DIY vs professional unpacking services – what is better?

Packing Tips - January 27, 2020

Packing up your life properly, and starting on time, will be one of the most important aspects of your relocation. If you do not follow correct steps that will safeguard your items, you are risking the safety of your household goods. You could end up with a box of broken glass, or electronics. When deciding between DIY vs professional unpacking services, there are several factors to consider. If you do not have the time or the skills or the patience to pack up, then the choice between DIY vs professional unpacking services becomes easy. Hire professional packing services Fort Worth TX and you’ll have a smooth relocation! But if you’re still unsure, read on for all the pros and cons of DIY vs professional unpacking services.

Here are some facts to help you compare DIY vs professional unpacking services:

Packing materials
Hiring professional packers ensures that your items are properly packed and protected with the most suitable materials.

1. Professionals are faster

If you have a big house or a large office space with lots of items for and rooms to pack, the professional packing team will go through them faster. If you have a lot of furniture to disassemble and pack, but also a limited time to do it all yourself, then hiring one of the premium moving companies Dallas Fort Worth can be a lifesaver. What you and your friends and family will need several weeks or even months to finish, professionals can complete in just one or two days. Plus, they will come with honed packing skills and premium moving supplies!

2. Trained professionals have the skills to pack your goods properly

There are certain procedures that need to be completed if you want to your household or office goods protected by efficient and effective packing. Evolution Moving DFW employs skilled and trained packers who know how to correctly wrap your thin glassware and porcelain in order to protect them. They know how to disassemble and pack any piece of furniture. We have the knowledge for packing valuable works of art, fragile mirrors and sculptures. If you have any type of delicate, fragile things or items of strange shape, then deciding between DIY vs professional unpacking services should be an easy decision!

3. Your items are more likely to survive the relocation in one piece

If your belongings travel in the proper package, they are less likely to break. And If you are moving long distance, that means your belongings will be on the road for an extended period of time. Which only increases the risk of an accident. Items that experienced movers have properly dismantled and wrapped will be more likely to endure the trip. Which means they are more likely to arrive at your new home intact!

DIY vs professional unpacking services: Cons of hiring pros

If you go for cheap, old, fragile boxes, and poorly seal them after inefficiently wrap your items, you will just end up with cracked, broken or scratched items.

1. Moving costs are higher

Obviously, any professional moving services such as packing will add to the overall cost of your relocation. Packing services start at a few hundred and go up to several thousand dollars. It will depend on the weight of your things. The time it takes the movers to pack everything also adds to the cost. Some companies charge on an hourly rate, while others offer flat rate prices. You can opt for a fixed price by asking for an accurate moving estimate. You might also decide to pay a little extra for premium packing materials. They can be part of the price already, but the contract will state everything clearly.

2. You won’t have much control with professional unpacking services

While experienced packers know the fastest and most effective packing techniques, they cannot organize your items exactly as you would. If you opt for a mix of DIY and professional unpacking services, and you can do that by paying a company to pack you but later unpacking by yourself, sorting the boxes will be confusing. For example, they usually pack summer clothes together with winter clothes, just because it’s faster.

On the bright side, this can be handled with some simple guidance

Provide detailed instructions to your packers to give them an idea of your preferences. It is normal that you’re not comfortable with this and it will take a lot of confidence to allow strangers into your home to pack your things. It’s normal to worry about the risks of theft or breakages. However, although you cannot always be 100% sure that you’re dealing with honest and responsible professionals, comprehensive research of the company you are hiring will definitely reduce the probability of any accidents and misconduct.

DIY vs professional unpacking services: Advantages of self-packing

The biggest advantage of opting for DIY vs professional unpacking services is obviously the cost reduction. Relocation already costs a lot, even without enlisting expert packers to wrap up your belongings. If you cannot secure the finances to spend on packing services, you can still skip it and do the packing yourself.

Cons of DIY vs professional unpacking services:

There are various tasks, challenges, and projects to complete during the process of moving. There is not only choosing between DIY vs professional unpacking services. These might include cleaning or simple renovation changes, changing your address, transferring utilities and medical records, getting children and pets ready for the move, and so on. Packing is a complex project for people who are very busy with their careers and/or children. If you cannot find enough time to do the moving preparations, the process will be stretched over several months.

Man wrapping furniture
Be sure to ask any company you plan to hire if there is an additional charge for supplies.

The bottom line of choosing DIY packing vs hiring professional packers

As you have seen, this choice between DIY and professional unpacking services will depend on your preferences, your budget, the type and distance of your relocation and your needs. If you have very little time and some extra cash, hiring Evolution Moving DFW will definitely help streamline this process. Contact us now and we will work with your tight budget, and accommodate your unique moving requirements.

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