trained professionals have the skills to pack your goods properly

There are certain procedures that need to be completed if you want your household or office goods to be protected by efficient and effective packing. Some of the best long distance movers Texas has are skilled and trained packers for moving long distance, who know how to correctly wrap your thin glassware and porcelain in order to protect them. They know how to disassemble and pack any piece of furniture. They have the knowledge for packing valuable works of art, fragile mirrors, and sculptures. If you have any type of delicate, fragile things or items of strange shape, then deciding between DIY vs professional unpacking services should be an easy decision!

 Your items are more likely to survive the relocation in one piece if you hire professionals

If your belongings travel in the proper package, they are less likely to break. And If you are moving long distance, that means your belongings will be on the road for an extended period of time. Which only increases the risk of an accident. Items that experienced movers have properly dismantled and wrapped will be more likely to endure the trip. This means they are more likely to arrive at your new home intact!

Cons of hiring pros when deciding DIY vs professional unpacking services

When it comes to the cons of some services a moving company can offer, it is pretty much the same as everything in your life. This is made only according to the statistics. This does not mean that you will fit into this, and the cons for you will be the same ones for others. It is really important to check and explore all of your tuition before making a decision.

man taping the box thinking between DIY vs professional unpacking services
Explore all the options and find the most suitable one

Moving costs are higher

Obviously, any professional moving services such as packing will add to the overall cost of your relocation. Packing services start at a few hundred and go up to several thousand dollars. It will depend on the weight of your things. The time it takes the movers to pack everything also adds to the cost. Some companies charge an hourly rate, while others offer flat rate prices. You can find out a fixed price by asking for an accurate moving estimate. You might also decide to pay a little extra for premium packing materials. They can be part of the price already, but the contract will state everything clearly.

Things that affect the price of hiring professionals

As we have said before, knowing the exact price of the relocation is possible if you ask for a free moving estimate. But you would not know what things movers charge. This will also give you a clear image of what services you can hire and what you can do by yourself. But if you have some doubts and questions, before you decide on hiring Evolution Moving DFW, you should contact the company and gather all the information you need.

Things that indicate the price of the relocation:

  • Size of the move. This means that moving a studio apartment will cost much less than moving a 300 ft house. This is something you cannot really affect to.
  • Distance. Long distances and local moving are two different things. The further you will have to transport your good, the more expensive the relocation will be. This means that relocating with some of the best residential movers Dallas has will not be too expensive.
  • The complexity of the move. The movers will determine the rice based on the items you are relocating. Small and non-fragile items will be the easiest to pack. When it comes to fine art, valuable and fragile items, movers will charge you more.
  • The next one on the list is the timing. As we have said, a lot of movers will charge you by the hour. However, this is not something that is recommendable for people moving long distances. The packing services Fort Worth TX has will give you the exact amount of time they need for packing the number of items you have listed in the free moving estimate. Therefore, be honest about the number of items you wish to relocate. You will not be in a position to fill the professionals by listing fewer items than you have.

You will not have much control with professional unpacking services

While experienced packers know the fastest and most effective packing techniques, they cannot organize your items exactly as you would. If you are up to for a mix of DIY and professional unpacking services, and you can do that by paying a company to pack you but later unpacking by yourself, sorting the boxes will be confusing. For example, they usually pack summer clothes together with winter clothes, just because it’s faster.

If this type of unpacking is something you are interested in, there are some tips on how to prepare yourself for the unpacking process. The key is that you must be in a certain mood. So, in order to get into a mood where you will like to unpack and sort everything, make sure you have done everything you can to relax and explore your new place. Meaning that you do not need to unpack the moment you have entered your home. You can go out and explore your new neighborhood. You can have lunch in a new place and make some sort of routine. Let that place be your new favorite place. This way, you will help yourself cope with the relocation.

And after you are relaxed and all up to, get ready for the unpacking.

No one says that you need to do it in a day

You do not have to unpack everything the money you have arrived. Plus, no one says you need to unpack all the boxes. You can easily unpack the labeled boxes and the boxes you are familiar with the items inside. This way, you will be unpacking items in the order you like. This indicates that unpacking will not be considered the most stressful.

a woman drinking coffee on an armchair
If you decide to unpack by yourself, you can take some time off

On the bright side, this can be handled with some simple guidance

Provide detailed instructions to your packers to give them an idea of your preferences. It is normal that you are not comfortable with this, and it will take a lot of confidence to allow strangers into your home to pack your things. It’s normal to worry about the risks of theft or breakages. However, although you cannot always be 100% sure that you’re dealing with honest and responsible professionals, comprehensive research of the company you are hiring will reduce the probability of accidents and misconduct. On the other hand, the packing services Fort Worth TX is offering have been one of the best services you will find in your area. So you should not hesitate to hire them as soon as possible.

DIY vs professional unpacking services: Advantages of self-packing

The biggest advantage of opting for DIY vs professional unpacking services is obviously the cost reduction. Relocation already costs a lot, even without enlisting expert packers to wrap up your belongings. If you cannot secure the finances to spend on packing services, you can still skip it and do the packing yourself. You can check if you have enough savings for the relocation, you can always ask for a free moving estimate and get the rice of your move.

The second advantage of this is that you can do it on your own time and on your own schedule. If you create a great plan and you tend to make everything on your hand, you will be packed in no time. It is also the case with the unpacking process. You will have time to do whatever you want once you are relocated. No one will force you to do some tasks until a certain day. Like you have to do everything for the moving day.

You will be free to do whatever you want, without making some schedules and plans. Plus, if you do make a plan, you do not have to stick to it. Because no one is forcing you or you are not paying for items waiting on the floor.

fragile sign on a box
Labeled boxes will be much easier to unpack


Give your kids a chance to decorate their room the way they like

If you are relocating with kids, you are most certainly aware of the fact that your kids will have trouble fitting in or even accepting the relocation. This will be your chance to help them cope with everything that is going on. If you give them a chance to decorate their own room as they like, it will make them closer to their new home and new neighborhood. The room they decorate will mark their safe place. A place where they can always come back and be themselves. 

Give them a chance to unpack the boxes from their rooms in the old home and let them deal with it. This will not be possible with professionals.

Cons of DIY unpacking

There are various tasks, challenges, and projects to complete during the process of moving. There is not only choosing between DIY vs professional unpacking services. These might include cleaning or simple renovation changes, changing your address, transferring medical records, getting children and pets ready for the move, and so on. Packing is a complex project for people who are very busy with their careers and children. The process will be stretched over several months if you cannot find enough time to do the moving preparations.

two kids playing
give your kids a chance to decorate their room

As you have seen, this choice between DIY vs professional unpacking services will depend on your preferences, your budget, the type and distance of your relocation, and your needs. If you have very little time and some extra cash, it will definitely help streamline this process. The bottom line of choosing DIY packing vs hiring professional packers is that it is all up to you.

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